Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bathtime Halfway (maybe) Point

I might be halfway done with the Bathtime specials.  I'm not entirely sure how many I'm going to do, so I'm not entirely sure whether I'm halfway done, but I did 7 pictures today, and that feels like enough.  Finished Product in the Links, with the text below.  It's two sets, so I'll be separating them with one of my hyphen lines.


Bathtime Brosis 1
Bathtime Brosis 2
Bathtime Brosis 3


Bathtime Bukkake 1
Bathtime Bukkake 2
Bathtime Bukkake 3
Bathtime Bukkake 4


 bathtimebrosis - I'm pretty new to taking birth control pills, so sometimes I'll miss a day here and there.  It's not a huge deal, but it means that I can't fuck my little brother bareback, like I usually do.  He's a pretty good sport about it, he doesn't whine and complain like a lot of boys do.  For a while, we'd just stick to oral and anal when I missed my pills, but he really does prefer my pussy, so I decided to head down to the Temple and get some condoms for him.  Sometimes it can be a little tough to find the correct size at the stores, and sometimes they don't want to sell them to you if you look too young.  Plus, the Temple gives them out for free, so why not?  When I put the condom on him, I could tell that he wasn't thrilled about it, but he's a good boy, and he understands that he can't be getting me pregnant right now.

I love fucking him with condoms, the ones that we get at the Temple are nice and ridged, and they're a little bit thicker than most, so it feels great, and he lasts a lot longer.  He can go for a while, giving me as many orgasms as I want, and he has to thrusts harder, faster, and deeper with the condom on, in order to compensate for the slightly decreased sensation.  He really works up a sweat!  I'll admit that I do like fucking him raw a bit more, simply because I like to feel his cum pour out inside me, but if I'm off the pills, what am I supposed to do?  I love my baby brother, but neither of us are ready to be parents.

Usually he can't cum with the condom on, which suits me just fine, I feel like it would be a waste of cum, anyway.  Usually, when I'm nice and satisfied, and ready to bring him off, I'll get the condom off, and have him lotion up my tits while he's straddling my stomach, rubbing against my belly to stay hard.  When my chest is nice and lubed up, he'll press my tits together and fuck them while I play with his nipples or ass.  Usually he's quite pent up, so his cumshots are amazing.  Sometimes, I'll sit him on my lap, get the lotion out, and stroke him off, just to see how far he can spew his load.  It's always a lot of fun for both of us.  Since we're in the bathroom, it's dead easy to clean up, we just use the showerhead.


 bathtimebukkake - I'm still married to my husband, and he doesn't know that I'm a Lilian, so my son and I have to be quite discreet.  That means, most of the sex play with my son has to happen during bathtime.  Luckily, my husband has accepted my excuse of "saving water" by sharing a bath with my little baby.  He takes his showers before work, and then drinks himself to sleep immediately after getting home, so I don't have to worry about him coming in and catching us.  My baby and I have a lot of fun during our special time together.  Normally, we'll start by getting each other nice and wet, using the showerhead on each other's sensitive spots.  Then, we'll lather each other up, taking our time to feel all over each other's bodies, and caress our favorite parts.  He loves working the soap into my tits, while I'm quite fond of taking my time, lathering his soft legs, shapely feet, and of course, his thick cock.

The slippery, warm, environment of the bath is a lot of fun.  My baby loves to rub his cock all over my soaped up tits and asscheeks, sometimes squeezing them together and fucking them as well.  I love it when he rubs his cockhead all over my nipples, smearing his precum all over them.  I really enjoy the feeling of his hot cum splattering against my tits, mixing with the soap as I rub it in, playing with my nipples, and watching my baby stiffen for another round.  Usually, we keep it to stroking and rubbing, non-penetrative stuff, because I'm taking it slow until I can start the process of separating from my husband.  I kind of want my baby's first time to be in our bed, you know?

Sometimes, when my husband's away, my baby will bring one of his friends over.  Now, usually, they'll just go out and play, like normal kids, but when they come home, I make sure to get them into the bath at the same time, so that I can make my appearance.  I'll come in wearing nothing but a sheer robe.  I make sure to tell my baby to keep our fun a secret, so usually, his friends try to cover up.  Of course, when my robe comes off, and I start to take my baby in hand, they figure out what's going on.  I'll give them a taste of my hands, tits, and ass, but I never go further with them than I have with my little one.  It just wouldn't be fair.  After we've cum, I'll join them in the bath, and let them wash me while they recover.  It doesn't take too long before they're ready to shower me in cum again!

My baby's become quite popular since I started playing these bathtime sex games with his friends.  They'll go play for hours, and come home all dirty and covered in sexy sweat.  When it's boys I already know, I'll join them in the bath from the start, stroking them in turn, or all at the same time, and then washing each other.  I teach them about Lilith while we're washing up, of course.  There's no Temple around here, but it would be nice to at least have a bit of a community to practice with.  Some of the boys have divorced mothers, so we're working on them first.  It would mean, of course, that I wouldn't have quite the monopoly on boylove that I now enjoy, but I'm sure that my baby would be able to pick up the slack.  For now, though, I'm just enjoying the little ones!

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