Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bathtime Halfway (maybe) Point Retrospective

Yep, a bunch of narratives.  I feel like I did a better job of keeping them short here, but I can't shake this sneaking suspicion that I'm just not that good at writing narratives.  Hopefully I did a decent job, and hopefully I'm at least getting better at writing these.


I just realized when I was rereading these, that this is the first brother/sister narrative that I've done.  All the others were mom/son, or just random lady/random boy.  I suppose it's not too surprising, though, since the Daughters are written as being very mother/son centric from a religious perspective.  Sons belong to their mothers, and all that.  The bro/sis relationship in these sorts of stories is a lot different from the mom/son relationship.  There definitely has to be an element of camaraderie, and "unification against a greater enemy", that enemy being the parents.  There is also a much more "playful" kind of slant in these stories.  The mothers in these stories are normally either saccharine sweet, or ice cold.  Sisters have a much more nuanced and complex character.  They are loving, but can tease and banter relentlessly, and are much more likely to do a "Tsundere" kind of thing.  Sisters are also "allowed" to have other lovers, while the mother in these stories will generally be restricted to the father, and normally, she's not particularly interested in the father sexually.  The sister can have a boyfriend, multiple boyfriends, girlfriends, sex slaves, whatever.  Her character is normally written as being quite popular with men, and she normally isn't constrained by the need to be a "good mother".
Big Sisters can, and have, been written in a number of different ways.  There's the "cool older sister", who essentially operates as a "bad girl" to the brother's "good boy".  There's the "maternal older sister", which is what I used here, who behaves as a mother surrogate, but is much younger than the mother.  There's the "detached/amused older sister", who sees the brother's sexuality as quite funny, and likes to tease him for it.  That archetype gets used a lot in bro/sis fiction.  Usually with the "detached/amused" sister, she'll actually won't initiate the sexual contact.  Either she catches the brother masturbating with her panties, or looking at porn, or staring down her top, or something along those lines.  She'll tease him for a little while, and then get turned on, and then they fuck.  I'd say that probably 90% of the "detached/amused" stories follow that exact plotline.  There's also the "antagonistic sister", who is disgusted by the brother's sexuality, and wants to "punish" him for it.  This one is mostly used in femdom type stories.  Unlike the "detached/amused" archetype, the "antagonistic" sister does not seem to actually like the brother, and her actions come from a desire to see him suffer, rather than a desire to see him squirm.  Big difference there.  Sometimes, however, the punishment can be framed as, just that, punishment, to make him better, and teach him a lesson.  Here, the sister loves the brother, and wants him to be good, but is willing to inflict pain on him in order to adjust his attitudes.  Sometimes the mother will be involved, sometimes a female friend will be involved.  There's probably other sister archetypes out there, but those are the ones that really jump out at me right now.
Damn, I wrote a lot about sisters.  Hopefully, if my sister is reading this, she hasn't fainted from shock at this point.  I'm really not into this stuff IRL, it's just fun to write about.  I'm not into mom either.  4 Realz.  Also we should Skype when you get your stuff settled. 


Anyway, the second special I did is called Bathroom Bukkake, and I didn't really realize when I was writing it that it was Netorare, but it's Netorare.  Usually I despise that stuff, but I think it's okay in small doses.  I do want to show that the Temple does prefer that women dispose of the father ASAP.  I've got about 5 more pictures from that set, but they're in a bed, so I'll probably do a follow-up where she talks about divorcing her husband and starting a Lilian community in her town.  I think it would be really interesting to have a little ongoing story with her character. 


Next up is the rest of the Bathtime specials, I'll definitely be doing the editor special and the 2moms tubfuck special.  I might be doing the bathtimehowdareyou special, but I'm not sure.  It would probably only be one picture, so I might do it just to do it.  After that, it's the Bondage special, and then either the Acolyte Pamphlet, or the Boys on Top Position pictures.  

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