Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bathtime Specials Finished

I've finished the Bathtime Specials, there's 13 pictures total.  The last 6 are in the links, with the text below.


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Editor Secrecy
Editor Sex Tips

2Mom Bathtime
2Mom 3Way
2Mom Individual


bathtimeeditor - I've never really *needed* to use the bathroom for sex.  I was born and raised a Lilian, so sex was always something that was open and celebrated.  Sometimes my little brother and I would go into the bathroom when we wanted a little bit of privacy for our lovemaking, though.  Our mothers really liked to watch us go at it, and while we were mostly fine withe putting on a show, there *were* times when I just wanted to have a nice, slow, session, with no pressure, and no parents.  Of course, there were also times when we stole away into the bathroom to try things that we knew were against the rules, like the time we "borrowed" our mothers' leather restraints, and took turns tying and fucking each other.  Or the time when we "borrowed" their whips and paddles, and spanked each other silly.  Or the time when we "borrowed" their dildos, and... well, you get the idea!  Kids do sometimes go to the bathroom to cause mischief, so you, as a mother, should pop your head in every once in a while to make sure their playing nice.

For many of our sisters, who are constrained by Jehovan or simply Non-Lilian parents or partners, the bathroom is the safest place in the house to have sex with their little ones.  If this is the case, you should try to bring a radio in with you, and possibly keep the water on while you do it.  As long as you're not a screamer, this should mask a lot of the noises.  Make sure to check, by having your little one stand outside the door, while you moan and clap your hands, and keep in mind that sounds sometimes go through vents.  For young children, getting into the bath is easy, it's expected for you to bathe them.  For older ones, however, you need an excuse.  The one we use the most is saving water, but some sisters have used nostalgia, or even overprotectiveness.  If the door has a lock, use it.  If it doesn't have a lock, try to get one put on.  Realistically, getting caught by a husband isn't a huge deal unless he's taking pictures, but it's best not to even have to deal with it.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and don't think it won't come up in a custody hearing.

A lot of people ask me, "what is there to do in the bath?"  The answer of course, is anything!  You can always just go in there and have sex, but that's wasting the environment a bit, in my opinion.  Many of our sisters like to hold their babies in the bath, and look through the latest (laminated) *Bounty of Lilith* with them.  The bathtub itself is obviously the best place to start with watersports, as it makes cleanup a breeze.  Washing each other can be a very sensual experience for both of you, and makes for amazing foreplay.  Having your baby act as a bath attendant is a lot of fun, and really reinforces your dominance over him.  Between the soaps, oil, lotions, and warm water, the bathroom makes a great place for massages.  Some sisters like to soap up their tits and use them to lather their babies all over, or have their lovers straddle them and use their asscheeks and cocks for the same purpose.  The warm water of a shower often loosens up anal muscles, and all enemas require a toilet to be nearby, so the bathroom is a good place to start your anal play, on either your baby or yourself.  Be creative, and make sure you _lock the door_! 


 bathtimetubfuck - My wife and I share her birth-son.  At first, I wasn't too keen on the idea, but as I got to know him, I came to love him just like he was my own son.  He's beautiful, just like his mother.  We are very close as a family.  We eat together, sleep together, bathe together, and of course, we make love together as well.  We'll have sex with each other, and him, separately, but we often like to include him in some way when she and I make love.  Lots of men dream of having sex with two women.  Our lucky baby gets to do it almost every night!  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  In the bath, we have a rule: If it feels good, do it!  He loves to sit in my lap and relax with his head against my tits, as I stroke him slowly under the warm water.  Usually, when she's not taking pictures, his mother will join us, teasing his nipples, or playing with his balls, as she coos into his ear.  Sometimes, though, she'll sit across from us, with only her calves in the water, and put on a show for her baby's benefit.  She'll masturbate with her fingers or a dildo, moaning and grabbing at her tits, looking straight into her son's eyes as they cum together.

See, I told you she was beautiful.  Our lovemaking is beautiful, too.  The two of us have a rhythm, of course, all lovers do, and you would think that the introduction of another person would "disrupt the flow", but it actually adds a completely new element.  We truly love our son, and sharing ourselves with him, bringing pleasure to him, and having him do the same for us, deepens our relationship, and, quite frankly, is a whole lot of *fun*.  We do all sorts of things together in bed.  Sometimes, we'll just make love normally, while he watches and masturbates, which is more fun than you might imagine.  Other times, we'll have him fuck my ass, while my wife licks my tits and plays with my clit.  Often, I'll use my strapon on my wife's pussy, while our son fucks her mouth or ass.  Sometimes, he'll fuck one of our pussies, while the other fucks his ass with the strapon.  Other times, we'll just use dildos, beads, vibrators, and other sex toys on each other.  We'll have him orally service us in turn, and then tie him to the bed and take turns riding him.  Often, one of us will sit on his face, while the other one sits on his cock.  Of course, in this position, we'll kiss and caress each other's tits as we enjoy our son.

We both have sex with him separately, of course.  We tease him a lot, trying to get him to tell us whose pussy he likes best.  If he makes the "mistake" of picking one over the other, the snubbed party will "punish" him, binding him and giving his cock and tongue a taste of the "inferior" cunt until they learn to love it.  It's all in fun, of course.  Most of the time, though, we'll just pull him into us for a bit of fun, whenever one of us in nice and horny.  Often the other will watch and masturbate to an orgasm of her own.  We each have our own rhythm with him, just like with each other.  Sex between he and his mother is quite slow, gentle, and sensual.  They'll spend a long time kissing and holding each other, and he'll often suckle at her still lactating breasts the entire time he's fucking her.  There really is a sense of returning home in their lovemaking.  It's beautiful, and I love to watch them sharing that special bond with one another.  When he's with me, however, it's hard,fast, and deep, like two animals in heat, which is how I like it.  *We* fuck to *cum*, and you'll often find me holding him down, and taking him, or, if I'm in a different mood, bending over or spreading my legs wide, and begging him to come and ravage my cunt like a wild animal.  His mother absolutely *loves* watching us fuck like that.

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