Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bathtime Specials Retrospective

I finished the Bathtime Specials today, all except for the Intro page.  I guess I'll do that one later, maybe I'll do bathtimehowdareyou at the same time.  At any rate, these were fun to do, but the one with the Lesbians was really hard.  I wanted to get these out yesterday, but that Lesbian one required a lot of thought to get just right.  It was originally supposed to be them talking about their bathtime fun, but it ended up being a much more general 2moms narrative.  Lots of really flowery language, too.  I'm honestly not sure whether I like the way it came out or not.  I've got a bunch more 2mom specials that I'm going to have to tackle, and I don't want them to end up saying the exact same things over and over, so it'll be a bit difficult to keep from repeating myself.  I also wish that I had been able to find a Yuri picture of the two women.  I found one that would almost work, but not really.  It is what it is, I guess. 


I'll be doing either the intro page and bathtimehowdareyou next, or starting on the Bondage Special.  I'll probably do the intro and bathtimehowdareyou, just to finish off the Bathtime issue for real, and give myself some time for pre-writing the bondage specials.  I managed to get a lot of bondage material, and I might roll some of it into the Yule special.  After the Bathtime Special is finished for real, I'll start on the Bondage Special, and then go to the Acolyte Pamphlet, then the Boy on Top Position pictures.  

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