Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Boys Questions Retrospective and Future Plots

Finished the Boys' Questions set, which will be the special for the Midsummer - Traps/Gay issue.  I'm considering having 2 specials for that issue, one being the questions, and the other one being a "boys' strip club" special from the perspective of one of the attendees.  I've got the pictures all ready, I just need to write the story.  I'm not a big erofic writer, but I can hold my own, and people do seem to like the ones that I do write, so we'll see how it turns out.  The real question is whether I want to put the club special in another issue or not.  Getting too "specials heavy" in the magazines leads to a bloated product, which is bad, so I'll probably put the "strip club" special in a different issue.  It depends on how much I write, really.  I've got 5 or 6 pictures for the "strip club" special, so specials would end up comprising 1/3 of the trap/gay issue if I put it in there.  Not too bad, now that I think about it.  We'll see how it goes. 


I managed to go through about 1500 "filler" pictures today and reduce them to 380 or so.  I need 360 for all of my issues, but I'll probably junk a few that don't really fit the themes, so I need a good pool to choose from.  I got a few good sets that I can use for specials, and even found a few decent pics for the "bondage" issue, which has been a bit of a thorn in my side for a while.  Who would have thought that straight shota bondage femdom pictures would be so difficult to find?  Who would have thought that a gay shota picture with a woman in the background enjoying the action would be basically impossible to find?  At any rate, I can start dividing the pictures up into their respective issues, starting with the specials. 
I've been doing a bit of thinking about the future of this story, and where I'm going to take it once I've closed the book on the LRLB Project.  I'm thinking that I definitely want to retain Medea Circe as a character in the future.  Anyone who is familiar with Stephen King is probably familiar with Randall Flagg.  I want Medea Circe to be my Randall Flagg.  Just as Flagg is the embodiment of evil, I want Circe to be the embodiment of Lilith.  The original work (Motherworld) cast Circe as the Prophet of the Femen Coven, but I want her to be less of a prophet, and more of an "enforcer".
I've written her to be unearthly charismatic, and given her a few supernatural powers.  These powers are written as being part of her genetic tampering, which I don't intend to change.  Her powers are largely communication based.  She can't fly or stop a man's heart with her mind, but she can certainly convince people that she's able to fly, and capture a man's heart and mind with her charisma.  I'm trying to write her as a Well Intentioned Extremist, with ideas that sound good, right up until you realize that she's a genocidal maniac.  I'm using "Manya" from "Dragon Quest IV" as the model for Circe.  Her basic justification is that masculinity and Jehovism causes violence and environmental destruction, and that by destroying these two things, she can save the world.  I quite enjoy writing her character, and exploring her motivations and ideas.  I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to implement her "powers", but I'm thinking that they should only really work on men and boys.  That would be an interesting little caveat to play with. 

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