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Boys' Questions

The boys' questions special is done, with 6 questions.  The finished product (pictures with captions) can be found in the links, and the text captions can be found below.
Lilian Heaven
Scared of Growing Up
Mother Hates Lilith
Lilian View on Bisexuality
Mom and Sis Running Me Ragged
Mother Hates Girlfriend
Boy: My High Priestess says that if I worship Lilith and obey my mother, I'll go to heaven.  What's heaven like?
Jenni Vertanen Eugene Temple: Heaven is wonderful!  Our Goddess actually devotes an entire chapter in _The Gospel of Lilith_ to this topic.  It's chapter 17, so check it out, if you want to know more, it's a very fun read, especially for cuties like you <3.  Basically, Lilith's domain (heaven) is whatever you want it to be!  If you want to sit at Lilith's feet and worship her forever, you can.  If you want to be surrounded by a harem of lovely ladies who desire only you, that too is possible.  If you want to spend eternity with your mother (or a mother figure) in a cozy little cottage in a mountain range, you'll have plenty of opportunity.  Lilith loves nothing more than a young boy who turns to her, and so, boys are given many wonderful rewards in exchange for their humble service and devout worship.  

 Boy: I'm scared of growing up!  Everyone at the Temple talks about all the bad things that men do, but *I'll* be a man someday!  Will everyone stop loving me when I grow up?  Will my mom stop loving me when I grow up?
Medea Circe Basra Temple: Honey, soon you won't ever have to become a man, you'll get to stay a beautiful, submissive, baby boy for the rest of your life.  But let's say you do grow up.  First off, don't worry, your mother will *always* love you.  You are her baby, and no matter how big you get, you will always *be* her baby.  Second, Lilith will always love you.  Lilith doesn't hate *men*, she hates *masculinity*, or at least the type of masculinity that men have been brainwashed into accepting.  She is angry at these dangerously masculine men, who kill, rape, steal, and destroy the earth without a care.  She is *not* angry at the sort of men who love her, love the Temple, serve the ladies, and obey their mothers.  You have been emancipated, through the teachings of Lilith, from the shackles of masculinity, and the chains of the patriarchal system, which would force you to betray your mother and sisters in order to function on even the most basic level.  Soon, Lilith will cleanse the earth of this evil system, and your liberation will be complete.  As long as you stick to your teachings, obey your mother, and reject the false promises of the patriarchal society, you'll be just fine.  Finally, the Temple will always love you.  We understand that many of our boys, when they grow up, are different from the other men.  The world, as it exists today, is corrupt, and only the most evil and violent men are able to survive.  Good men, the sort of man that you would become, are thoughtlessly tossed aside by this system, and so, the Temple must scoop them up, kiss away their tears, and integrate them into the Temple in some way.  You may not notice the men in the Temple, but they *do* exist, and if you look hard enough, you *will* find plenty of them.  We offer support for our grown up lovers at monasteries, Temple outreach programs, and Temple-owned companies.  There is always a place for young men to serve Our Goddess, they just have to ask.

Boy: My mother hates Lilith.  She doesn't let me go to the Temple, she burned all my copies of "Bounty of Lilith" (I hide them better now) and she even tried to get my girlfriend arrested!  What should I do?
Tessan Lundquist Uppsala Temple: In _The Gospel of Lilith_, Our Goddess states, "In a perfect world, all women would be able to see the truth of this message, but in the real world, there are many who will simply refuse.  These women are like beaten dogs, begging for the scraps that their masters throw at them, and being grateful for their own  enslavement.  They have, over the years, been instrumental in perpetuating the unjust reign of Jehovah.  They have *no* claim on their children."  Every human being has the right to choose their own religion.  Your mother is denying you this freedom, which is a form of child abuse.  In Sweden, and probably in most nations, there is a government organization designed to protect children from these types of abuses.  Our Temples are usually quite familiar with these organizations, and often in regular contact with them.  In some places, like Uppsala, our Sisters actually in control of certain sections of the organization.  If you truly want to serve Lilith, and be a part of our community, you should go to the Temple (in secret, of course) and talk to one of the priestesses.  Tell her what's going on, and she'll help you.  She'll first try to talk with your mother, and change her mind.  If that doesn't work, she'll most likely use the government organization, to help you escape from your mother's abuse, and place you in a safe home.  Usually, if you go through the Temple in this process, the government organization will put you with a family of Lilians, usually two women, who will be thrilled to finally have a sweet boy like you to cherish and adore.  Don't think of this as a betrayal.  You're *helping* your mother to see the error of her ways, and protecting *yourself* from the impact of her irrationality.

Boy: When I went to regular church, they said that being gay is bad.  Is it bad in Lilian church? - ssdildosuck
Satomi Himura Osaka Temple: Lilith wants all of her children to be able to love each other.  The idea that two boys, or two girls, shouldn't be able to share their love with one another is a distinctly Jehovan concept.  We suspect that this is because he enjoys watching his "creations" fight and kill each other, and bisexuality brings people together.  Whatever the reason, they have banned it in their societies.  We encourage our sisters and boys to love whoever they want to, and incorporate bisexuality into almost every one of our rituals.  We offer many classes and books designed to help teach boys like you how to best share your love with one another.  The pamphlet "Brotherly Love", which is available at your local Temple, is a great resource, but not the only one.  It can be a lot of help (and a lot of fun) to bring your boyfriend to the Temple and let the priestesses supervise your lovemaking.  They'll give you a room, and prepare both of you for sex, which includes things like enemas, general cleaning of the area, and a few little training exercises to make sure that you don't end up hurting each other by accident.  If you want the priestess to back off a little after she's done prepping you both, just tell her, but it can be a lot of fun to let her stick around and watch, or even join in.

Boy: I have 3 sisters, and between them, my mother, and my girlfriend, I'm exhausted!  Is it okay to ask for a break? - bathtimeharem
Isabel Rademaker Amsterdam Temple: Sexual Fatigue among our sweet boys is an issue that doesn't get that much attention, but is actually quite common in our communities.  As a boy, you are the property of your mother, primarily, and your sisters secondarily.  This does not, however, mean that they can just do whatever they want with you.  Everyone needs breaks, and you are no exception.  If you're feeling overwhelmed, you should talk to your mother about it.  Tell her that she's working you too hard, and that it's a little difficult to satisfy the entire family all by yourself.  If that doesn't work, let a priestess know.  She'll talk to your mother about it, and if need be, she'll send an acolyte to your home to help you out.  The temple can also offer some training on increasing your stamina and endurance.  If it gets too bad, we can get the High Priestess involved, but it's doubtful that you'll need her.  The first step is to talk to your mother about it.  Maybe you can have a "time-share" system, where your mother and one sister get you on Monday, and your other two sisters get you on Tuesday, and so on.

Boy: My mom doesn't like my girlfriend, and says that she's a "bad influence".  I know I belong to my mother, but I really love my girlfriend, and I don't want to have to pick one or the other.  What should I do? - catfight
Augustina Sokolofsky Milwaukee Temple: You're right in saying that you belong to your mother, and from the moment you exit her womb, until the moment that she gives you away at your wedding, you are her property.  If she doesn't want you to date your girlfriend, you should respect her wishes.  That said, if this is a habit of hers, and she turns away every girl that you bring home, for no good reason, there might be a problem.  She might feel that your girlfriend will take you away from her, or that your girlfriend is somehow "corrupting" you.  You should ask your mother *why* she thinks your girlfriend is a bad influence, she might have a very good reason.  Your girlfriend might be keeping something from you, like a drug problem, or a criminal past.  She might have a history of abandoning her boyfriends once they hit a certain age.  Remember, girlfriends can come and go, but your mother will love you forever, and you *are* her property.  If you can, try to get your girlfriend and mother in the same room, for a discussion.  If you feel like you need an unbiased person to help your mother and girlfriend sort things out, the Temple can find you one.

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