Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cowgirl Pictures for Lilian Position Pamphlet

I did the 7 cowgirl pictures for the Lilian Position Pamphlet.  Finished product in the links, text below.


Basic Cowgirl
Cowgirl bondage variant
Reverse Cowgirl
Reverse Cowgirl DP variant
Cowgirl lactation variant
Cowgirl breast variant
Reverse Cowgirl anal variant

 14.jpg - Ride em' cowgirl!  This is another classic position that can be a lot of fun, and really reinforce your dominance.  This position is one of our favorites when it comes to bondage play.  We like to use scarves to tie up our boys, but some of our Japanese sisters prefer to use the silken red neckties from their school uniforms.  We don't suggest using metal handcuffs or thick ropes, but some boys are excited by the pain and marks that they cause.  If leaving marks isn't going to get you in trouble, give it a thought.  Leather "cuff" restraints are a good choice, and are available at most of our Temples.  Just ask the High Priestess!  Our texts state that Adam's refusal to accept this position is actually what caused Our Goddess, Lilith to rebel against him in the first place.  Our test boys are pretty convinced that Adam just doesn't know what's good.  Be careful not to put too much weight on your little lover, or you might accidentally injure him.  Try to make eye contact, many of our test boys reported that looking up at their goddess while she rode them to orgasm was one of the most beautiful, even religious experiences that they had ever enjoyed.  Many boys like to nuzzle into their goddess' bosom or belly in this position, especially when they're close to cumming.  Others like to spend the entire session suckling on their goddess' nipples, but you might need to bend down a little to allow for this.  This position can be used for both vaginal and anal sex.  If you're worried about pregnancy, you can lube up and grind your pussy against him for a good time, that can be quite pleasurable for both of you.  One of our boy testers was crazy for the feeling of a hairy pussy sliding up and down his cock, the soft locks and whiskers tickling and teasing his most sensitive place, so even if you're on the pill, you can still try it out, even if just for foreplay.

15.jpg - This is a variation on the cowgirl position, where the boy is fully lying down.  This is a particularly dominant position for you, since he has almost no leverage to move or thrust in this position.  All he can do is hold on and enjoy the ride!

33.jpg - This is the reverse variant of the cowgirl position.  If your baby has a particularly downward angled cock, this position can stimulate your G-Spot.  The tradeoff is that you can't look into his eyes, and he can't look at your tits.  This position can also be used for anal sex, both for you *and* your baby!  Consider having one of his friends, or a sister with a strapon lay beneath your little one and give his ass a workout.  Keep in mind that, while you're technically on top in this position, the placement of your legs makes it a bit difficult to actually move around much with them.  The best way to move in this position is up and back, using your arms as leverage.

34.jpg - This is a variant on the reverse variant of the cowgirl position.  The change of the leg positions allows you more freedom of movement, while allowing your baby much less.  This positions also frees up the space in front of you.  This means that, with a bit of creative leg placement, you can have your baby in your ass, and another little one in your pussy!

40.jpg - This is a variant on the basic cowgirl position, where your hands are behind you.  Most sisters use their hands as leverage to move easier, but if you want to, you can reach down and play with his balls, stroke his thighs, or even just hold his hand.  If you're lactating pretty hard, you can also grab your tits and hose your baby down with your milk.  Focus on his nipples, navel, and of course, his mouth.  Be careful, though, this sent most of our boy testers right over the edge.  After you've both had your fun, make sure to lick him clean!

42.jpg - The red band here is just for demonstration purposes.  We've heard that it's related to a Japanese concept, called the "red string of fate".  At any rate, using a band like this could result in neck injuries, so don't do it.  Having your baby assume a sitting position while you ride him can be a lot of fun.  Obviously, he's in a perfect position to kiss, lick and suck at your nipples, but he's also in a great position for you to lean down a bit and kiss his head, or wrap your arms around him and hold him into your breasts. Don't forget to reach over and tease your lover's nipple a little bit, they *are* sensitive, and you're in a great position for it.  The best way to move here is in a rotating, grinding motion.  You may want to place your hands on your thighs for a little extra leverage. 

49.jpg - Little ones make *great* anal sex partners, and this is a wonderful position for our sisters who enjoy taking their baby into their "other hole".  His small size ensures that he won't be hurting you, so if you've never tried anal before, we suggest that you do, especially if you're not on birth control for whatever reason.  When you're doing anal, make sure to use lots of lubricant, more than you think you need, and also prep yourself before the session.  The Priestesses at your local Temple can give some tips on how this is done.  This position allows for a lot of movement on your end, but not too much for your baby.  This is good, especially for anal sex, because it allows you to control the speed and depth of the penetration.  You want to go slowly with anal at first, but soon, when you get used to the feeling, you'll be able to bounce, grind, and otherwise enjoy yourself just like you would with vaginal sex.

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