Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cowgirl Retrospective

I can't believe I did all the cowgirl pictures in one day.  2 of them were written already, but the other 5 were all just one day's work.  My original cowgirl picture caption was a bit too long, so I rolled the bondage discussion into the second picture, which I'll probably put into the bondage magazine issue.  The rest of them were difficult for other reasons, namely, they're all variations on one or two basic positions.  There's only so much you can say about a version of the cowgirl position where the girl's leg is tilted up at a different angle.  I tried to get around this by giving a little "tip" with each one, it worked somewhat, but I'm still going to have to put a little bit of thought into the exact structure of the big sets.  I'll probably have to get myself a list of fetishes, and try to give each variant a certain fetish to talk about.  Maybe I'll come up with a better idea.  We'll see how it goes. 

Yesterday, I managed to organize all of my sets into folders, so that I could count them up easier.  Apparently, I've got something like 30 sets, so I think I'm pretty much set for specials at this point, which is good.  Most of them are probably going to be "narrative" type specials, as opposed to "advice" type specials, but we'll see how I can spin these. 

Not much to talk about on the "future plots" front.  I've decided that I'm either going to either devote an issue, or a pamphlet to the idea of "bathtime sex".  One of the Priestesses in the game's Temple talks about how bathtime is the best time for "secret" Lilians to have sex with their sons/brothers/babysitees, since they're alone, naked, and unlikely to be disturbed.  I've got 3 bathtime sets, so I definitely want to use them somewhere.  I even managed to find a set that depicts the editor of the magazines.  I'll probably use that one as more of an "advice" type special, about how to best get into a position to bathe a boy, how to find laminated versions of the magazine and pamphlets, and stuff like that. 

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