Sunday, June 29, 2014

Domination Safety Class

This is a set of pictures depicting various femdom activities, framed as an advertisement for a "Domination Safety Class" being held at the Temples in preparation for Samhain.  The finished product is in the links, and the text is below.


Anal Class
Strapon Class
Clamps Class
Fisting Class
Vibrator Class
TENS Class


 anuslick - Every year, leading up to the Samhain festivities, we come across sisters who want to participate in their local Temple's femdom fun, but are concerned about the possible danger to their sons or lovers.  For this reason, we offer regular Domination Safety Classes at all of our Temples.  The class sizes are small and intimate, and everything is explained and demonstrated by our very skilled Priestesses and Acolytes.  The tuition is usually either very low or nonexistent, and mostly covers the instructional booklet and goody bag that you take home with you.  We usually start off with the basics.  A lot of our femdom play centers around the anus, so the first thing that we cover is anal hygiene and cleaning.  Ever wonder how our Priestesses can stand to lick a boy's filthy anus?  Well, it's not filthy when we're licking it.  We clean it completely, using a variety of methods, most of which can actually be undertaken by the boy himself, ahead of time.  We *do* suggest that you bring your baby with you to these classes, and the tuition actually covers both of you.  Bring him along, we keep the classes fun and kid friendly!

stonedganguro - The second thing that we teach in the class is strapons.  Strapons are a very common toy among Lilians, since so many of us are Lesbians, but using them on a boy brings along some very special needs.  This is doubly true if the boy hasn't experienced anal sex yet.  You can't fuck a boy the same way you fuck your girlfriend.  You have to go slower, and you might have to do some preparatory exercises with him first.  All these considerations are discussed and demonstrated in the class.  We also cover cleanliness considerations, and give different tips on how to use a single strapon on both your boyfriend and girlfriend, without getting one or both of them sick.  We cover facesitting and smothering (breathplay) during this section as well.  We mostly cover safety considerations, like tapouts, and safewords, but also comfort issues, balance, and positions.  The focus of that section is very much on safety, as most of the serious femdom injuries involve facesitting or breathplay in some way.

doublestuf - This is a picture from the "clamps, ties, and weights" section of the course.  This section covers things like nipple clamps, clothespins, tight cock rings, piercings, and the safe ways to attach weights to your baby's erogenous zones.  There are very specific weight limits that the flesh can handle before permanent or semi-permanent damage is sustained.  There are very specific pressure limits that these sensitive spots can handle before their sensitivity is lost permanently.  There is a safe way, and a dangerous way to apply a "tightening" cock ring.  Piercings can be a lot of fun, but the difference between "fun and sexy" and "bloody and terrifying" can sometimes be only a slight tug or twist in the wrong angle.  This part of the course handles all of these very important issues in a way that is light on numbers, and is able to teach you how to determine what the specific limits are for *your* baby.  We teach intuition and technique here, rather than "rules of thumb" that only apply to a certain percentage of the class.

fisto - After a short intermission, for either snacks, smokes, or sex, we move on to the fisting and large insertions portion of the class.  During this lesson, we build on the knowledge gained in the strapon section and instruct our sisters and boys on the process, and it is a process, of using their entire hand, or a very large dildo, on their baby's hole.  Contrary to popular belief, fisting is *not* achieved with a "punching" motion, and it is *not* a fast or immediate action.  There is a lot of buildup involved in this act, and moving too quickly can result in a lot of temporary discomfort, and possibly some semi-permanent damage.  Large insertions are quite similar.  In the large insertion portion of the lesson, we discuss the proper method of building a boy, over time, up to a level where he can take a very large dildo or other object.  We focus on his pleasure, here, because if he is too uncomfortable during these acts, he will be injured.  We train proper relaxation techniques, and also some light meditation and trance techniques as well.

sisterstrapon - As you can see from this picture, taken during the electronics lesson, we often involve the young daughters of our Lilian Priestesses in the lessons.  _The Gospel of Lilith_ tells us that we should raise our daughters in a way that honors Our Goddess, and this entails teaching them to dominate their brothers and male friends from an early age.  We include them in our official Temple orgies, and suggest that you include them in your home domination sessions as well.  During the electronics lesson, we instruct on the proper care and cleaning of electronic toys, powering the toys, waterproofing and lubricants, short circuits, and basic repairs.  We also discuss ways to get the young girls in your family involved in the domination, and usually, the best way is with an electronic toy.  Whether a vibrating wand, pulsating onahole, or even a (very, very, modified) electric prod, an electric toy is a very fun way to allow a young girl to dominate an older boy.

supersound - The final lesson is also one of the most complex.  It is the electronics II and sounding lesson.  This lesson covers a very exotic type of electronic toy called an "erotic electro-stimulation device", or EED.  This category of sex toy can be quite dangerous if the person using it is untrained in its use, but in a skilled pair of hands, it can deliver an almost unimaginable degree of pleasure.  Similarly with sounding, it can cause serious injuries and infections if done wrong, but immense pleasure if done correctly.  In this lesson, we explain the mechanism of the action, demonstrate the proper usage of the electronics, discuss what the different settings mean, and discuss proper lubrication, which is essential for safety and effectiveness.  During the EED section, we discuss TENS machines, EMS machines, and Violet Wands.  In the sounding portion, we discuss lubrication, different sizes of sounds, different sounding techniques, and how to combine EED with sounding.  Some of our sisters actually prefer to step out during this section, and we understand why.  We'll announce on the Temple PA system when this portion is finished.  We suggest, though, that you just send your baby out, and listen to the lesson.  We'll have the boys looked after by a Priestess, who will normally conduct a "Sunday School" style lesson on Lilith's love for obedient boys.  Again, we'll bring them back in for the conclusion.  While the Domination Safety Class isn't required for participation in the Samhain orgy, it *is* a good idea, as Our Goddess has established female domination as her preferred method of sexual activity.

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