Sunday, June 8, 2014

Foreplay and Oral Oddities

These are the Foreplay/Oral Oddities of the "Lilian Position Pamphlet".  Anything that fit into the "Foreplay and Oral" category, but wasn't firmly cunnilingus or Fellatio ended up in oddities.  There's 3 of these.  Finished product is in the links, and text is below.


Mutual Masturbation/Laying around naked


09.jpg - Does your boy *really* like to massage your feet or paint your toenails?  Do your foot worship sessions seem to go on and on?  Ever catch him sniffing your shoes?  He might just be a foot lover.  This position is great for letting your junior fetishist explore his budding podophilia.  Just squeeze your soles together, wrap his arms around your soft calves or thighs, and let him do whatever feels right.  The important thing is to assure him that you accept his unconventional tastes, and are willing to explore this facet of his sexuality with him.  A lot of boys like to thrust between the gap between your heel and sole, while some others prefer to focus on the toes.  Let him try different things, and don't forget to use lots of lubricant, and consider an edible lubricant.  For these boys, applying the lubricant can itself be a deeply stimulating experience, and licking his seed off your soft feet can be a very enjoyable experience for both of you. 

23.jpg - Here's another one for the "no birth control" crowd.  You know we hand out those pills for free at our Temples, right?  Anyway, this is the basic 69 position, although it might take a bit of stretching or tilting to pull it off.  You may only be able to get the very tip of his cock into your mouth, but don't worry about it, that's the most sensitive part, anyway.  Try flicking your tongue across the very tip, normally, if the boy is in the 10-12 age range, you'll at least be able to do that.  If you can't quite reach, you can still use this position to have him lick you while you massage his prostate with your finger or a toy.  His cock might actually be in the perfect position for a titfuck.  If this is the case, rejoice!  You'll need to use some lubricant for that, of course, which you may want to let him apply, boys *love* rubbing their goddess' tits, and it makes for great foreplay.  If none of that works out, you can always just stroke him with your hand.  Make sure he's pretty good at eating you before you try this position, boys will sometimes forget everything when they get a little bit of pleasure. 

27.jpg - This position is often one of the first ones our couples partake in, and technically speaking, it's not really a position at all.  In the first few days or weeks of the relationship, you may want to go slowly, especially if your baby is a bit timid.  Our boys have reported that some of their most enjoyable memories aren't even the "hardcore sex" ones.  Simply laying nude with their Goddess on a sheet or towel in a forest, relaxing, and appreciating the sights and sounds of nature can be a very positive experience for these boys, especially the ones who don't really get out of the inner-city much.  It doesn't have to be all sex all the time, and for boys who aren't yet used to these things, a relaxed setting can help them to become more comfortable with nudity, and reduce some of the anxiety that they often feel early on in our relationships.  Many of our couples like to rest their hand on their lover's nether regions, not really giving any pleasure, just enjoying how they feel.  Many of our boys like to caress and play with their Goddess' soft pubic hair, and many of our sisters like to lightly tickle and stroke their little lover's smooth groin.  You certainly *can* masturbate, or fondle each other, and we suggest that you do, but sometimes it can be nice to just lay among the greenery and enjoy each other's company.  For our more religious sisters, this is a great time to read from _The Gospel of Lilith_, which, especially when reading the more overtly sexual chapters, can often lead to a very stiff and horny lover, and a very spiritual lovemaking session. 

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