Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New blog, plots for the future

Unfortunately, I lost pretty much everything in my original LRLB Taisen blog to a Tumblr purge of Straight Shota content.  It is what it is, but after about a week of weeping and gnashing of teeth, I'm ready to start working again.  I've seen that people like my work, so I may as well finish it.  I'll probably be doing this much more quietly, however, and with less of a cavalier attitude.

First up on the agenda is the rest of the "Boys' Questions" content.  The questions that I'm currently looking at doing are:
Lilian ideas on bisexuality
Mom and Sis running me ragged
Mom doesn't like my girlfriend (tentative)
Lilian ideas on polyandry, polyamoury, and cheating (tentative)


Lilian ideas on bisexuality are overwhelmingly positive.  They believe that one of the great failings of Jehovans is their unwillingness to accept bisexuality and bisexuals into their faith.  They believe that bisexuality and "free love" brings people together, and encourages peace and tranquillity.
They offer classes and books for boys looking to have gay sex, and encourage the boys to allow a priestess to supervise their lovemaking, at least at first, to make sure that they are being safe and relatively clean.  The priestesses will prep both boys (enemas, cleaning of outer anus, dilation, etc), and present them to one another.  The priestesses will then supervise and possibly join in on some level.  This can be framed as a ritual.  They believe that bisexuality among boys teaches them to be better lovers, better friends, and better men.  They believe that this bisexuality among boys decreases the "toxic masculinity" that they decry as being responsible for much of the suffering in the world.  They discourage these boys from having any relationships with grown men. 
They almost demand bisexuality from the women, seeing it as "reinforcing the bonds of sisterhood".  Many Lilians will greet each other with a deep kiss, although this practice is becoming slightly less common as the religion expands.  Bisexuality is a part of many Lilian rituals, and so, bisexuality is a de-facto requirement for priestesses, as well as Acolytes.

Sexual fatigue among boys is an issue that doesn't really get much attention, but nonetheless is quite prevalent in the Lilian community.  Lilians believe that boys are the property of their mothers, but this isn't carte blanche for abuse.  Boys who are feeling fatigued should speak to their mothers about it.  If that doesn't work, they should speak to a priestess about it.  The priestess will normally send an acolyte to help "relieve" some of the tension until the boy can recover.  The priestesses can also offer training on how to increase stamina and endurance.  Boys who aren't up to having sex, either in the Temple, or at home, can wear a little red wristband, to signify that they are "off limits".

One of the main tenets of the Lilian faith is that boys are the property of their mothers.  This means that, from the moment the boy exits his mother's womb, to the moment that he gets married, the mother is his "master" and he is her "slave".  This isn't always taken to extremes in action, but it is usually at least acknowledged.  The mother's decisions regarding her son, with a few limits (abuse) are considered law.  Therefore, if a mother does not like her son's girlfriend, she is perfectly within her rights to prevent them from dating, and the son is expected to go along with her decision.  The Temple does, however, prefer that the boys have girlfriends, and so, if a mother is making a habit of turning away girls, she would probably be "gently encouraged" to ease up a bit.  Smothering and overprotective type behaviours among Lilian mothers are extremely prevalent, and are something that the Temple is actively trying to combat.  The first few generations of Lilians have seen their share of basement dwelling neckbeards coming out of these relationships, and want to put an end to them. 

Polyandry is the practice of having many husbands.  Polygyny is the practice of having many wives.  Polyamoury is the practice of having many lovers.  Cheating is the practice of having many lovers, without the knowledge or approval of one or more.
The Lilians frown on cheating, with the exception of a mother cheating on her husband with her son.  Lilians encourage women who can divorce, to do so as soon as possible, while keeping custody of their children.  They have, over time, begrudgingly accepted the idea of a nuclear family, where the father remains, as a helper and breadwinner, completely subservient to the mother.  The general leadership, however, is still quite suspicious of these men, and they are never invited to official Temple "sex parties". 
Polyandry, on some level, is quite common among Lilians.  Whether it's multiple sons, a son and his friends, or even a retinue of Lilian monks, many Lilian women do prefer to have a group of men "on call" to satisfy them sexually, as well as provide for themselves and their family.  There are many different classes at the Temple to teach Lilian women how to manage these relationships.  Sometimes a Temple will "take over" the local CPS, and then "farm out" the boys to Temple members.  Usually, the priority will be on childless lesbian couples, but money talks, and of course, there are many Lilian women who fantasize about possessing entire "stables" of young foster children, both male and female.  These women will pay off the High Priestess to receive preferential treatment when it comes to foster home placement, even being able to pick and choose between the files, often taking the more attractive children for themselves.  Teenage Lilians are discouraged from having lots of different young boyfriends, as it is felt that they are not yet mature enough to handle the emotional components that polyandrous relationships require.  Lilians are very much opposed to "abandonment" of young boys, as they feel that this creates resentments and emotional stunting of the boys, and turns them into angry young men, which is exactly what the Lilians are trying to avoid.
Polygyny, outside the context of the family, is looked down upon.  It's fine, even expected, for a boy to "service" his mother and sisters, but when it comes to other women, he is encouraged to find one girl, and stick with her.  Exceptions are made for more "female dominant" type relationships, where a pair or group of lesbians takes a boy as their "slave".  Overall, as long as the relationship is female dominant in nature, the Lilians are okay with it, but they are still wary of boys having "too much fun". 

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