Monday, June 9, 2014

Oral and Foreplay Oddities Retrospective, Magazine Updates, and Future Plots

I didn't really feel like writing for the magazine today.  I started off by going through my filler pictures and pulling out the ones that would work for the "Outdoor Sex" issue.  I've got about 40 of them, but I won't use them all.
Unfortunately, I don't have any "outdoor sex" sets, so I think I'll have to get a little creative with the special for this issue.  I'm planning on having a special that goes through different locations, and discusses the pros and cons of each.
My locations are: Forest, Beach, Car, Back Alley, Public Toilet, Dressing Room, Stock Room, Construction Site, Pool, Train, and Park.  Honestly, I think that might be all the "special" I need for this issue. 
I also organized a few of the other issues, splitting my "Sisters' Special" folder into "Old" and "Young" folders.  I need a few Milf Yuri pics for the "Old" issue.  I think I'll use a few of my "2mom" pictures for the "Old" Sisters' Special, and possibly some of the "sisters molest boy" pictures for the "Young" sisters' Special.  I might split the "Recruiting Little Boys" pictures up between the two Sisters' Specials, but maybe not. 
I finally found a special for the Bondage issue, which is good.  It's 5 pictures, depicting 2 women torture-fucking a boy.  There's no blood or anything, and the worst thing that they do is spank him, but it's still Femdom, and he's tied up the whole time, so it fits the theme well.  The resolution isn't perfect, but I might be able to take out the background to make space for the text.  We'll see. 

The Oral and Foreplay Oddities were pretty easy to write.  I had already done the footjob picture, and the 69 picture was pretty straightforward.  The "laying around in the forest" picture was originally planned to be a "mutual masturbation" picture, but it just didn't really turn out that way.  They aren't really touching each other, just gazing longingly into each others eyes, so I switched the theme to "relationship tips".  I like the way it turned out. 
Next up in the "Position Pamphlet" pictures is the "Girl on Top" category, of which there are 13 pictures, but some of them are already written.  The "cowgirl" category has 7 pictures in it, so it'll be difficult to write those without repeating shit.  They're pretty femdomish, so I might use them to talk about femdom a bit. 


I've been thinking about ways to give Circe's character more depth, and show the player how the Daughters operate.  I'm thinking of writing more missions for the Daughters, based on various USA Mafia rackets.  I'll need to do a lot of research for it, but I'm planning on at least including a "kidnapping and intimidation" mission, where you take one of the boys to forcibly convert a kidnapped boy's mother to the Lilian faith.  The mother will probably be rich, and powerful on some level, and it will be stated that this isn't "standard operating procedure" for the Lilians.  I'm thinking of also doing a numbers scam, a ration card racket, and an auto vandalism protection racket.  Maybe a union racket, maybe not.  Possibly a minigame or mission involving stuffing bundles of heroin up a little boy's asshole.  Would that be crossing the line?  Is there even a line, at this point?  This is part of the reason why I enjoy making a staright shota hentai game.  I'm already so far out of the realm of human decency, that there's no real risk of offending anyone anymore.  This shit will never end up on Steam, and the people who would be offended by a game where you cram drugs up a boys ass, burn down a library, cook up a batch of meth, or brainwash a police officer into becoming a suicide bomber, would probably be more offended by the porn.  It's quite freeing, from a literary perspective. 

I think that infertility should be a part of Circe's character, simply because it's a good way to explain away her lack of children (most of the High Priestesses are also mothers) and also add a bit of depth to the character.  I don't want it to be an "explanation" for her villainy, so I'm going to write that she traded away her fertility in exchange for her powers.  I think that's way more interesting than "she can't have kids, so she rapes them instead, and also murders lots of people".  In my idea, she truly believes in the Lilian revolution, and is willing to make these sacrifices in order to, in her mind, make the world a better place. 

I'm also trying to come up with more ideas for her lab reports/experiments.  I thought up another scenario today, not really sure if I'll use it, but let's get it on paper anyway.  Basically, she kidnaps a child, and puts him in a room, with a bed, access to food (through a little chute, where bagged meals and other treats drop down), a pen and paper, a Gospel of Lilith, and a television screen.  Maybe some other stuff too, but that's the basic idea.  Pretty Spartan living conditions.  The television is closed circuit, and can't be turned on or off except remotely, by Circe herself.  She also has complete control of the HVAC, lighting, and, of course, the chute.  The room is soundproofed, and locked up completely.  There's cameras in the room, which give Circe complete knowledge of what her test subject is doing at any given moment.  Circe never actually visits in person.  She does, however, communicate through the television, through recorded videos that are entirely one way.  Think ASMR videos.  There are 5 videos per day.  One for breakfast, where she talks about her plans for the day, one for lunch, where she asks him about his day, one for dinner, where she tells him how her day was, one at a random time, essentially devoted to masturbation, and one at bedtime, where she reads him a story, or a part of the Gospel of Lilith, or something.  Before bedtime, she chutes down some kind of fast acting sleep drug for him to take.  The point of the experiment is to determine how well her powers work over video, and she originally intends to order the boy to kill himself after about a week or two of this, but when the time comes to end the experiment, she can't bring herself to do it.  The boy has become like a pet for her, and she enjoys his reverent obsession with her, and his total dependence on her.  She lists excuse after excuse in her lab report, but the reader should be able to figure out, from the tone of her writing, the real reason why she's keeping him alive.  I'm not entirely sure how to end it, or whether I should end it at all, or have it be presented as an ongoing project.  I think that this little story will be presented to the player in a place where they're actually supposed to kill Circe (for the opposing faction), so having it as an ongoing project would present the player with an interesting moral dilemma. 

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