Friday, June 13, 2014

Outdoor Sex Halfway Point Retrospective and Prewriting

I'm halfway done with the Outdoor Sex special.  The prewriting that I do on this blog actually helps a lot, so I'll be doing a bit more.  Writing these was pretty fun.  I had to hop onto Gelbooru and find some better pictures for a few of the topics, since the pictures I had originally chosen had very landscape resolutions, which doesn't leave me any space for the writing.  It's not a bad thing, really, because I plan to take the pictures that I didn't use for the topic, and put them after the "caption" picture.  Most of the captions have a picture that can be used for this, but a few don't.  I'll just leave them be.  I don't think I'm going to find any other "construction site /ss/" pictures out there.  I think this special is the only one that I'm going to need for the Outdoor sex issue.  Anyway, onto the outdoor sex prewriting!


Stock Room: Stock rooms are a place that a lot of people don't really think about, but if you're working alone in a store, and you want to have a good time with the boy who just walked in, it's not particularly difficult to close up for a few minutes, and pop into the stock room for a quickie.  Stock rooms are generally clean, if a bit cluttered.  There's nothing special about the aesthetic, unless you've got a thing for boxes.  Police presence is nonexistent, and secrecy is great *unless* you've got a boss or co-worker that will come in.  Amount of space varies, but often, stock rooms are quite cramped. 

Construction Site: Active construction sites are completely inaccessible during the day.  At night, however, they can be a lot of fun to sneak into, and can serve as a type of bonding exercise.  Abandoned construction sites often have all the problems that back alleys have, but that really depends on the area.  Aesthetics are crap, but secrecy is quite good.  Police presence isn't a real issue.  There's usually plenty of space to lay down and stretch out.  Construction sites are mostly clean, but can have a bit of sawdust or spilled concrete on the ground. 

Pool: During regular business hours, forget it.  Public pools are way too packed for that, and they're not going to let you take your boy into the locker room with you.  After business hours, however, you may have more luck, especially with a sympathetic manager.  Private pools are a completely different story as well.  There's plenty of space at the pool, both in, and out of the water.  There's often things like saunas and sometimes even hottubs to fool around in.  Aesthetics are decent, not amazing, but the fun of actually being at the pool more than makes up for it.  Secrecy is pretty high, as long as the pool is closed off to the general public.  Police presence isn't particularly high, again, when the pool is closed.  Pools are generally quite clean and sterile.  Even if you get cum in the pool, it'll be gone by morning.  

Train: Trains are actually a bit of an oddity here, since the only way that you can actually get away with anything, is if they're too packed for anyone to notice your groping.  You're probably never going to be able to get away with actually having sex on a train, but that doesn't mean you and your baby can't grope and squeeze each other like mad.  In certain situations, dry humping and some level of stroking and masturbation is possible.  Aesthetics are pretty bad, unless you like the feeling of being crammed into an extremely tight space.  Secrecy actually goes up with more people on the train.  Police are often present at the stations, but it's difficult for them to actually see what's going on.  As long as nobody starts screaming, there won't be any problems.  Trains themselves are usually clean, but the people on them might not be.  Some people may enjoy all the different smells on the train.  This is very much a fetish thing.

Park: Parks, during the daytime, are a bit of a mixed bag.  You can certainly find secretive and aesthetically nice spots (and usually those two go together) but the secrecy can be broken quite quickly by some guy and his dog.  It's a bit of a gamble.  Police are usually within reach, either they're actively patrolling, or sitting in a booth.  At the very least, they're on call, and you may not notice that you've been busted until it's too late.  Space depends on what you can find.  Some parks have a little spot that's easy to get to and hard to see.  Others don't.  Often, if there's a good spot, other people will already be using it, so there will be used condoms and cigarette butts lying around, among other things.  It's a good idea to avoid these well-trafficked spots if you can.


I'll work on getting these into a finished product later today, and probably post them tomorrow.  On deck are the  two hooker narratives, and in the pipe is the bathtime issue.  On a slightly related note, I decided that I'm probably going to use the recruitment pictures and a dual sisters narrative for the young sister's special, and do a "milf questions" thing and a dual moms narrative for the old sister's special.

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