Friday, June 13, 2014

Outdoor Sex Halfway Point

I did 6 of the 12 (including the intro page) pictures for the Outdoor Sex special.  Finished product is in the links, with the text below.


Back Alley
Public Restroom
Dressing Room


Forest - Forests have traditionally served as a gathering place for ladies who did not conform to the "normal" political, religious, or sexual trends.  This is because they are beautiful, spiritual, and most importantly, *secretive*.  We use forests for many of our large meetings, but they can be used for anything, really.  When it comes to outdoor sex, forests are perfect.  As long as you leave the trail, you're very unlikely to be spotted by a passerby, and if you go far enough out, there would be very little a passerby could actually *do* to stop you.  The police aren't going to go to all the trouble of tracking you down over a little roll in the hay.  Forests are, by their nature, quite spacious, so any and all positions can be enjoyed.  Forests provide a great cover story, as well.  It's very common for a woman to take a boy on a camping trip or a day hike, and even "problematic parents" are quite willing to hand their babies off to a total stranger, if that stranger is taking them on a "nature walk" for a day or two.  These trips build trust, and are quite fun for everyone involved, even without the sex.  Boys love the outdoors!  Forests are usually clean and always beautiful, but sometimes there can be little prickly bits out there that will stick you, so bring a towel or a sheet big enough for both of you to lay on.

Beach - Beaches are quite romantic.  Almost every romance novel has a sex scene on a beach, and for good reason.  The aesthetics of a beach can't beat.  The rolling waves, endless expanse of the sea, and picturesque sunrises and sunsets create an environment that is almost made for love.  Beaches are a lot of fun, but they attract families, and are often patrolled quite heavily by police, even at night.  Generally, if there's a lifeguard, you can't have sex there.  You might be able to hide behind a dune, or in a bit of scrub, and use a "low footprint" position, or even have sex in the water, but it's still quite dangerous.  Small islands often have completely empty beaches, but they can be quite difficult to get to.  You can always rent a boat for a weekend (you can also have sex on the boat, which affords total privacy), but there are other options, as well.  Some Temples actually have members who own a little stretch of beach, or even an island, so you may want to check at your local Temple to see if you can schedule some alone time there for you and your little lover.  The local Priestesses can also recommend some good isolated public beaches.  Keep in mind that beaches have sand on them, and so, sand will probably get in everything.  Bring a towel. 

Cars - Cars have the unique aspect of mobility, so you can park in a nice, secluded area, and have a good time with your baby undisturbed.  It's important that you pick the right spot, because police *do* like to peek into cars and ruin everybody's fun.  Cars are generally quite small, so unless you're just stroking and sucking, you'll probably have quite a cramped session.  Sometimes you can lean the front seat all the way back, and use either a missionary or leaned over cowgirl position, but nothing exotic.  The aesthetics of the car itself usually aren't that great, and the cleanliness of the car depends entirely on the owner.  That said, cars are a pretty standard sex spot for Lilians who are unable to get to either a Temple or another space, so they certainly deserve a thought.

Back Alleys - Back Alleys have long been the sex spot of choice for prostitutes, drug addicts, and other street dwellers.  The aesthetics are generally quite bad, and the secrecy is almost nonexistent.  The police presence completely depends upon the part of town you're in.  Many of us are excited by "dangerous" situations, and the "slutty" feeling that comes from having sex in a place like this, so it happens a lot, especially in "prostitution" type roleplays.  If you're going to try to have sex in a back alley, make sure you know the area very well, and consider getting a Priestess' opinion before you settle on a spot.  You might want to just use the back alley behind the Temple for this.  Yes, it's quite mundane, but it's also cleaner, safer, and more secretive.  There's not a whole lot of space in these spots, and you *really* don't want to lay down, so standing or kneeling positions are really your best options here, but make sure you check the ground before anybody gets on their knees. 

 Public Toilets - Much like back alleys, public restrooms are often used as sex spots for more marginalized sections of society.  They vary wildly in maintenance, and cleanliness, depending mostly on wealth of the area.  Some of us enjoy the feeling of having sex in dirty places, however, and public toilets are a huge step up from back alleys.  First off, the stalls provide some level of privacy, especially if the walls go all the way down.  Second, the women's restrooms are almost never patrolled by police in the way that men's restrooms sometimes are.  Finally, it's not particularly uncommon for women to take a boy into the ladies' room with them.  Ironically, this is normally done to protect them against pedophiles in the men's room.  Sitting and standing positions go best in public toilets, but there's usually plenty of room for oral sex as well.  If you have the option of using a handicapped stall, take it, they're much larger, and usually cleaner.

 Dressing Rooms - Dressing rooms are reasonably private, and can be quite spacious, but unlike public toilets and back alleys, it's impossible to find one in a secluded area.  By their nature, they are only located in shops and boutiques.  For this reason, you must be completely silent.  It's common for women to take boys into dressing rooms with them, but sex noises destroy the entire "cover".  No moaning, no banging noises, no slurpy sex sounds.  The scent of sex is quite recognizable as well, and is very difficult to keep that from permeating the entire store.  If you're going to go this route, pick a Lilian owned store, and coordinate with the owner to pick a good time.  It'll usually be *after* closing time.  If you can work it out, though, it can be a lot of fun to dress up, dress your baby up, and watch yourself in the mirror while you take his cock.  If you can't find a Lilian owned boutique, you can still try it, but be aware of the risks, and stick to oral. 

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