Saturday, June 14, 2014

Outdoor Sex Retrospective and Future Plots

I've finished the Outdoor Sex issue, which makes 4 issues down, I think.  These were pretty easy to do, especially with the pre-writing.  I had to get one or two pictures from Gelbooru, for resolution reasons.  I liked making at least part of each one about police presence, I think it really helps to remind the reader that what the Daughters are doing is completely illegal.  I probably could have picked a better park picture, the one I used is very female dominant, but then, so are the Lilians.  There will be a few pictures after it, though, which will be much more "equal", so it's not a huge deal.  It's probably a bit strange to put the Outdoor Sex issue in Lammas, which is a holiday in August, but whatever, how many people are even going to know that?  At any rate, a fun one to write.


Next up are the Hooker Narratives.  I don't think I'm that great at doing narratives, but I suppose the only way to get any better is to just nut up and do them. 
The first one is about a hooker giving herself to boys for their birthdays.  I've got 5 pictures, but one is very similar to another, so it's more like 4 pictures.  They each depict a different boy, and a different setting, so I should be able to get a varied narrative for each one.  The resolutions are 800x600, which is nowhere near ideal, but it'll have to work.  I'll need to make sure I know my character limit for these.

The first picture features a brown haired boy in what appears to be some kind of maintenance closet or something.  One picture features the girl sucking his cock, and the other features the girl getting ready to suck his cock while he sniffs her panties.  I'm not sure which one I'll use, but I'm leaning towards the panty sniffing one.  Basically, the story is that he's turning 10, so the hooker tells him that she's got a special gift for him, and to follow her.  They go into the maintenance closet, and she sucks him off, and gives him her panties to sniff while she sucks him off.  He cums, and she lets him keep the panties as a secondary birthday gift.  Maybe they fuck, maybe not.  I'll decide that one later.
The second picture shows a purple haired boy sitting on a bed getting a blowjob, while wearing what appears to be women's clothing, with the hooker's panties on his head like a hat.  He's turning 10, so the hooker takes him to her apartment, and dresses him as a girl.  She'll muse on how he's been much gentler than the other boys since he was very young, and how she figured he'd be into crossdressing.  She sucks him off, and fingers his asshole, and then sits on his face, and rides it to her own orgasm.  She gives him her panties, and the crossdressing outfit as his secondary gift.
The third picture depicts the hooker and a tanned, blonde, boy on a beach, having sex.  He turned 10, and hangs out on the beach a lot.  She comes to him, congratulates him on his milestone, and takes him behind a rock for some sex.  They fuck, and afterwards, they get stoned on the beach, cause, you know, he's a surfer, and surfers smoke mad weed, right?  Anyway, his secondary gift is a bag of herb. 
The last picture is set on what seems to be a park bench in the middle of town.  I'll just say it's a secluded little area of a park where she often goes to fuck johns.  She's basically sitting on a pink haired boy's cock, as he throws his head back in ecstasy.  I'll make him 10 as well.  She sees him in town, looking through the video game stores for something to buy with his birthday money, when she comes to give him her special birthday gift.  She takes him to her spot, and they fuck.  Afterwards, she takes him to a Lilian owned sex shop, and buys him a porno game as his secondary gift. 

I think I'll put something in about how she's actually a nun at one of the Temples, and as such, takes the boys over to the Temple after fucking them.  Maybe she'll try "witnessing" to them after the sex.  However I do it, I definitely want to make it clear that, on some level, she's doing this as a recruitment scheme, possibly in order to become a Priestess, and so, quit her job as a hooker.  I think that would add a bit of depth to the story. 


Hopefully I can write up and release the full special tomorrow, and then do the prewriting for the second Hooker special.  After the Hooker specials are finished, I'll start work on the Bathtime issue, and after that, I'll do the Bondage special.  I think I've got enough material now to make that one a good one. 

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