Saturday, June 14, 2014

Outdoor Sex Special Finished

The Outdoor Sex Special is finished, with the last 5 location pictures, along with the intro being written and formatted today.  Finished product is in the links, with the text below. 


Outdoor Sex Intro
Stock Room
Construction Site


 Lammas is here, sisters, and the weather for most of us is perfect for having sex outdoors.  Outdoor sex is a part of our faith, and is mentioned in _The Gospel of Lilith_ as being a very important summer ritual.  It helps to strengthen our connection to the Earth, and our fellow earth-dwellers.  It provides a beautiful backdrop to our sexual play with our lovers.  It gives our boys a chance to make love to us in a space that is different from what they're used to, building confidence, and encouraging trust.  Many of our ritual orgies take place outdoors.  Many of our younger sisters have little choice but to have sex outdoors.  Outdoor sex, however, can be quite risky, especially for us.  If someone catches you having sex with a little boy, their reaction could be anything from amusement to anger.  Some people will blow it off, some people might stand and watch, and some others will try to get the police involved.

To help keep our sisters safe, our special this month is a list of popular outdoor sex spots, and tips to stay safe and have a good time.  We have prepared little guides for 11 popular Lilian sex spots.  The spots we chose are: Forest, Beach, Car, Back Alley, Public Toilet, Dressing Room, Stock Room, Construction Site, Pool, Train, and Park.  We will be discussing cleanliness, secrecy, police presence, general aesthetic, and amount of space, among a few other things.  Of course, we'll have the standard assortment of topical pictures for you and your baby's pleasure.  We suggest that you read through the entire guide before you pick a place for your outdoor sex session.  Start with the safe ones, and then, if you want to, gradually work your way to the most dangerous ones.  You can always ask a local Priestess where some good local spots are.

Be sure to share this magazine with your little lover, and any interested and trustworthy ladies.
Stay safe, stay secret, and stay sexy!

Stock Room - Stock rooms are a place that a lot of people don't really think about, but if you're working alone in a store, and you want to have a good time with the boy who just walked in, it's not particularly difficult to close up for a few minutes, and pop into the stock room for a quickie.  Stock rooms are relatively clean, and as long as you're the only employee around, they're pretty secretive as well.  If you work at a Lilian owned and operated establishment, there will probably always be a boy or two in the back room, playing games or reading, waiting for "break time" to come around.  There's nothing really special about the aesthetics of a stock rooms, unless you've got a thing for boxes.  Police presence is pretty much non existent.  Amount of space varies greatly.  Many Lilian owned businesses make sure to keep a space for sex, but "normal" establishments might be a bit cramped.  You can usually get away with most standing or carrying positions.

Construction Site - There are two types of construction sites available to us.  Active construction sites are inaccessible during the day, and sometimes patrolled by a security guard at night.  Abandoned construction sites are rarely patrolled by anyone, but are sometimes colonized by the impoverished.  We strongly suggest investigating abandoned construction sites by yourself before taking your baby.  If you find evidence of someone living there, leave and don't go back.  Sneaking into active or abandoned construction sites can be a pretty fun bonding experience with your boy, that helps to introduce him to the idea that the police are his enemy, whether police presence is high or not.  Usually, it is not.  The aesthetics are usually crap, but the secrecy is usually pretty good.  Generally, there's plenty of room to lay down and stretch out, but make sure there's nothing on the ground that could hurt you or your baby.  Bring a sheet or towel to lay on, and a flashlight as well.  Usually active construction sites are pretty clean, aside from a little sawdust or powdered cement.

Pool - Sex at pools during normal business hours is suicide, there are too many people, and no good hiding spots.  You can't take your baby into the locker rooms with you either.  *After* business hours, however, the risk decreases to almost nothing.  Many of our Temples have an agreement with a local pool manager, so check with a Priestess to see if there's a pool that we can use.  Obviously, a private pool in someone's backyard is going to be much safer as well.  Pools have plenty of space for sex, both in, and out of the water.  Sometimes, you'll also find a sauna or a hottub to fool around in.  Aesthetics are decent, not amazing, but pools are fun enough on their own to more than make up for it.  Secrecy and police presence at the pool is quite low, as long as it's not a public pool.  Pools are generally quite clean and sterile.  Even if you cum in the pool, it will be gone by morning.  A word on swimsuits, usually they aren't required at Lilian pools, but often, it can be extremely erotic for a boy to see a woman wearing a swimsuit that shows part of her areola, and a little bit of her pubic hair. 

Train - Trains are a bit of an oddity.  Unlike the others, where more people means less secrecy, trains are the opposite.  You are much more likely to get caught if there's not a lot of people on the train.  This is because, on a train, where everyone is standing up, and crammed together, nobody can really see what's going on downstairs.  Of course, on the off chance that they *do* see something, and start yelling, you have no escape.  Don't get too insane with this, and if you can, wear a long coat (islamic "chador" works well for this) and wrap it around you and your lover to conceal the groping.  It is ridiculously dangerous to try to have sex this way, but there's plenty of opportunity for groping, squeezing, dry humping, and even some mutual masturbation.  If you have a "screen" of friendly Lilians all around you, you can do a bit more, but it's still quite risky.  Police are sometimes stationed on trains, and usually there's at least one at each station, so be careful.  Trains themselves are usually clean, but the people on them may not be. Be aware that if you are caught by a citizen, and they don't call the police, they may get the wrong idea, and think that you're willing to have sex with *anyone*.  They might try to blackmail you.  Be very careful, and work with a team if possible. 

Parks - Parks, during the daytime, are a bit of a mixed bag.  You can certainly find secretive and aesthetically nice spots (and usually those two go together) but the secrecy can be broken quite quickly by a man simply walking his dog.  It's a bit of a gamble.  Police are usually within reach, either they're actively patrolling, or sitting in a booth.  At the very least, they're on call, and you may not notice that you've been busted until it's too late.  Sometimes you can find spaces that are quite good, out of the way, concealed well, and with plenty of room to lay down, stand up, or anything else.  Often, though, these spots are well known, and are used often.  If you find a good spot, but there's condoms, porno mags, and cigarette butts all over the ground, you may want to skip it and find a better spot.  Nighttime and dawn, and dusk are the best times to use parks if you're going to, as you are much less likely to be seen. 

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