Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sister Spank Retrospective

I was initially a bit concerned about this one, since it's got a loli in it, and I sort of try to shy away from loli normally, but it's such a good bondage one, that I decided to use it.  The loli here takes a very dominant position, and it really exemplifies the "dominant sister" archetype that I discussed a couple posts back.  I've never really discussed what the young Lilian girls actually do in this world either, so I guess I should probably cover that somewhere.  It is a question that begs for an answer.  I also liked that the mother is more of the "good cop" to the loli's "bad cop", which I played with a bit in the writing.  The resolutions on these sucked, so I had to shrink them down further than I really wanted to.  It's not that bad outside the very first and last pictures, but you do lose a bit of the detail.  It is what it is, I guess.  Hopefully the writing makes up for it. 


I'm a bit unsure of what to do with the specials for the rest of the Bondage issue, since I've got so many different sets.  I've got a set of 6, a set of 18, and a set of 22, along with about 40 or 50 topical loosepics.  I was originally having a tough time finding /ss/ femdom, so I focused on it a lot, but now, I'm inundated with the stuff.

The set of 6 is called "too many toys" and features a bunch of different women doing femdommy stuff with different boys.  The only thing that really ties these together is the artist.  If I use this one, I'll frame it as a single Temple taking pictures of their femdom activities.  Maybe it's part of a class, maybe it's part of their rental submissive program, maybe it's just people popping in for a good time with their boys.  I'm not really sure, but I like the set, so I'll probably use it.

The set of 18 is called "femdom madness", and features different women doing femdom with a single boy.  There's only about 4 women total, so I might pick one or two of the girls to focus on.  If I use the different women, than I'll definitely have the boy be a rental submissive type acolyte, and frame it as a sort of "recruiting advertisement" directed at boys, basically telling them how much fun it is to be a rental sub. 

The set of 22 is called "strapon zoids".  It seems to be a milfy and loli character from the anime/cartoon "Zoids" dominating what I assume to be the "boy pilot" character.  They mostly use strapons and other anal toys.  If I use this one, it will probably be a sort of "how to do strapon play" advice column, mixed with a narrative, kind of like the "hooker exploration" special.  You guys seemed to really like that one for some reason.  Was it was because the chick was blonde and wearing a red dress?  Because she was a hooker?  Who can say?


I'll probably do either "too many toys" or "femdom madness" first, and save "strapon zoids" for the end.  After I'm finished with these sets, it's on to the Acolyte Pamphlet, and then the Boy on Top Position pics.  After that, I'll start on the 2 Sisters' Specials. 

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