Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sister Spank Special

This is the first special in the Bondage Issue.  It depicts a mother and her daughter dominating a boy that doesn't really look like them at all.  Finished product is in the links, and the text is below.


Sister Spank Intro
Sister Spank Dirty Talk
Sister Spank Feather
Sister Spank Sex
Sister Spank Spanking/Outro


 sisterspank - Since I divorced my husband, my daughter and I have been sharing rental submissives from our local Temple, but we didn't have one of our own.  With the help of the the High Priestess, I signed up for the foster care program, and after about a month, I was picking between files for a good candidate.  I wanted a cute boy, obviously, but one with a bit of a wild streak, both for the challenge, and also to teach my daughter how to dominate in a less "controlled" environment.  She'd only ever been with rental acolytes and other Lilian boys, who are pretty much trained to be submissive from birth.  The acolytes will sometimes "play" bad-boy for you, but even that is a form of submission, since you're instructing them to take on that role.  We wanted a *real* experience.  I considered getting a boy younger than my daughter, but everyone goes for the young ones, and so the slightly older boys end up with families that don't truly care for them.  Often, these are the boys who need Lilith the most.  The boy I picked was a little older than my daughter, still firmly in the "pre-pubescent" stage, but not for too much longer.  I thought it would be a lot of fun for my daughter to dominate an older boy.

His file indicated that he'd had quite a few disciplinary issues in the past, so we decided to start our retraining as early as possible.  Immediately after we got his belongings inside our house, he was stripped and bound.  He struggled, of course, but he's still only a boy, and there's two of us.  We know our pressure points, we know our takedowns, and we know our submission holds.  Once he was nice and tied up, we started our seduction.  He was still a virgin, but not clueless.  He'd seen and enjoyed porn, which is often the case for foster boys his age.  My daughter started dirty talking him, telling him that he was her property now, and that she was going to enjoy every inch of him.  While she spoke, I slowly stroked him, enjoying his stiffness, but making sure not to stimulate him too much.

My daughter decided to torture him a bit, taking out a feather and running it up and down his body.  She started on his lips and moved down, hitting all of his erogenous zones, just as I had taught her, stroking down his neck, lightly flicking the very tip of the feather over his nipples, belly button, and finally, his strained and throbbing cock.  She grabbed his balls, gently stroking them, before looking in his eyes, and squeezing, lightly, but enough to cause a tiny bit of discomfort.  She then reiterated that he belonged to her, and that she would control him from then on.  As for me, I was playing a more maternal game, gently stroking his sides, lovingly holding his cock, and kissing his cheeks and neck.  I did my best to contrast the cruelty with affection, while making sure to give my daughter enough space to fully claim him.

By the time my daughter got the feather down to his perineum, she was positively dripping, and hornier than I'd ever seen her.  She grabbed his cock from me, forcefully kissed him, and informed him that he would be fucking her.  She laid down on a beanbag chair, and presented herself, while I dragged him by his hair over to her.  We told him that he would have to make my daughter cum before he did, and if he couldn't, "there would be consequences".  We kept it vague on purpose, and I think he imagined the worst, because he kept saying that he couldn't do it, and even started crying.  I felt a little bit sorry for him, and, turning on the "mommy mode", I told him that I would be right here for him, and that I would help him to make her cum.  I kissed his cheek, and stroked his soft hair, before grabbing it roughly to pull his head back, and using my hips to thrust his cock deeply into my daughter, almost as if we were fucking her together.

He didn't last long enough to make my daughter cum.  Of course he didn't, he's a virgin!  I was expecting him to cum upon entry, while my daughter thought that he would actually cum after pulling back, somewhere between thrusts 1 and 2.  I was right, of course.  Personally, I think he may have lasted a bit longer, if my hips and tits hadn't been pressed into his back, and my daughter hadn't been moaning and dirty talking, like a slutty little porn-star.  At any rate, he would have to "face the consequences".  His immediate thought was that we would send him back to his parents, and he started sobbing and begging to stay, which took us by surprise.  My daughter started to break character, sitting up and wrapping her arms around him to pull him deeper inside her, and started to coo softly to him that we wouldn't send him home.  She really is a sweet girl, she's just... Lilian!  We can be a bit rough on our boys, but we *do* love them.  We did have to punish him though, so after a minute or two of gentle reassurance, my daughter took him over her knee and spanked him, while I explained Our Goddess and Faith to the boy.  Today, his disciplinary issues are completely gone, and his stamina is getting better every day.  My daughter is even planning on keeping him as her permanent slave.  Taking an older boy is always a gamble, but under the right mistress(es), his submission can be a beautiful offering to Our Goddess, and a boon to our Temple.

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