Sunday, June 8, 2014

Strip Club/Boys' Bar Finished

The Strip Club/Boys' Bar special is finished, with all 6 pictures ready for implementation.  I also wrote the introduction page for the Trap/Gay issue.  As before, finished product in the links, text below. 


Intro Page
Gay Sex
Large Insertions/Masturbation


Midsummer has arrived, sisters, and the fairies are out in force!  This issue is devoted to our boys, and particularly the special bond that exists between two boys who fall in love.  We asked our boys to send in pictures of themselves for publication, and we got quite a few!  We do this every year, and each May, as I look through the pictures, I have to ask myself a question.  Are these boys posing for us, or for each other?  I think we can all appreciate a tight little boy's ass, but at a certain point, you start to wonder if some of these pictures are being taken to entice other boys, rather than women.  Well, this is their issue, so I suppose they're entitled.  Stroke away boys, just don't forget to invite your mommies and sisters to watch!

We've got 2 specials, one for the boys, and one for the ladies, though I'm sure the boys, especially some of the more exhibitionist ones, will find it quite stimulating as well.  The first special consists of questions that our boys sent in, with answers from our Hight Priestesses across the globe.  We got a large number of questions, and it was difficult to pick just 6 to tackle, but we decided to choose the ones that we kept seeing over and over again.  The 6 we picked are about Lilian Heaven, Growing up, Dealing with a Non-Lilian mother, Bisexuality in our faith, Sexual Fatigue, and Mother-Girlfriend conflicts.  We got the High Priestesses from Amsterdam, Basra, Milwaukee, Uppsala, Osaka, and Eugene to help answer the questions, and I think they did a bang-up job!
Our second special this month comes from one of our sexy singles, who won a
trip to Bankok Thailand in a raffle.  She stopped by a strip bar, but not the kind you'd expect!  This strip bar opens one night a week for our Lilian sisters and boys to show their skills, thrusting and gyraing on the pole, and making love
in the VIP areas.  She wrote an excellent review of the establishment, and
managed to take some pretty hot pictures as well, when her hands were free!

Be sure to share this magazine with your baby, and any interested and trustworthy ladies.
Stay safe, Stay secret, and Stay sexy!

These two were just *darling* in their little getups.  They started with a dual pole dance, mostly just using the pole as a focal point, but at one point, they each wrapped one leg around the pole, and the other around each other, and rubbed their cocks together.  As they danced, they also stripped, tossing their clothes into the crowd, for the lucky ladies to sniff and take home as souvenirs.  The tails were especially prized.  After the dance was over, and they were both naked, aside from their ears, boots, and collars, the red haired boy braced himself against the pole, bending over as the blue haired boy entered him and began thrusting.  Soon, they switched positions, the red haired boy using the pole to lift himself up, his back to the pole, as he wrapped his legs around the blue haired boy's waist to pull him in for deeper thrusts.  They then switched roles, the red haired boy laying down on the stage, for the blue haired boy to mount him, taking the boy's cock deep inside him, and stroking his own, spreading his legs wide, for the benefit of the crowd, who were, at this point, were almost all either had their hands on themselves, or one another.  The two boys stood up, and for their finale, walked to front of the stage, and began stroking each other, obviously getting off on the erotic scene unfolding before them.  Many of the women in the front row started flashing them as "encouragement".  It seemed to work, because soon, the boys were both shooting their loads all over the horny and masturbating women.  

The announcers called this boy "Russian Peach".  He's super into large insertions, and posts videos on the World Wide Web.  I wasn't able to snap a photo of his performance, as my hands were "occupied" at the time, but I got a private meeting with him after his show, to help him practice.  His show was quite unlike the others.  He started by strutting up to the front of the stage, carrying a huge, black, horsecock shaped dildo.  He used the suction cup on the base to attach it to the floor, and did a little striptease to get us all warmed up.  He then dropped to his knees in front of the dildo and started worshiping it with his mouth, licking it up and down, sucking the flared head, and wiggling his cute ass and tight sack at us the whole time.  When he was ready, he turned around, and started to slowly lower himself onto it.  His face was enraptured in bliss, and he was moaning quite loudly the entire time.  Most of us girls were moaning as well, rubbing our wet pussies to his erotic display of sexual prowess.  When he hit bottom, he began to grind back and forth, his dripping cock wagging in front of us, just out of reach.  A few of the girls in the front row reached up, and one of the taller ones was actually able to start stroking him lightly.  He started moving again, leaning back, out of reach for the girls, and began bouncing up and down on the massive toy.  His movements got faster, he was riding the cock like a bitch in heat, squealing like a pig, and enjoying every second of it.  Finally, he forced himself down onto it one last time, spreading his legs wide, and moaning in ecstasy, as his cock erupted, spurt after spurt hitting the crowd, even reaching some of the tables a little further away from the stage.  A little bit of his hot spunk landed on my lips, and I drank it down with gusto.  Wouldn't you know it, the little cutie had been drinking his pineapple juice!

One of the final shows of the night was the BDSM/Watersports show.  It began with a dominatrix leading her boy out on a leash on all fours, like a little puppy.  She stood in the center of the stage, and he kneeled reverently in front of her, licking her pussy while she whipped him lightly with a riding crop.  At one point, she sat on his face and started spanking his cock and balls lightly with the crop.  It was a little pedestrian as far as S&M shows go, but still quite erotic.  After she was satisfied, they moved on to the sex.  She mounted him, holding his hands out to his sides, controlling him completely.  Moaning in abandon, she rode him to her own orgasm, but, quite the trooper, he managed to hold off.  After cumming, she climbed off of him, and stood above him, with her legs spread wide.  We all knew what was coming.  She began pissing into his mouth, instructing him to drink as much as he could.  He did his best, but gagged and coughed a little, which I assume was planned, since it was sexy as hell.  As the flow of her golden honey stopped, the announcers advised everyone who didn't want to get wet to step to the back of the club.  Naturally, I rushed to the front row, eager to receive my share of the cute boy's "golden blessing".  His domme picked him up, carried him to the front of the stage, and spread his legs apart so that he could give us all the warm, wet, finale that we were waiting for.  Being in the front row, I was drenched, first with his golden wine, and then with my own juices, as I rubbed myself to an orgasm, his warm piss dripping off me as I pleasured myself along with the rest of the "front row girls".

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