Friday, June 6, 2014

Strip Club/Boys' Bar Halfway Point

The Strip Club/Boys' Bar special is halfway done, with 3 out of the 6 pictures ready for implementation.  The finished product is in the links, with the caption text below.


Club Description
Pole Dance
Lap Dance/Private Room


Deep in the Red Light District of Bangkok, Thailand, there is a strip club that, for safety's sake, will remain unnamed.  This club normally caters to men, but the Manager, and most of the workers are Lilian, and for one night each week, it closes the door to male customers and presents a show just for us.  The first thing that you notice when you walk through the door, is just how *nice* the place is.  It smells amazing, like a mixture of patchouli, rose, and sex, that really reminded me of my own bedroom.  The boys themselves are beautiful, a nice mix of locals and imports.  They're all Lilian, and thoroughly enjoy the attention that they get at the club, eagerly awaiting each opportunity to get on stage and show their skills.  There's a variety of acts, from simple pole dancing, to watersports, large insertions, gay sex, and masturbation.  The boys also offer lapdances, both "wet", where they cum at the end, or "dry" where they don't.  If you're a big tipper, they'll even take your hand, and lead you to a private room, where you can "get to know them" better.  Pretty much everything goes in the private rooms, which are furnished with a small bed, a TV, and an assortment of clean and sterile toys to play with.  You can suck his cock, have him lick you, take him into your dripping cunt, or even bend him over and let him enjoy your strapon. 

This cutie was already dancing when I walked in the door, working the pole like it he'd been doing it for years.  My favorite move was when he wrapped one leg around the pole, leaned back, and started undulating his lithe body, slowly thrusting his cock against the pole, closing his eyes, and moaning in ecstasy as we cheered him on.  He slid up a bit, using the pole to stroke his balls, as his cock twitched and dripped with excitement, and continued his erotic thrusting.  He was obviously enjoying the attention, and it looked like his balls were his weak spot, because after a few thrusts on the pole, he threw his head back, let out one very long, very cute, moan, and shot his hot cum clear over his body, and into the waiting crowd!

This little morsel was the boy that I took into the back with me.  I started by asking him for a dry lap dance, sliding 3 1000 baht bills (about 100 USD) in his little g-string, and quickly caressing his sexy bulge.  I sat down in one of the chairs, sipping my drink, as he climbed on top of me, wrapped his arms around my neck, and started to slowly grind his stiff rod into my belly.  I put my drink down, and stroked up and down his small figure, paying extra attention to his nipples.  He buried his face in the crook of my neck and started kissing me while moaning softly, his slow grind turning into a needy thrusting, as he got more and more excited.  For my part, I had grabbed his thighs, and was pulling him into me.  I quickly finished my drink, reached into my purse for another 3 bills, and softly tilted his chin up, so that he could look in my eyes.  I asked him if he wanted to go into the back room with me.  Ever the little businessman, he informed me that it would be 5000 baht, so, horny as hell, a little tipsy, and quite enamored with the boy, I agreed. I grabbed a couple more bills out of my purse, and pulled him in for a deep kiss, as I slid the bills into his waistband, grabbing at his plump and juicy asscheeks this time.  He hopped off of my lap, took my hand, and led me to his room, where he stashed the bills in a small lockbox.  He then hopped onto the bed, wiggled his cute hips at me, and asked me what I wanted to do.  By this point, I was like a wild animal, uninterested in foreplay, posturing, or anything else.  I wanted to *fuck*.  I didn't even bother to strip, really, just pounced on top of him, jerked his bottoms down, pulled my panties to the side, and started riding his cock, desperate for his cum to quench the flames that had been building inside of me for the past 20 minutes.  I yanked my top down, baring my tits, and forcefully brought them down onto his lips, half ordering, half begging him to suck me.  Like that, I rode him to a screaming mutual orgasm, his hot cum pouring into my pussy like a backed up firehose.  I felt a little bad, thinking that I may have scared him a little, but after a few minutes of recovery, he turned to me and said "you know, we've got about 20 minutes left, wanna do it again?"  I was much gentler the second time. 

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