Friday, June 6, 2014

Strip Club/Boys' Bar Halfway Point Retrospective

This is an extremely popular fetish among the straight shota crowd.  During the few weeks that I was doing RP, I got more requests for this specific scenario than any other.  It's tough to write, but people seem to love it.  I think I might have to put these in the Trap/Gay issue, since none of the pictures (except one, which I'll be doing next) actually have a woman in them.  Hell, I even classified a few of the pictures as being Yaoi.  These were mostly pretty easy to write, but the "pole dance" one threw me off a bit.  There's plenty of female pole dancers, and that art style is quite well developed, but male pole dancing is not.  Whether there's no demand, or just no infrastructure for training, the reality is that it's very difficult to find examples of male pole dancing.


I want to have a lot of these shows basically end with the performer cumming on the crowd, simply because it sounds like the sort of thing that the Lilians would be into.  I'm planning on doing 3 more pictures, with one being a watersports/femdom show, where a woman pisses on a boy, and then maybe he licks her while she whips him or something.  I'm not totally sure what the order will be, but now that I think about it, the whipping and stuff should come first, and the watersports should be the grand finale.  I think I'll also have her lift him up so he can piss into the crowd.  Maybe I'll toss something in there about how his piss doesn't actually smell or taste like piss, maybe I'll leave it out.  I certainly intend to put the narrator in the "danger zone", so it'll probably come up.

The gay sex pic will be pretty easy.  I don't actually have any pictures of two shotas screwing on a stage, so I'll just use a picture of two shotas dancing on a stage instead.  I'll probably look for a good picture, but who knows if I'll find one.  The caption will be pretty straightforward, two shotas do a pole dance, then they bang on stage, the narrator watches and schlicks.  The uke cums into the crowd.  Easy.

The large insertion and masturbation scenes will be combined, and will probably use a slightly modified "peach" picture.  It's not on a stage, so the narrator will probably say that it's a picture of him practising before the show, and she was too busy shlicking to actually snap a pic of the performance.  I guess he'll trot out on stage with his insanely large dildo, slap it down on the stage, and start riding it, maybe he'll do a sexy dance or erotic display before he sits on it.  I'm thinking he'll be at the edge of the stage, so the women in the front row can jerk him off a little.  Like the others, he'll cum into the crowd.


I'll probably do the "introduction" picture after I finish this special, and post it along with the rest of the Strip Club pics.  Then I'll format the rest of the Trap/Gay pictures, and call it an issue.  It'll be the third one, with 9 left to go.  I think the next issue I'll work on will be the "outdoor sex" issue, since it has so little material, I don't want to end up accidentally using pictures for other issues that I'll need for the outdoor issue.  I've got 19 or 20 outdoor pictures, but none of them are really related to each other, so I'll have to get creative with the specials.  I'm thinking that I'll do a special on "good places for outdoor sex" and maybe put a generic special alongside it.  We'll see what I can come up with.

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