Sunday, June 8, 2014

Strip Club/Boys' Bar Retrospective and Future Plots

I'm done with the Midsummer - Traps/Gay issue, which makes 3 out of 12 issues written.  I still have to format the images, but that's not particularly difficult, so I guess I'll do it one day when I'm not feeling like writing anything.  Editing a couple of the images was a real pain, the watersports image originally had a bunch of men in the crowd, so I had to get rid of them, and the large insertion image had a futa in the background, so I had to get rid of her too.  Not too many issues with length of story and font size, everything more or less fit on the page.  I'm learning how to keep these short and to the point.
I tried to write the strip club captions in a way that presented the narrator as a pervert, and a sexual predator.  I mean, they're all sexual predators, but the High Priestesses at least attempt to dress it up, and spin it into some kind of religious ritual, or child rearing.  For the narrator, though, it's just straight up hedonism.  The other special (Boys' Questions) will hopefully serve to highlight this contrast.


I came up with an idea today, I'm not sure if I'll use it, but I think it's worth getting the idea out on paper, just to see how it looks.  I want to expand out Circe's character a bit more, make her a little more villainous, and show that the Circe in the propaganda magazine, and the Circe in the Temple, are two very different Circes.  I'm planning on writing a couple of diary type stories, one from Circe's perspective, and one from a boy's perspective.
The basic story is that Circe kidnaps a boy from a playground using a drug, and takes him back to a house, where she locks him in a bit of a gilded cage.  The room she puts him in isn't a dungeon by any means, it has a TV, video games, a stereo, a nice bed, all the amenities.  The only catch is that he can't leave the room.  Maybe she'll play a "I'm so lonely, nobody loves me" card.  She tells him that the room is soundproof, but there's a vent that goes to the other cells in the house.  Everything's going peachy creamy, right up until one day, when he hears Circe screaming at someone through the vent, yelling at that someone about how they "don't love her enough".  He hears whipping sounds, and screams, and it disturbs him, he starts crying, covers his ears, the whole 9.  He then hears gunshots, or maybe some nasty "beat to death" sounds, and then Circe starts screaming at the (presumably) dead body about "why did you make me do that?".  Standard psycho stuff.
Anyway, after about 30 minutes or so, Circe comes back to the boy, looking like she just got out of the shower, and wearing her normal clothes.  He's still crying, and she goes to him and acts all motherly, hugging him and asking why he's crying.  He realizes that he can't tell her the real reason, so he just starts hugging her tightly and saying how much he loves her.  She asks him how much he loves her, and he says he loves her more than anyone else in the world.  She says that there's a special way that they should share their love with each other, uses a bunch of flowery language, like "becoming one" and "loving each other fully" and they fuck.  It happens again and again, he hears the killings, and cries, but gets better at handling it each time.  Each killing is followed by her sleeping with him, and often there are drugs involved.  Over time, he starts to enjoy listening to the killings.  It's not an instant thing, there is a progression, from crying, to apathy, to interest, to excitement.  Near the end/climax of the story, he jerks off listening to the killing, and imagines himself and Circe like, rolling in the blood, fucking, sharing the dude's heart (eating it), really nasty shit, but romantic, on some fucked up level.  Anyway, at the end of his little jerk off session, he moans very loudly (Circe will hear it), and cums right as Circe shoots her prisoner.  I think during the last murder, when he's jerking off to it, Circe will say something like "I've got a better boyfriend, one who truly loves me", referring, obviously, to our corrupted boy hero.  In the diary, he'll talk about how proud he is to be her favorite, and how awesome it is that he's outlasted all of the other boys.  There will be a noticeable change of tone in his writing.
After the last killing, Circe will come in, covered in blood, and they'll have sex (he'll lick the blood off of her), and talk about his murder fantasy.  She'll agree, and give him a knife to use, and tell him that she wants him to kill her last prisoner, but only to come in when she gives a signal.  This is the climax of the story.  She'll take him to the door, and go inside, leaving the door open a little bit.  He'll be waiting outside, listening, but what he hears isn't the normal hateful screaming and violent beating.  She'll basically tell the boy in the room how much she loves him, preferably using the exact same words she used on the boy hero, and the two of them will have (very loud) sex, while the boy hero listens and gets angrier and angrier.  When they finish, she'll give the signal, and the boy hero will rush in and, in a violent, jealous, rage, stab the boy prisoner to death, only realizing after he's finished, that the boy prisoner is his best friend from the playground.  Maybe his brother, not totally sure.  It'll be someone that the boy hero wouldn't normally want to kill.  The boy will be horrified, and turn to Circe for comfort, but Circe will be disgusted with the boy hero, since he's no longer cute or innocent, and she will probably insult him on some level.  Then she'll leave, lock the boy hero in the room with his friend/brother, and she won't come back.  The boy hero will yell for her, and say how much he loves her, but realize that the room really is soundproof, and there's no vent or anything.  He'll wait for Circe, but she won't come back for him.  His final entry in the diary will be addressed to Circe, and read like a suicide note.

Circe's diary will reveal that she had planned this the entire time, as a test of her powers.  She will still be developing her powers at the time that this is written, and will be kidnapping men and boys in an attempt to learn how her powers work. The prisoners that she kills (except for the last 2) are all men that she tried to use her powers on, with varying levels of success.  She's basically just disposing of them after the "experiment" on them is over, and she's gotten her data.  Her diary will read more of a lab report than anything else.
She'll call the men that she kills test subjects, give them numbers, and refer to the boy hero as "final test subject", just so that the reader doesn't get confused.  The boy hero is her final test, to see if she can get someone to kill for her.  After he kills his friend, she basically just plans to watch on a hidden CCTV camera to see how long it takes for him to kill himself, just out of personal curiosity. 
She might muse a bit on how she understands that her research is unethical, but that it serves the greater good, so she's doing it anyway, and she can't risk letting the "test subjects" go, since they could identify her later.  She won't be completely sure of her powers at this point, and she doesn't know whether the effects wear off over time, so she won't be comfortable with just using her powers to tell the men and boys to keep the details of their captivity a secret.  She considers herself too important to the Lilian revolution to risk possible arrest or execution. 

Pretty fucked up story, huh?  I'm hoping that it doesn't come off as too cartoonish, but I definitely want to make Circe into a less relatable character, and expand a bit on her powers.  Nothing says villain quite like "murder of children", so I think this story will work well to alienate the player from her character. 


Anyway, that's something for the future.  In the immediate future, I'll be working on the outdoor sex issue, and possibly the "oral sex oddities" pamphlet pages. 

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