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Acolyte Pamphlet Girls Night In (Janes 3)

These are the next few Janes pages for the Acolyte pamphlet.  They discuss entertaining for private Lilian parties.  Finished product is in the links, with the text below.


Intro and Striptease
Group Dynamic 
Pleasing Multiple Partners 
Lesbians and Breaks 
Pacing and Fatigue 
Drug Use and Outro


p0/p1 - Once you become reasonably comfortable with your duties as an acolyte, you will have the opportunity to volunteer for "outcall" devotions.  These are normally parties or small get-togethers of Lilians.  They contact the Temple, and schedule an appointment with an acolyte, just like normal.  The main difference is that they aren't given the regular "menu" of all acolytes, instead choosing from a list of acolytes that have volunteered for this type of service.  This is because outcalls are more difficult than regular service, as the acolyte must please and entertain multiple women, and is often the "life" of the party.  These outcalls are substantially more expensive than regular service, and sometimes involve non-lilian women.  They do not include men, though, so don't worry about that.  When on an outcall, you will often show up wearing a costume.  Sometimes it will be something specialized, like a police uniform, other times it will be more conventional, like a dress, or fetish gear.  You will normally take this costume off in planned "striptease", which will be practiced beforehand with your Priestess.

p7 - Additional clients creates additional complexity, because the acolyte must analyze the group dynamic in order to determine how he should behave with the women.  Relationships between women, especially non-lilian or weak-lilian ones, are not always what they seem.  A pair of women may appear to be great friends, but secretly despise each other.  Another pair might bicker and banter as if they were enemies, but are actually very, very, close.  Most groups are divided into leaders, followers, class clowns, and rebels.  You should be able to identify each of these within your group within 30 minutes.  Understand the dynamics of the group you are serving, and make sure that you aren't being used as a pawn in some sort of mind game.  Don't allow yourself to be monopolized by any one woman, and don't let the "leader" of the group determine who you serve and when.  Often, she will intentionally leave someone out.  If someone is being excluded, consider calling her over and servicing her while you service the leader.

p10 - Realistically, you cannot repair the relationships of 2 women, but you *can* ensure that everyone has a good time at the party.  You've got a cock, a tongue, 2 hands, and 2 feet.  Theoretically, you are equipped to serve 6 women at any one time.  The most basic position places you beneath 2 women, with one riding your cock, while another rides your face.  You can sit down, and finger two women with each hand, while kissing another, or having her ride you.  You can use your feet to stimulate two women at once, while being ridden by two others.  Be creative, and try to include as many women as you can.  Keep them from competing over you.  Usually, there's only one of you at these parties, so you have to spread your attention between all of the women.  Often, pleasing multiple women at once will naturally lead to sex between all of the women.  They'll be very close to each other when they're having sex with you, so don't be surprised if you set off a lesbian orgy among them.

p12 - The best way to discourage competition is to step back and allow the lesbians in the group to have sex with one another.  Lilian teaching encourages bisexuality, and you should as well.  You should encourage as much lesbian or bisexual activity as you can without coming off as forceful.  Taking breaks will be necessary.  Sex is tiring, and you are still very young.  If they're fucking each other, it allows you to to take a break, or focus on a woman who isn't getting much attention for whatever reason.   Climb into her lap, and nuzzle into her breasts.  Kiss her, and chat with her, make sure to actively listen, and sympathize if she's feeling low.  Make her feel special, and try to really get to know her.  Have sex with her when you're done with your break, and make it good.  Make sure you're getting enough water, and make sure that you're taking bathroom breaks when you need them.  Don't be put off if one of the women encourages you to pee in her mouth, you're there to serve and obey.

p15 - Outcalls are always tough.  This is because the rate at which you, as an acolyte, will be having sex during an outcall is much higher than in any other devotion.  You will be expected to have sex with one woman, cum all over her, or inside her, and then immediately have sex with another woman.  It's not uncommon for an acolyte during an outcall to have sex 30 or more times, often in very short succession.  Expect to be sore the next day, and expect to be sore in places that you aren't expecting to be sore in.  Most of the sex takes place within the first hour of your arrival, then there's usually an hourlong lull, then another burst of sex.  The pressure to perform will probably be a little overwhelming during your first few outcalls.  This is normal, and it's something that you'll have to fight through, out of love for Lilith and her daughters.  You'll get better with these things the more you do them.  Your priestess can provide you with supplements to help you with stamina and performance.

p22 - It's important to remember that while you are very much a "party favor", you aren't the only one.  It's common at Lilian parties, and parties in general, for the attendees to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana.  This can lead to some strange behavior, but nothing too bad.  If you see any needles, or white powders, it's time to call your Priestess.  You should avoid drinking or smoking if possible, but be polite.  Gatherings of Lilians are a beautiful thing, and your service at these gatherings is one of the highest gifts that you can give to Your Goddess, and her daughters.  These gatherings often strengthen the love that our sisters have for Lilith, and are often used by Lilians to "convert" interested women, and show them how much fun it can be to make love to a boy.  They build trust between ladies, and are very good for team building.  Keep in mind also, that while regular appointments require a tithe for the acolyte, these appointments require a tithe for each participant.  

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