Monday, July 28, 2014

Acolyte Pamphlet Girls Night In (Janes 3) Retrospective

Yeah, I know, I disappeared for a week and a half.  I needed a break from writing these.  I've been going pretty much non-stop since May, first on Tumblr, then on here.


I actually wrote all of these yesterday, and edited them this morning.  The prewriting helped a lot, like it always does.  It was very, very, difficult to pick which pictures to use, especially for the first and last pages. 
The characters here are just so likable, and they each have their own little personalities that come out just through the pictures themselves.  You can also see the relationships that exist between each of the girls through the overall set.  There's a narrative being told here, which is awesome.  It's all without dialogue as well, which is really a testament to the skill of the artist.  I could not have asked for a better set to use. 
Hopefully I didn't get too bogged down in the "Queen Bees and Wannabes" stuff.  It's not particularly sexy, but it would be a huge issue in this sort of thing.  If there's just one guy, and a bunch of girls, they're going to fight over him, even if they don't actually like him.  It happens all the time, it it would happen even more here, since everyone's naked and fucking.  I think I handled it okay, there's enough "picture painting" in most of the pages to keep things nice and sexy.  I really wish I could have used all the pictures, but that would be way too much, I would have run out of things to say. 


This is turning out to be a hell of a lot bigger than I thought it would be.  We're already at 19 individual pages, with 7 more Janes sets left, and at least 4 possible blackhair pictures planned.  I'm also averaging 2 pages for each Jane set, but we'll see if I end up keeping that up.  One of the blackhair pictures will most likely be about Temple produced movies, and another one will be about serving lesbian couples, but I'm not sure about the other 2.  One features a woman who looks like either a nurse, or Micheal Jackson, so I might make one for "odd roleplays/fantasies" and another one is just regular looking sex.  Not sure what I'll do for that one. 


Next up, I think I'll be doing the "VIP" set, and possibly the "Filmer" set.  I might also do the "Lesbian" and "Temple Movies" blackhair pictures as well, but it depends on how long the Janes sets end up being.

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