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Acolyte Pamphlet Intro/Philosophy

These are the Acolyte Pamphlet Intro/Philosophy pages.  They present a "letter from the High Priestess", and explain the philosophy that an Acolyte should have.  The finished product is in the links, with the text below.


Overall Introduction
Philosophy Introduction
Submission Philosophy
Service Philosophy
Piety Philosophy


 The first thing that I would like to say in this introduction, is *thank you*.  I've said many times that males are the backbone of our movement, and the Acolytes are the backbone of *that* backbone.  As an acolyte, you are the glue that holds the organization together.  Without the efforts of our acolytes and monks, we would still be just a bunch of hairy dykes running around the woods naked, and howling at the full moon.  Let me share a bit of history with you.  30 years ago, before our prophet, Mother Sophia, received the revelation of _The Gospel of Lilith_, that's all we were.  The Daughters of Gaia, a pack of disorganized and angry women, full of hatred, and unable to channel our rage into anything aside from arson and tree spiking.  Anger is draining.  The organization was falling apart, bleeding members with every passing month, and unable to replenish its losses.  One night, our leader, Mother Sophia, prayed to a new deity, Lilith.  That very night, she was granted the audience of Our Goddess, physically taken to her domain, and presented with _The Gospel of Lilith_.  With the Gospel in hand, Mother Sophia changed our name, our goals, and our relation towards boys.  Soon after, our organization began to flourish, with the anger giving way to love, and our membership growing every day.  We *need* our boys, both young and old.  In your youth, you are full of energy, and you soak up information like a little sponge.  You build good habits that you take with you for the rest of your life.  Lilith loves nothing more than a young boy who turns to her, and she does not forget the sacrifices made by her servants.  By becoming an acolyte, you are sacrificing your most important resource, which is time.  You are donating a portion of your day to Lilith, placing this offering at her blessed feet, out of love and devotion, both for her, and for her daughters.  She smiles upon you, and all of her acolytes and monks.  Joining the Acolyte Program is the wisest decision you have ever made.  Your role in the Temple will change as you start to grow up, of course, but our love for you will not.  Enrolling in the Acolyte Program is the best way to serve Lilith, and make your transition from boy to man a positive one.  Thank you for your service, and good luck in your training!  -Jenni Vertanen, High Priestess, Eugene Temple

 There are 3 core values that you must possess as an Acolyte.  These values are, Submission, Service, and Piety.  We will discuss Submission first.
Male submission is one of the most basic tenets of our faith.  In the very first chapter of _The Gospel of Lilith_, Our Goddess tells her daughters to keep their boys in a permanent state of surrender.  This is not only a call for the ladies to control their sons, it is a command for the boys to obey their mothers and mistresses.
Service is related to Submission, but it goes much further.  While submission is the acceptance of one's place in Lilian society, service is the embrace of that station.  A good acolyte submits, a great acolyte serves.
Piety is the love of Lilith.  When you truly love someone, you want to learn all there is about that person.  Lilith is no exception, and she has given us a powerful book that helps us to learn all about her.  Gaining an understanding of _The Gospel of Lilith_ will help you to become a better Acolyte.
In the next few pages, we will show you a picture that encapsulates these values, and ask you to contemplate on their meaning.  Imagine yourself in the place of the boy pictured.  What is he feeling?  How is he displaying these values in his work?

 Submission is easy when you're young.  As a boy, you are physically smaller than all women, and even most girls your age.  This will continue until you start to become a man, around 12-14.  Until you grow, almost all women will be able to restrain and control you quite easily.  Notice the two models in this picture.  The boy is at least a head shorter than the woman.  She can physically hold him down and have her way with him if she wants to.  /// Contemplate: /// Does dominance come from size and strength?  Will this boy become less submissive as he grows and matures?  Is this male dominance good for the world? /// This boy, when he grows into an adult, certainly *could* dominate a woman, and many Jehovan men do just that.  We should remember, though, that just because we *can* do something, does not mean that we *should* do it.  You *can* tear this book to shreds and go home, but you don't, because you want to serve Lilith.  *Because* you want to serve Lilith, you study, and you learn.  You submit, and Lilith rewards you for your obedience.  Someday, when you are big and strong, you will choose to submit, and use that strength to help bring the Lilian Revolution to the world.

 To serve is to *actively* submit.  Submission is a passive yielding, laying on your back, and accepting your mistress' strapon.  Service is an active engagement, climbing on top of your mistress, and taking her strapon.  Notice the position of the two models in this picture.  The woman, who is quite heavy, is on top of the boy.  She is in a relaxed position, while he is doing most of the movement. /// Contemplate: /// Would the boy be more comfortable in a different position?  Would it be easier for the woman to move in this position?  Who do you think chose this position? /// This boy is quite obviously being crushed underneath his lover.  His face is most likely pressed into her bosom, and he may be suckling at her breasts, which would make it difficult to breathe.  This smothering and weight would make it difficult for him to move.  Despite these obvious issues, he obeys his mistress, and does his best to please his partner.  She wants to use this position, and so, *he* wants to use it.  Service is sacrifice, and as an acolyte, you will often sacrifice your own experience in order to please your client.  Remember, her pleasure is Lilith's pleasure.

 Piety is the what ties all of these ideas together.  It is quite possibly the most important value that an acolyte can possess.  Piety is much more than simply reading _The Gospel of Lilith_, praying, and participating in rituals, although those are all quite important elements of piety.  True Piety is understanding.  Not only understanding of the texts, but of the acolyte's role in Lilian society.  An acolyte is a lover of all Lilian women, he expresses his affection for Lilith by giving pleasure to her daughters.  True piety requires that an acolyte master the sexual arts, and realize the intricacies of a woman's body. /// Contemplate : /// Is this couple in a traditionally "female dominant" position?  Is the woman traditionally attractive?  Can you tell whether the boy is attracted to his client? /// Lilith exists within the hearts of all her female followers, and so, as an acolyte, you make love to Lilith with every session you take.  Some of your clients may not be physically attractive to you.  They may be older, younger, bigger, smaller than you would like.  These are tests from Your Goddess, tests of your devotion.  Love all your clients as you would love Lilith.  She *is* watching, and she *does* feel every thrust, lick, and grope.

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