Saturday, July 12, 2014

Acolyte Pamphlet Intro/Philosophy Retrospective

These were the funnest to write yet.  Difficult, but a lot of fun.  The overall introduction provides a lot of backstory for the Daughters, which I think helps to expand the idea a bit.  It tells you exactly how young these ideas are, and explains who "Lilith" is a bit more.  It gives Jenni a bit more screen time, which is always good, and shows just how high of a status she has in the Lilian community.  I wanted to add a little blurb about how she was a young girl during the "Daughters of Gaia" era, but I didn't end up finding a good spot for it.  I like the idea that the Daughters evolved out of a 70's eco-terrorist group.

The next four pictures are philosophy.  The first one explains each of the values, and sets up the philosophy pictures.  I wasn't originally going to have this page, but I needed it in order to give myself some space for the "contemplate" style of the individual values pages.  It's also a good opportunity to use some of the pictures that I won't be using for the main pages.  These pictures in particular are a bit difficult to use.  They're all square, so I don't get too much space for the text.  SutekiB's style of drawing also has a lot of open lines, so it's pretty much impossible to use the "wand" and "fill" tools to give myself more space.  If you're wondering why I'm using that "bubble/cloud" effect, now you know.  Personally, I don't really think that it looks perfect, but it gives me space, and that's what really matters. 
I really, really, like the way that I did the main philosophy pages.  That "contemplate" bit really sets these up like some kind of Sunday School workbook.  I almost added little "answer" spaces after each question, but ultimately decided against it.  I kind of wish that I had made the contemplate passages a bit less tied to the pictures specifically, and a bit more general.  The submission page is what I wanted them all to be like, but it didn't really work out that way.  Hopefully they turned out okay, anyway.
It was pretty difficult to tie the pictures into the values, but I think that I did a decent job of it. The Piety page was a particularly tough one, because I had to focus less on actually reading the texts, (no "sitting around reading a book" picture) and more on worshiping Lilith through women in general, and Lilians in particular.  I think it's interesting to note, as an aside, that pretty much every woman I've met, who had an opinion on Goddess-Worship, despised that particular idea.  In this story, though, they love it, and the boys are encouraged to think of the Janes as extensions of Lilith, herself. 

I imagine that these would be used as part of maybe an hour or 2 lesson, where the High Priestess would get in front of a class of prospective acolytes, and devote the entire class to discussing these values.  She would read out the first part, with the boys following along in their copies, and expand upon the text however she deems necessary.  Then, she would present the "contemplate" questions, and take answers from the boys.  She would then read out the following paragraph, and expand upon it, possibly using passages from The Gospel of Lilith to get her point across.  Then they'd study some sex manuals, think, the position pamphlet, but written for boys instead of women, and maybe read some more Gospel of Lilith.  Then they'd have sex with the priestesses, while the High Priestess supervises. 


Next up, I'll start on the Jane pages.  I'll have an intro page, much like the one that I used here, but I'm not totally sure if I'll be doing the "contemplate" bits in the Jane pages.  We'll see how it goes.  There's 11 different Jane pages, so, including the intro, that's 12 total left to write.  I'm not sure how quickly I'll be able to do these, but I'm pretty optimistic.  I like writing these.  A few of them might spill over into a second page, but I'm not sure.  The ones that might need 2 pages are the "Dates", "GirlsNightIn", and "Priestess" sets.

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