Sunday, July 13, 2014

Acolyte Pamphlet Janes 1 Retrospective

I have to say, not quite as much fun to write as the philosophy pages, but still more fun than a lot of the other stuff I've done.  These are the first few "Janes" pages, which are designed to teach the acolytes how to respond to different situations, and different types of clients.  I can't believe I've already done 9 of these.  I'm thinking it won't actually be as difficult to hit 20 pages on this as I had originally thought. 

I imagine these classes to consist of the High Priestess reading out of the booklet, and expanding on the ideas somewhat.  Then, she and a long-time acolyte would do some little roleplay type activities for the benefit of the class.  For example, in the date class, they might roleplay a couple sitting at a restaurant, and the woman orders something that the kids would find gross, like frog legs or something.  The boys would raise their hands and say what they think the acolyte should do, and the two would act it out.  At the end, the acolyte would give his idea of what you should do in that situation.  They would go through a couple different scenarios like that, just covering the common issues, and how to best handle them.  Then they would have Gospel study, anatomy and sexual techniques lesson, and end it with the acolytes having sex with the priestesses for practice, while the High Priestess supervises.  I think I'm going to have a little "lesson plans" bit somewhere in the game's Lilian Temple, just as a bit of additional flavor and story.  I've decided that the Acolyte and Priestess training will go from September to December, and the December (Yule) issue will be the "Acolyte/Priestess Graduation" issue. 

I really hope these are coming out okay.  They're a bit of a departure from my normal stuff, since they're being written for an audience of young boys ( with large vocabularies :/ ) and the focus is basically on being a sub, rather than anything particularly sexual.  There's no real narrative, either.  I guess the issue is that I feel like these come across as a bit dry.  Of course, it's a textbook, and those normally are dry, but still.  If it's not fun to read, it's not fun to read.  I feel like these should put a picture in the mind of the reader, inspire their imagination.  The ones that I'm writing here don't really do that, or at least, I feel like they don't.  Yeah there's the picture, but I didn't actually draw the picture, and if people just want to look at pictures, they've got all of Gelbooru and Exhentai.  For later ones, I might try a less "bookish" approach.  We'll see how it goes. Also, the order that I do these in, is not the order that they'll be going into the pamphlet in. 


Next up, I'll be doing the "Priestess" and "Girls Night In" sets.  They are both going to be big sets, with 2 pages each.  Girls Night In might get 3 pages, there's a lot of material there.

The Priestess set will focus on the role of the priestess in the acolyte's life.  She is essentially his supervisor/pimp, but she's also supposed to be like a surrogate mother to him.  If the clients give him any problems, he's supposed to tell his priestess, and she'll deal with the client personally.  He's supposed to train with her during the "practice sex" sessions at the end of each class, and on a regular basis after he becomes a full acolyte.  There is very much a feeling of the two of them belonging to each other.  The priestess pictures are quite affectionate, so I think they'll work quite well.  This set will probably be the first one after the intro.

The Girls Night In set will discuss entertainment at small get-togethers of Lilians.  It will go over stripteases, giving equal attention, sexual fatigue, taking breaks, drug and alcohol use, lesbian couplings of the clients,  and probably a few other things that I can't think of right now.  There's 23 pictures in this set, and it is a very good set, so I want to give it the attention that it deserves.

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