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Acolyte Pamphlet Janes 1

These are the first few Janes pages for the Acolyte pamphlet.  They discuss different scenarios that an acolyte might face on the job.  Finished product is in the links, with the text below.


Janes Intro
Dating Janes 1
Dating Janes 2
Plump Janes


Now that we have discussed the basics of what an acolyte does, it's time to get into the specifics.  You have two main jobs as an acolyte.  Your first job is to assist the priestesses in whatever way possible.  This is simple, just do what they tell you.  Your second job is much more complex.  We've stated that as an acolyte, you belong to all daughters of Lilith.  When you become an acolyte, you become "Temple Property".  You still have rights, of course, but you will be expected to serve *any* woman who walks through the Temple door.  This service could be anything.  Most will want to have sex with you, but some might just want to talk, or play a game, or watch a movie.  It is your job to talk to the client, and find out what she wants.  There are as many different clients as there are Temple members, but there are a few scenarios that tend to come up more than others.  In the next few pages, we will discuss these scenarios in detail.  Specialized BDSM services are covered in a different class, that will become available once you have served as an acolyte for at least 8 months.

Sometimes, a client won't want to stay at the Temple and have sex.  They'll want to take you out on a date instead.  Sex might be a part of this date, but the main focus is on going somewhere and enjoying yourselves.  There are too many different possible dating spots to discuss each one individually, but we *can* discuss how to be a good escort in general.  You should accept whatever your client wants to do, and at least appear to enjoy it.  This is the most important element of dating.  Clearly your client wants to be doing whatever it is that you're doing, so *you* should enjoy it as well.  Remember, you are a servant.  If your client takes you to an opera, make it the best opera experience she has ever had.  Squeeze her hand during the scary parts, and gaze longingly into her eyes during the romantic parts.  If she starts running her hands up your thigh, or fondling you, be responsive!  Don't be loud, and draw attention, but acknowledge her touch with a gasp or a small moan.  Scoot a little closer to her, and be affectionate, without being overtly sexual.  If she takes you to dinner, let her order for you, and say that you like the food, even if you don't.  Play with her feet under the table, and smile as much as you can.  Engage her in conversation, and try to be interested in what she wants to discuss.  Complement her on her
clothing, and be nice.

 She might want to have sex with you during the date.  Usually she'll have a specific place in mind, and normally, she'll use a spot that's guaranteed to be safe.  Remember, she has a lot more to lose if the two of you get caught.  If she wants to have sex during the date, then you should too.  Sometimes, she might want you to take the lead during this portion of the date.  If this is the case, you need to be able to pick up on the nonverbal signs.  If the two of you are alone, in a secluded area, talking about how beautiful the moon and stars are, she probably wants to have sex.  If she checks the two of you into a hotel, changes into a nightgown, and then opens a bottle of red wine, she probably wants sex.  In fact, if she's drinking red wine at all, you should start preparing yourself to have sex, because there is a high chance that the two of you will be naked within the hour.  Don't let her drink too much, and don't drink too much yourself.  Follow your training, and show her a good time.  Make her feel loved, wanted, and pretty.  Don't be afraid to kiss her, or tell her that you love her.  As the date draws to a close, tell her that you had a good time, and that you'd like to see her again.

Develop a taste for full figured women, you will be serving a great many of them in your time as an acolyte.  Having sex with a larger woman is different, and presents a few unique challenges, due to the increased weight.  Positions that put her on top, might be less comfortable for you, and you might not be able to move much.  If she bears all of her weight down on you, she might actually start to crush you.  She might get very tired, very quickly.  You should allow her to choose whatever position she wants, but be aware of the fact that she may not fully understand how difficult it is for you to take her weight.  If you have to stop her, be as nice as possible, and make sure to tell her that you think she's beautiful.  Emphasize your small size, rather than her large size.  Kiss her all over, but try to focus your kisses on a spot that would be smaller, or less soft, if she were thinner.  Her breasts, thighs, belly, and ass are the most likely to be influenced, so pick one of those, and worship it.  Stroke, kiss, and caress.  Make her feel beautiful *because of* her size, not *despite* her size.  If she wants to snuggle, make sure she knows that you enjoy her softness and tell her that you feel safe and warm in her arms. 

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