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Acolyte Pamphlet Janes 2 Retrospective

I didn't end up doing the "Girls Night In" page, but I think I'll do the prewriting for it here.  I really enjoyed writing these, and I think that they're some of my favorites that I've done so far.  The first priestess picture, where it's just the priestess smiling and inviting the boy for a hug, actually had the boy frowning in the original.  I flipped the frown, so that he would be smiling.  It's amazing how such a tiny change can shift the tone of an image by so much.
I think I'll be putting the priestess pages right after the philosophy pages, and right before the intro to Janes page.  I think that the "mommy roleplay" page will get put somewhere in the Janes bit.  I like having these "blackhair" pictures around to use for little ideas that don't really have a specific "type" attached to them.  I feel like they break up the monotony, and make the overall pamphlet feel more organic.  They're good for story, too.  This one tells the reader about what kind of women like to visit the acolytes.  I've got 7 usable ones, 3 of which I've already used, and 2 of which are very much lesbian.  I'm not sure what I'll use them for, but I do think that I'll be using them.  Even the lesbian ones.

As an aside, I figured out how I'm going to present the "Acolyte Graduation Drug Trip" bit.  It'll be described and discussed in an internal memo between Vertanen and the Portland High Priestess, which would be stolen by one of Circe's supporters.  Basically, it'll go over the idea, describe one of the tests, and give Vertanen's thoughts on it.  She'll acknowledge its usefulness, but be hesitant to roll out a completely synthetic substance on a large scale.  The memo will probably be found in Circe's lab.


Next up (for real this time) is the "Girls Night In" set, and to make sure that I actually do it, I'm going to prewrite it completely.  I don't know whether these will all be different pictures, hopefully not, since that would be something like 6 or 7 different pictures.  We'll see how it goes.  I really like this set, though, so 6 pages isn't totally out of the question.  The c means characters, by the way.  Each page can support 1000 characters in 14 point font.  

The first picture will introduce the idea, and set the scene.  It'll tell the reader (acolyte) that this scenario is one that comes up a lot, and that they should get very good at entertaining like this.  I'll describe different types of gatherings that acolytes will be rented for, like birthdays, going aways, work promotions, or even investor meetings.  Usually the acolyte will show up in some sort of costume, that will be shed during a striptease of sorts.  The striptease should be practiced beforehand.
600-700c intro, 300-400c striptease

The second picture will discuss group dynamic, and giving equal attention to the participants.  The group dynamic portion will be a short "Queen Bees & Wannabes" type talk.  The equal attention portion will be split between this and the next page, and go through different techniques for pleasing multiple women simultaneously.  Things like, licking one and fucking another, fingering 2 women with each hand, and even making out with one woman while fucking another.
700c group dynamic, 300c pleasuring multiple women

The third picture will finish up the discussion on pleasing multiple women, and start a discussion on lesbian activity among the partygoers. I will discuss methods of bringing other women into the acolyte's sexual act, by having the women interact with each other.  Basically, getting some of the heat off the acolyte, by hooking the women up with one another, but still being present in the act itself.  The overall goal is to keep the women from fighting over who gets to use the acolyte.  These all kind of segue into each other.
500c pleasuring multiple women, 500c lesbian activity

The fourth picture will change tunes a bit, and discuss certain places where it's best to step back and let the lesbians have fun with each other.  This part will also discuss sexual fatigue, and taking breaks.  Those two topics will, once again, segue into each other.
500c lesbian, 500c fatigue and breaks

The fifth picture will discuss the tempo that the acolyte will have to move at in order to perform his duties.  I'll basically say that it's not easy to do these entertainment sessions, and that the acolyte might need help with it.  I'll talk about the priestesses being able to give the acolyte some drugs that can help with his stamina.  I'm not sure if I'll rehash the old "Diamond Kush" idea, or just straight up imply that they're putting these kids on amphetamines.  It depends on how dark I want to make this.  That discussion will segue into the next, which is drugs and alcohol among the partygoers.
800c tempo 200c drugs/alcohol

The sixth and final picture will discuss drugs and alcohol among the partiers, and do an outro.  I'll say that the partiers may behave differently than the acolyte might expect, and this is because they're drunk/high.  I'll go through do's and don'ts when it comes to drinking and drugs at the parties, but I won't go into too much detail, and I'll try to avoid sounding like Nancy Reagan.  The outro will just talk about the fact that these gatherings are totes Lilith's favorite thing ever, and they're sooo good for recruitment, and sooo good for the Temple.  It will be noted that when it comes to Lilian acolyte rental, you pay a flat rate for the acolyte, but then there's a surcharge for each additional client.
200-300c drugs/alcohol, 700-800c outro


I think that'll be good enough.  Hopefully I can do those in the next few days.  I doubt I'll be able to do them all in one shot.  The most difficult part is picking out which pictures to use.  There's 23 of them, and they're all good.
After this is done, I'll just go down the line of Janes.  I'll probably do the "filmer" and "preggo" sets next, and maybe link them in with a "blackhair" page.

Also, I fixed the links through to the bathtime issue, meaning, everything before the bathtime issue is still fucked.

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