Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Acolyte Pamphlet Janes 2

These are the next few Janes pages for the Acolyte pamphlet.  They discuss different scenarios that an acolyte might face on the job.  Finished product is in the links, with the text below.


Intro to Priestess
Duties of Priestess
Lilian Revolution
Mother/Son Roleplay


By now, you should have met your priestess already.  She's the lady that you've been practicing your skills with at the end of every class.  She will be a very important part of your life as an acolyte.  You'll be working under her, and following her orders.  She is second only to your mother in authority over you, at least in the Temple.  She makes sure that all your clients are safe and nice, and she protects you from the people who just want someone to hurt.  She teaches you how to make love to a woman, how to submit, and ultimately, how to transition into a man.  She can be thought of like a second (or third) mother, or a beloved aunt.  She is your mistress, and you are her cherished servant.  The love that exists between the acolyte and priestess is very unique to the Lilians.  It is a love that is based on a shared adoration for Our Goddess.  It is a liberated love, a love that is not bound by the chains of monogamy.  The acolyte and priestess belong to one another, but they also belong to the Temple.  The priestess shares her love with the acolyte, and the acolyte in turn shares that love with the wider Lilian community.  Together, they honor Our Goddess, and assist in her revolution.

One very common misconception, often held by very new acolytes, is that the training stops upon graduation.  It doesn't.  The acolyte training class is designed to teach the concepts of the Lilian faith, bedroom etiquette, and the basics of lovemaking, in that order.  It covers a lot of ground, but it is by no means the beginning and end when it comes to your erotic studies.  Your priestess will keep you up to date on the latest sexual and sensual practices, and ensure that you never get out of practice when it comes to things like cunnilingus or massage.  She'll also provide you with a short profile on your client before you the two of you meet for the first time.  It's still up to you to ask her what she wants to do, but the profile will at least give you an idea of who you'll be serving.  A very important duty of the priestess, though, is simple emotional support.  Your priestess is there for you whenever you need her.  Many of our acolytes like to start and end their days at the Temple with a lovemaking and cuddling session with their priestess. 

In this class, we have mentioned the term "Revolution of Lilith", but we haven't yet explained it.  The Lilian Revolution is a rejection of the Patriarchal ideas laid out in the Jehovan "holy books".  The Jehovan ideal is that of a father controlling the household, with the mother and children subservient to him.  Lilith, the first woman, has rejected this notion since it was presented to her in the Garden of Eden.  She felt that woman should be in charge, and we can see from the state of the Jehovan dominated world, that she was, and is, completely correct.  Patriarchy has failed to create a world of justice and peace.  A shift to Matriarchy is the only way to preserve the Earth, and ensure that all its inhabitants are able to survive and thrive.  Only a fool would stay on a sinking ship, and we, as Lilians, are not interested in riding the ship of Patriarchy to its destructive end.  We are confident that Our Goddess will ensure that we are able to escape the eventual collapse of Patriarchal society, but we must be strong enough to re-form society in her image.  The acolyte's role in this revolution is to ensure that the ladies are comfortable and relaxed enough to build the infrastructure for this changeover. 

To 'Mommy' or not to 'Mommy', that is the question... /// We've been doing this for quite some time, and over the years, we've noticed a certain trend among the clients.  Often, women who seek the comfort of an acolyte will choose one who looks very similar to themselves, or their son.  Are these clients seeking a "son surrogate"?  Often, the clients of an acolyte are childless for one reason or another.  Usually they're simply unmarried, or lesbian, but sometimes they've lost their child to a divorce, or something else.  Either way, they seek comfort, and as an acolyte, it is _your_ job to provide.  Many of our clients seek the "son experience", but are too embarrassed to ask for it directly.  Of course, there are also clients who despise that roleplay. /// We've found that the best approach is to "test the waters" during the initial fondling and oral stage.  While she's stroking or sucking you, let out an "oh mama", along with your normal moans.  If she wants a son surrogate, she'll react very positively, and start to play along.

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  1. I love the way in which the acolytes are trained to give support to women, not just sexually but in other ways as well. The combining of religion and sex is a real turn on and not done enough in erotic story writing. The whole Lilith and Garden of Eden thing is a great lead on to more important social issues relating to the problems with patriarchy. Good Job. :)