Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bathtime/Bondage Intro and Future Plots

I find writing these intro pages painfully dull.  I have to do them, because I have to have some kind of introduction for the issues, but they're just so boring to write.  There isn't much to say about them, they more or less just present the topic of the issue.  I do like what I did with the Samhain one, making Halloween/Samhain into an important Lilian holiday, where Lilith herself comes down and visits all of her followers, and they do their best to impress her.  That's kind of an interesting take on the original "Hallows Eve" story, I think. 


For the Acolyte's Pamphlet, I've got 14 usable sets, with a possible 15th or 16th set if I need it, but I doubt that I will.  I'm planning on having the pamphlet be between 14 and 20 pages.  I've got about 150 usable pictures.  I want to discuss the "philosophy" of Acolyte service in the first few pages.  It'll start with an intro page in the vein of the intro pages that I just did.  I'm not sure who will write it.  I was originally planning to have a male character write it, but now I'm wondering if Jenni Vertanen should write it, or maybe even the editor.  You have to wonder whether a boy raised in this society would actually trust or respect a man, even a Lilian man.  Probably not.  It'll just be a headshot of the author, maybe with some tits too, but it won't be SutekiB.

The first bits of the pamphlet are going to be devoted to basic philosophy of the Acolyte program.  The chief ideas behind the acolyte program are submission, service, and piety.  I'm thinking that I'll devote a page to each of these ideas.  My three philosophy pages are "Pink Haired Lady", "Blonde Plump", and "Bluehair".
Let's start with submission.  What is submission, and more importantly, how is it different from Service and Piety?  Submission in this context is the act of obeying any order, however ridiculous, as long as it comes from a woman.  Submission is being pissed on, smacked around, and having a fist crammed up your ass, without a single complaint.  It is blind loyalty, obedience without question, or judgement.  A submissive Lilian boy will accept a 2 hour smothering or whipping session, and later in life, his innate submission and sexual training might lead him to stuff a kilo's worth of heroin up his ass, swallow another kilo and endure a 20 hour flight from Thailand to Oregon.
Service is related to Submission, but it is more active.  Service is going to your mistress, and finding out what she needs.  Service is talking to your client after sex, to figure out what she liked and didn't like about the session, and remembering it, so that the next session is better.  It is fighting through the jaw pain and tongue soreness to ensure that your mother or girlfriend gets just one more orgasm.  Eventually, service is accepting that you have grown too old to be considered attractive by the majority of Lilians, and cleaning up after an orgy.  It is taking the High Priestess' cum stained robes to the dry cleaner, and knowing that you will never stain them yourself.  It is working 60 hours a week, and living in bunkhouse with a bunch of other Lilian men, donating your entire paycheck to the Temple in exchange for a forehead kiss and a 30 second back rub from one of the priestesses.
Piety is what keeps Lilian boys in the Temple, and what holds the system together.  Piety is the belief that the entire world is wrong about /ss/ relationships being unhealthy.  It is the belief that the police are agents of Jehovah, and therefore, enemies of the Lilian Revolution.  It is what drives the entire idea of the Lilian Revolution.  Piety leads Lilian boys to devote their entire lives to the Temple, and it leads some of them to sacrifice their very lives in order to protect the Temple from its own crimes. 

Well, I'm honestly not sure if that prewriting will actually help or not, but I've at least got an idea of what I'm going to make the first 4 pages of the pamphlet about.  Of course, the pamphlet isn't going to focus on any of the negative aspects of anything, but there will be little hints of some of the darker aspects of the acolyte/monk life.  If you can't tell already, the Lilians cannot make money appear out of thin air, and they have a lot of expenses.  Those buildings, printing presses, and lawyers aren't free.  They make a lot of their money from drug and human trafficking.  They exploit their grown up acolytes, as well, and aren't averse to sacrificing their monks if it means escaping an indictment or conviction.  This is presented in a much more blatant way in the game itself, but I want there to be a few little hints in the pamphlet.  I want them to mention some of these things, but frame them in a flowery, positive, light.  I also want to get the point across the point that they believe themselves to be part of a cosmic revolution, led by Lilith, against Jehovah.  This, of course, entitles them to ignore every law set down by the "Jehovan system", which they see as corrupt.  Again, this isn't going to be blatant, but it will be there.  Probably.  We'll see how it turns out.


This has nothing to do with the Lillians or their story, but it's something that I enjoy, and I think at least a few of you will as well.  I've been listening to Blatnaya (Russian 'Thieves Songs') while I write these, and I've gone through a really big collection of songs, 100 to be exact.  I've picked out 38 of my favorite songs from this collection, and posted them on a chan site.  I figure I may as well post the link here, too.  The music, honestly, is pretty ridiculous, but it helps me practice my Russian, which I'll need for when I end up in Moldova.  Moldova is to Romania as North Vegas is to the Strip, so I will more than likely find myself there at some point in the next couple years, especially if the US dollar keeps going the way it's going.  I probably should have gone there first, but I guess I'm glad I came to Romania.  I've met good people here, made good contacts, and it's a good little bridge between the first and third world.

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