Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bathtime/Bondage Introduction Pages

These are the introduction pages for the Bathtime and Bondage issues.  They are essentially the Editor's corner for the magazine. 


Bathtime Intro
Bondage Intro


July has come, sisters, and our sweet boys are out of school, running around, playing, having fun!  Getting dirty!  When your boy comes home, all covered in dirt and sweat, he'll need to wash up, and who better to help him, than you?  This month, we'll be focusing on bathtime play.  For many of our sisters, bathtime is the only time when they can be completely free to enjoy themselves with their little ones.  Think about it, you're alone with him, in a room with a lock, he's nude, you're nude, and nobody's coming in.  For someone who doesn't just have the entire house to themselves, there's no better spot for lovemaking than the bathroom.  Even if you don't have to worry about a disapproving parent or spouse, the bathroom is a great spot for lovemaking of all types.  Most non Lilian mothers enjoy their non-sexual bathtime play, and adding the pleasure component just makes it more fun!  Sometimes younger boys will just flat-out hate bathing, but if bathtime is associated with the bliss of an orgasm, he'll be much easier to get into the tub.  Everyone has to wash up, so why not make it enjoyable? /// We've got 4 specials this month.  The first one features yours truly, playing with my adopted son and giving my advice on bathtime love.  Next, one of our sisters in New Mexico, discusses her efforts to keep Lilith's love alive far away from the established Temples.  Our third special depicts one of our younger sisters giving her baby brother a *hands on* lesson about safe sex.  Our final special for this month is a very beautiful piece, detailing a pair of our sisters who are raising a boy in the Lilian faith.  /// Make sure to share this magazine with your baby, and any interested and trustworthy ladies.  Stay safe, stay secret, and stay sexy!

 Samhain is at the end of this month, sisters, and it is quite possibly the most important holiday in our faith.  Samhain is the night that Lilith walks among us, visiting all of her servants, ensuring that they are taking her commands seriously.  We suspect that she also enjoys seeing all the cute costumes as well!  We, of course, outdo the Jehovans on that front, with our sexy leather and latex fetish gear easily beating their quaint pirate and ghost outfits.  At any rate, Samhain is a night where we are to be on our best behavior, dominating our boys without restraint, and demanding their *total* surrender and submission.  Anything less would be an affront to Our Dear Goddess.  You can dominate your baby at home, of course, or with a small group of trusted sisters, but you can have much more fun if you join in at your local Temple's Samhain party.  These parties are being held at every one of our Temples, worldwide.  All Lilian sisters and their boys are invited, and encouraged to attend.  They're always a ton of fun, a wonderful learning experience, and the best way to please Our Goddess on this important day. /// We've got 4 specials this month.  Our first set comes from one of our sisters in Malmo, Sweden.  She took in an older boy, who had been rescued from his abusive parents. Together with her daughter, she demonstrated for him the duality of Lilith's grace.  Tender, but firm.  Stern, but kind.  The second set provides information about our annual Domination Safety Class, which is a must, if you're new to domination.  It's fun and free, so check it out!  Our third set is a rarity, an article written by one of our very charming boys, an acolyte right here in Portland, serving as a rental submissive.  He talks about the program, and tells us about a few of the sexy sisters that he serves.  Our final special is taken from one of our domination manuals, and explains, from start to finish, the process of taking your baby with a strapon.  If you're unsure of how to dominate your boy for Samhain, giving him a taste of your strapon is a great way to start out. /// Make sure to share this magazine with your baby, and any interested and trustworthy ladies.  Stay safe, stay secret, and stay sexy!

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