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Explaining Windroot's Extremism

This was originally supposed to be a comment, but it ended up running over the character limit, so it's going to be a blog post, instead.  For convenience, I'll copy/paste the comment that I'm responding to.


I think three at a time is plenty. This is fun. The male perspective is a good reality check on the femdom activities indicating that the boys are happy with the situation. Without that the basic story becomes darker and the audience thins out. Of course this is just a Temple ad so the reality may be more complex. Is that what your 'extremism' comment is about?


That's exactly what the extremism bit is about.

Before I started this blog, I was posting my stuff on Tumblr, which is full of women.  Now, most of my followers appeared to be men, but there were quite a few who were women.  This complicated my writing, somewhat.  When you're writing these for men, you don't really have to worry about anything, your audience is self inserting as the boy, 
When you're writing for an audience of women, however, and they're sending you little messages like "wow, you make this stuff sound like so much fun! <3", you're suddenly faced with this fear that you're contributing to something, something that you may not want to be involved with.  Your fun little hobby becomes much more serious.  You have to put a lot of trust in your audience, and run off of the assumption that they understand the difference between fantasy and reality.  The fantasy of all this is a lot of fun.  The reality, because of the people involved, because of society in general, biology, a lot of things, is often quite different. 

I, as a writer, am not in the business of teaching people right from wrong.  My only real concern, is to present an interesting story.  It's very easy to write something Pro-Lilian.  It's even easier to write something Anti-Lilian.  What I'm trying to do, is write something that is Pro-Lilian on the surface, but, taken as a whole, is slightly unnerving, and raises the question in the reader's mind, of, "are the Lilians the good guys".  I don't necessarily want to answer that question for the reader, and I haven't really answered it for myself.  I just want them to think about it.

That's really why I try to write little flaws and idiosyncrasies into the characters.  I want them, and the organization at large, to be as grey as possible.  Some of this is written into the game that these are going into, but I want a lot of it to come from the Lilian propaganda itself.  The Lilian beliefs are actually based off of a couple different femped websites that existed in the early to mid 2000s, in addition to your own ideas, of course.
The fempeds that I took my inspiration from were goddess worshippers, who believed that by having sex with their children, they could make them into better people.  They had a whole rundown of all sorts of different parenting techniques, that, in a way, seemed quite nice, and quite loving, and and quite positive.  But then you started to read further, and you could see a lot of the more predatory and negative attitudes.  Then you looked into some of the women caught doing these things, and as you read their profiles, and you listen to their defenses, and the testimonies, you would start to see the cracks in the facade, or at least, I did. 
Part of my goal in writing these is to replicate that process that I went through, seeing the positive aspects, and understanding the concept, and liking in on some level, but then, slowly, realizing the reality of the people involved.  In fact, that's a huge overall theme in my game, the feeling of idealistic attitudes smashing head-first into the reality of human corruption, practical necessity, and simple incompetence. 
The game, for a while, was sort of a diary of the reports I was seeing coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan while I was doing SIGINT, and later, the stuff coming out of Syria and Libya, as a civilian.  It started as an /ss/ porn game, though, and I wanted to bring it back to its roots by expanding the Daughters of Lilith faction.  Technically, in the game, even though you can work for the Daughters, they're still villains.  All of the factions are written that way, even Child Protective Services.  The game takes place in an alternate Iraq, during a war with Kurdistan, so there's a lot of room for stories of corruption and excess there.

So essentially, I don't really want the story to be dark, but I don't want it to be utopian, either.  I want to present the Lilian idea, present the people involved as flawed, and allow the reader to draw their own conclusions.  I actually wrote a short essay that expands on the idea of flawed mothers and their role in /ss/ fiction.  It can be found in the link below.

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  1. Thanks for the response and the interesting comments. I didn't know about the femped websites. Most of what I saw on the net indicated women were either uninterested or openly hostile to the whole ss concept. It's also interesting that you were seeing a lot of this stuff coming from middle eastern countries which have a long history of male abuse of women and children but where roving gangs of 'morality squads' are ready and willing to attack and even kill any woman who expresses any western assertiveness, let alone any unconventional sexual desire. The flawed nature of people is one of the reasons I placed my characters in an isolated valley 'somewhere in the midwest' and had them do genetic engineering on themselves to defuse male aggressiveness and provide sexual incentives for people 'to be nice to each other.' Ultimately I concluded unmodified human beings have too many inherent behavioral defects as 'naked apes' to succeed in creating a utopia. They seem to always end in tragedy and often death, whether from internal forces (Jonestown) or external (Waco). As ISIS (ironic name) wipes away the last shreds of our little Iraqi experiment in utopian nation building (at the cost of trillions of tax dollars, thousands of American and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives) we might ponder this. Funny thing is my own little stories were partly a reaction to our invasion of Iraq and the placid willingness of our people go to war to 'protect the children' and discount the obvious lies. One more flaw in our natures that screams for correction. Looking forward to where you are taking the Lilians.