Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rental Submissive Recruitment Retrospective

As difficult as these were to write, I really like the way they turned out.  The "child" voice was hard to do, and honestly, I don't think I really pulled it off the way I wanted to, but I'm sure it works on some level.  I ended up writing the entire thing from the perspective of the boy, because it just didn't seem like it would make too much sense any other way.  It's just the boy and his clients in the room, usually, I suppose there's also the camerawoman, but I didn't really want to do another "strip club narrative" type of thing.  I guess I could have written it from the perspective of each client, but that would require writing in 3 or 4 different voices, and I'm not sure how good I am at doing that.
I really like the way I framed it, as the boy simply talking about a few of his clients.  It provides enough of a narrative "spice", putting a few ideas in the heads of the reader, without actually being a straight up narrative.  The editor's outro actually wasn't planned, but when I got to that picture, I saw the strapon lady's hair and eyes, and just decided to go along with it.  I was originally going to talk about Kayla's love for menage a trois, and just make it like the others.  I like the way I did it.  I was able to wrap it up quite nicely, and also provide some storyline for the editor, Windroot/Swordfern, and the Portland/Eugene Temple at large.  Also, let it be known that I fucking love those stupid hippie names.  They also make it clear who the "born Lilians" are.
I really like the way I did this, because I feel like it's an ad that speaks to both sides.  On one level, you've got the boy talking about how much fun he's having with these women, pandering to the other boys.  On another level, you've got the boy describing the different women that rent him out, who make up a pretty good cross-section of the female Lilian population.  He's basically saying, "I'm a rent-boy, you can do whatever you want with me, and I serve all sorts of people just like you!"  I think that's a pretty persuasive message, on some level.  It's heavily implied that you can always just go to these boys for regular sex if you want to.
I also like that this special presents the Acolytes as simple prostitutes, which is something that I plan to expand upon greatly in the Acolyte pamphlet.  There are also a couple little places where you can see Windroot's extremism in the way that he discusses certain things.  I didn't want to make it too blatant, but I definitely wanted it to be there.  I also wanted to imply in the outro page that mothers could curry favor with the High Priestess by putting their sons into prostitution.  Again, I didn't want it to be too blatant, but I definitely wanted it to be there.


Next up is the final Bondage issue special.  It's the "straponzoids" special, and it'll be a bit of a combination narrative/advice thing, like the hooker exploration special.  It'll go through the different steps of using a strapon, and give little tips along with the story progression.  I think I've got enough pictures to do this.  Expect it to be 4-6 pictures.  I'm not sure if I'll release it all in one shot, or do 3 one day, and 3 the next.  We'll see.  If you guys have any comments on that, like, whether you'd rather have half the story one day, and half the story the next, as opposed to the whole story like 2 or 3 days after the last one, you can always tell me, either here, or on the 7chan thread.  I'd prefer here, though, if possible, and I've enabled anonymous comments to further facilitate.

After the bondage issue is finished, I'll move on to the Acolyte pamphlet, and then the Boy on Top pictures, and then the Sisters' Specials.  Young one first, and then Older.

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  1. I think three at a time is plenty. This is fun. The male perspective is a good reality check on the femdom activities indicating that the boys are happy with the situation. Without that the basic story becomes darker and the audience thins out. Of course this is just a Temple ad so the reality may be more complex. Is that what your 'extremism' comment is about?