Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rental Submissive Recruitment

This is the rental submissive recruitment special.  It features a single boy being dominated by 4 different women.  The finished product is in the links, with the text below.


Miss Alexandra
Miss Rebecca
Miss Kayla
Miss Alexandra II
Editor's Outro


 ryou_003_1_2 - Hi, my name's Windroot, and I'm an acolyte at the Portland Temple of Lilith.  I work under my mistress and mother, Priestess Swordfern.  I'm a third generation Lilian, and I've been an acolyte since I was 8 years old.  For the last few months, I've been a rental submissive, which is a very special and important job.  Our Supreme Goddess requires *all* of her daughters to take dominance over their sons, but sometimes they need help learning how.  It's better to practice with a skilled submissive, who can take a lot of pain, and knows a lot about being dominated, but a lot of our mother-mistresses don't have someone like that around.  That's where I come in!  Mothers come to the Temple, rent me for a few hours, and practice their domination on me, so that they can learn how to dominate their own sons.  It's a lot of fun for me, because I get to meet new people, and have lots and lots of fun with them!  Sometimes they aren't really that good at first, but they always improve, and it's really cool to see them getting better and better every time they come back to see me.  They also tell me about how their sons are getting more submissive and good.  It makes me feel really nice to know that I'm serving Our Goddess by helping these mothers to control their sons.

rm_001_1 - This is Miss Alexandra, one of my regulars.  She has a 6 year old son at home.  She doesn't dominate him, or really even go past oral with him yet, since he's too young, but she still wants to learn how to dominate, and have some fun, so she comes to me.  She really loves playing with my ass, and most of our sessions start with her fingering and kissing me.  We move on to bigger and bigger dildos, but we're not allowed to go past a certain size.  My mother doesn't want me getting too stretched out, because I belong to the whole Temple.  She likes trying new things, and a lot of the time, she'll have a lot of fun dressing me up in girls' clothes, letting my try on different outfits, and then fucking me with a strapon.  She likes bondage too, but usually keeps it pretty simple.  Since she can't fuck her son yet, we'll also have sex, but I'm usually tied up, or at least on the bottom.  Sometimes, though, she'll order me to get on top and just fuck her like a lover.  It's a little different, but still nice.

rr_satuei_1_2 - This is Miss Rebecca, another one of my regulars.  Unlike Miss Alexandra, Miss Rebecca has a son old enough to fuck her.  She comes mostly to practice her knot tying, and try some of the more "extreme" domination practices, like heavy breathplay, flogging, candlewax play, and suspension.  We've never had sex, and I haven't even seen her naked.  She's not really into wearing leather, either.  For Miss Rebecca, I'm just like a practice dummy.  That doesn't mean we don't have fun!  She'll usually start off our sessions by telling me to do a striptease for her, and then she'll get the ropes out and start tying me up.  She's really good at tying knots, and she's always trying out new patterns on me.  From there, we'll usually smoke some spirit herb and watch a porno together.  While we're watching the movie, she'll usually work a dildo or a prostate massager into me, or just finger me.  She'll have me masturbate while she talks to me about the movie, asking me if I want to fuck the actresses, and stuff like that.  After I cum, we'll usually do some hardcore S&M, with whips or candles or floggers.  She makes sure not to leave any permanent marks, but I sometimes wish she would.

ra_001_3 - Not all of my clients are mothers.  Miss Kayla's a lesbian who sometimes likes to come to the Temple and rent a submissive for an hour or two.  I think she rents me because I wear girls clothes so much.  She's an exhibitionist too, and she sometimes she'll want to put on shows for the priestesses.  She'll dress us in matching outfits, and start with a dual dance and strip show.  Normally she'll strip all the way, but I'll usually keep my skirt on, since everyone seems to like that better.  After the striptease, she'll usually take a little vote from our audience on what toy she'll use on me.  Usually it's some anal toy, but sometimes they'll pick a flogger or even one of the electronic machines.  She'll use the toy on me, while the priestesses watch and egg us on.  At the end of our sessions, she always wants to fuck me.  I think being watched by the priestesses really turns her on.  She's always really forceful when we have sex, and she gets loud too, it's almost like she's a different person.

rm_003_2_1 - Miss Alexandra doesn't always like to stay inside the Temple for our sessions.  Sometimes, we'll head out to the little park that they've set up behind the Temple, and have our session there.  It's private, so we don't have to deal with the pigs (his words, not mine! -ed) or any other Jehovans bothering us.  A lot of the time, she'll put a collar on me and "take me for a walk" like I'm her puppy.  We'll trot around the park, and settle in a little spot, out of the way, that's full of soft clover.  When we get there, she'll start really treating me like a puppy.  It feels really nice when she pets me and rubs my belly!  Then she'll have me lick her, gently tugging on my collar when I'm doing a good job.  She'll pet and stroke me some more, and then we'll have sex.  Sometimes she'll use a strapon, sometimes we'll just do it normally, but it's always a lot of fun!  After we've both cum, she'll cuddle and stroke me, calling me a good boy, and saying that I'm her favorite pet.

rea_001_2 - Does that sexy lady plowing into little Windroot look familiar?  Yep, it's me, your intrepid editor, having some fun with him and Sister Kayla.  I've actually been in love with Windroot since the day he was born!  I suppose I was the first one to hold him, I delivered him, and I was his second sexual partner, after his mother, of course.  The two of us trained him in submission, and made sure that he was in the acolyte program as soon as he was old enough to join.  He's matured into a beautiful young submissive, and I'm sure he'll be an excellent monk when (sniff) the time finally comes.  I think anyone reading this can see that the rental submissive program, while not for everyone, is a *lot* of fun, and very positive for a boy's development.  It integrates him into the Temple, introduces him to possible future mistresses, and gives him lots of useful skills and experience to lead a life that honors Our Goddess.  Many of our sisters are scared to sign their babies up for the program, but there's nothing to be afraid of.  We take good care of our acolytes, and the High Priestesses are always *very* appreciative of the "donation".  If this article stirred up some nice feelings inside you and your baby, ask your local priestess about making him a rental submissive! 

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