Friday, August 1, 2014

Acolyte Pamphlet Janes 4 Retrospective

I like the way that I wrote these, especially the VIP ones.  I was able to put a lot of good story into them.  It should be pretty clear by this point that money talks in the Temple of Lilith, and rich ladies can essentially do whatever they want with the kids.  They get first dibs on the foster cases, of course, but they're also given more power over the acolytes than his own mother.  In a culture like theirs, that's a huge deal.  I didn't expand upon "things you've been specifically told not to do", since I think phrases like that work better when left to the imagination.  This little set also serves to explain, on some level, how exactly the daughters are able to get away with running what amounts to an international child prostitution ring without being rounded up and crucified en-masse.  Essentially, they bribe everyone who could bust them, with either sex, or porn, or cash.  I could imagine a male police chief being swayed by a pretty 20 something priestess who comes by every couple weeks to watch /ss/ porn with him and have kinky sex.

The other 2 pics aren't particularly amazing, but the "Lilian Movies" pic does provide a bit of storyline.  I would imagine that, if the Lilians are able to mass produce and distribute their magazine, it stands to reason that they would also be able to mass produce and distribute straight up porn for a wider male or female audience.  Especially in the 90's, when the internet was completely anarchistic.  I would think that /ss/ videos and magazines would sell pretty well, and videos and photosets of them performing their rituals and throwing their orgies would probably command a pretty high price.  From what I've read, a lot of the CP communities on TOR roll out the red carpet for /ss/ girls, giving them their own private forums, and relaxing some of the "trust" standards.  I know the "family nudism" forums on the clearnet definitely treat their pedomoms like goddesses, and any thread that they start is guaranteed to be filled with garish praise and suggestions.


Well, these 4 make 23 pages in the acolyte pamphlet.  I've got 5 Janes sets left, and 3 blackhair pictures left.  I think I'll be doing the "2 boys" set next, and maybe some blackhair pics.  I'm really not sure how long the "2 boys" set is going to end up being.  I'm thinking definitely at least 2 pics, maybe 3.  I'm thinking that I'll do the "lesbian" blackhair pic, and it'll discuss ideas on mff+ incalls, which are different from the outcalls, and it'll focus more on serving lesbians, as opposed to partying bisexuals.  It'll probably end up going right after the "girls night in" set. 

On a somewhat related note, I found the full CG set that the "Hooker Birthday" specials came out of.  Expect another special using that character, because I really like her. 

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