Friday, August 1, 2014

Acolyte Pamphlet Janes 4

These are the next few Janes pages for the Acolyte pamphlet.  They discuss different scenarios that an acolyte might face on the job.  Finished product is in the links, with the text below.


Weird Girls
Lilian Movies


 All of Lilith's daughters should be given the utmost respect and obedience, but there are certain clients that should be given much more attention.  The Temple has many enemies, and one of the ways that we eliminate those enemies is by turning them into friends.  Someday, you may be tasked with serving a "VIP" or "Very Important Person".  Examples of VIPs are: Police, Social Workers, Corporate Executives, Actresses, Wealthy Landowners, and Government Officials.  These women, and don't worry, they *will* be women, are involved in either Temple funding, or are able to protect us from Jehovan oppression.  You should be on your best behavior when serving them, and cater to their every desire, however ridiculous.  Sometimes they might want you to do strange things, like pee on them, or lick honey off of them.  They might want you to hit them with a whip or a paddle.  They may want to lick your feet, or sniff your shoes.  They might even want you to do things that you've been told very specifically not to do.  It is important that you *serve and obey*.  These women are important to the Temple, and serving them is serving Lilith's Revolution.

Your Priestess will give you a very detailed appraisal of the VIP before you meet her for the first time.  This will be similar to the regular "client profile" that you would normally receive, but it will be much longer, and go into the sort of "personality" that you should display with her.  Some VIPs prefer a more innocent seeming boy, while others want a mischievous and dominant boy.  We try to match the acolyte's personality to what the VIP is looking for, but sometimes they take a look at the menu and get enamored with a certain boy.  If you're that boy, you might have to "roleplay" a bit.  You'll most likely have a couple of days to practice, both with your Priestess, and with the High Priestess, before meeting the VIP for the first time.  At the end of your sessions, some VIPs like to "tip" their acolyte, and these tips can be very large.  Despite what anyone might tell you, that tip is *yours*.  You don't have to share it with anyone, not even your Priestess.  Keep in mind, also, that VIPs will often find a boy that they like and stick with him for a while.  You may even be asked to serve her exclusively, and forgo sex with other women, even your mother and Priestess.  As before, you should obey these commands, out of love for Lilith and her revolution.

Sometimes a woman will come into the Temple knowing only that she likes boys, and not much else.  Unlike many of your clients, who like to take the lead during sex, and prefer a more submissive boy, these women prefer to be "taken", if only because they don't really know how to lead in sex.  Some of them might even be virgins.  These women may not be able to hold a conversation for long, and may become flustered when first meeting you.  She may not be able to tell you what she wants.  You should be patient with her, and suggest things that you can do together, that, while perhaps not explicitly sexual, will most likely lead to sex.  Your main objective is to help her to relax, and make sure that she feels comfortable enough to "let go" and enjoy herself.  You can use red wine or spirit herb for this purpose, but its better to use more organic methods at first.  Snuggling nude while watching a movie, or leafing through a magazine or pamphlet is a great way to arouse you both, and ease her into sex.  When having sex, you should be gentle, and try not to go too quick.  Over the course of a few sessions, she'll probably come out of her shell a bit and get more dominant.  You should welcome this change, and look forward to the day when she's confident enough to "take" you.

By now, you've seen a few of the Temple's video productions.  We make a lot more than just educational films, however!  Our Temples have a very vibrant and well developed cottage film industry, which has proven to be even more lucrative, and effective at spreading our revolution than even the Acolyte program.  At some point in your career as an acolyte, you may be asked to participate in the filming of one of these movies.  You might be asked to masturbate, have sex with a girl or a woman, or have sex with another boy.  You might be asked to participate in an orgy video.  These orgies are much like the ones that are held on holidays, and usually are presented as simply being somebody filming a regular orgy.  Of course, these are being produced for sale, so we have to create a good product.  The sex will not be what you're used to.  Certain positions are used for filming that might not be comfortable.  Multiple takes might be needed in order to get the "look" just right.  You will be asked to be more vocal than you would be normally.  Remember that, while making these videos is a bit of a chore, it is very much a revolutionary act. 

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