Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yule Graduation Special Prewriting

I've decided that I'm going to make one of the Yule Specials about graduates from the Acolyte program, but I'm not totally sure whether I want to have a top 10 or a top 20. I'm thinking that the Priestesses and Acolytes are going to be represented together in the magazine. So, it will be presented like this; the High Priestess introduces the "team" of the Priestess and Acolyte, and then the Priestess has a little blurb, and then the rest of the pic is devoted to the acolyte.

I'm thinking of using an interview format for the Acolyte portion. The questions I'm thinking of are as follows, they might change, or I might mix and match:
What made you want to become an acolyte?
What kinds of things do you do with your Priestess?
How do you like to masturbate?
What's your favorite fantasy?
What kind of porn do you watch?
Indica or Sativa?
What's your favorite body part?
What's your favorite part of The Gospel of Lilith?
What's your favorite kind/part of sex?

I think there's enough material there to make a few decent pics out of. I'm not totally sure what I'll be doing for the Priestess/High Priestess blurbs, but probably just gushing about team on the HP side, and a little bio on the Pr side.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck to a tablet right now, so while I can theoretically write these, I really can't process the writing and pics into a product right now. We'll see when that changes, hopefully soon. I do enjoy making these.

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