Friday, September 19, 2014

Yule Issue General Ideas

So I've taken a pretty long break from writing these, but I've still been thinking about them from time to time, and I think I'm about ready to get back to writing. I'm in the process of moving (nations) right now, so I'll most likely start writing again in October, and maybe get a schedule of one or two pics per day. I'll start prewriting now, though, since if I'm going to be procrastinating on packing, I might as well do something somewhat productive.

I've finally figured out what I'm going to do for the Yule (December) issue special. Acolyte/Priestess Graduation. I said somewhere that the Acolyte training program goes from September to December, so that's about 15 or 16 weeks training time. Maybe late August, maybe not. At any rate, it ends in December, probably somewhere around the 20th, which is when the Yule celebration happens. I figure I'll do a little blurb about the graduation itself, which will require me to use a few ffffm gangbang pics, and then the other parts of the mag will be "top 10" or "top 20" highest scoring Acolyte/Priestess combos.

I'm still deciding whether I want the Priestesses and Acolytes to essentially go through training as a team. I definitely want the Priestess and Acolyte to be paired together in training, but as far as having the Priestess actually be a "recruit" as well, I'm not too sure about. I'm thinking that a Priestess should maybe have a year's experience doing something else at the Temple before she can get an Acolyte assigned to her. Of course, it wouldn't be unreasonable for that Priestess to then be required to "sit in" on the Acolyte classes with her assigned Acolyte. Kind of like a type of mentorship or apprenticeship program. It just seems a little ridiculous to put somebody completely untested in charge of a prostitot. So most likely, she'd be a Priestess for a year, and then, after she did good work for the Temple, she'd have the opportunity to apply for an Acolyte to be assigned to her. If the High Priestess agreed, she'd be matched with a boy, and enrolled in his classes. They'd essentially be a team from that point onwards, with her teaching and tutoring him, both in and out of the Temple. He'd have to take his tests alone, of course, but aside from that, they would be pretty much inseparable in the Temple. Obviously, if the Priestess has run afoul of the High Priestess, she wouldn't be allowed to join the program, or if she did, she'd be given a pretty crappy Acolyte.

I've never really thought about the actual process of becoming a Priestess, though. On my Tumblr, I went through what a High Priestess' jobs were, but all that stuff got deleted (still slightly pissed about that). I put nuns in the game (you can become one) so I guess that would be the first (female) title that could be attained. I would think that a nun would have to be a Temple member for a certain period of time, maybe a year or so, and petition to become a nun. Of course, if the Temple really need nuns, they can just take whoever volunteers. Nuns are essentially the female footsoldiers of the Temple. They do jobs for the Temple, and are directed by either the High Priestess herself, or one of her trusted Priestesses. Maybe they fuck the monks from time to time. They certainly fuck the kids on a regular basis. I'm not sure if women married to men would be able to become nuns, and since being a nun is a prerequisite to becoming a Priestess, I guess you can't really prevent them from having sons or daughters. Maybe women with husbands could become nuns, but wouldn't be allowed to become Priestesses, unless the husband was a born Lilian. Perhaps that would be a de-facto rule, rather than a hard policy. Kind of like automatics in the US, all you need is the stamp, but the ATF doesn't actually issue the stamps to anyone.


At any rate, let's go through a couple of different "Femped to Priestess" scenarios.
A 24 year old vegan woman likes to hang out at the farmer's market, scoping out all the tanned farmer boys, while she buys her lentils and soybeans and shit. Eventually, the Lilian patchouli vendor notices, and invites her to the Temple.
A 46 year old lesbian goes to the local hippie store to pick up some chakra-aligning crystals, and chat with the owner, who also happens to be her weed/mushroom dealer. At exactly 1620, she pops into the back room with the owner, her new girlfriend, and the girlfriend's son. They pass around a joint and chat. The son is quite charming, hopping into our 46 year old's lap, straddling her, and flirting quite suggestively. The joint, of course, is a new strain, "monsoon kush", which acts as an aphrodisiac in women. The son's flirting soon turns into a striptease/lap-dance, and our intrepid hippie, out of the corner of her eye, spies the owner and her girlfriend enjoying the show, with their hands up each others peasant skirts. After everyone's had their orgasms, our girl heads home, with a cluster of amethyst, a quarter ounce of "monsoon kush", and the latest copy of "Bounty of Lilith".
A 16 year old girl sits in her room, on her computer. A slightly scratched mix CD of 80's and early 90's gothic rock plays, as she reads the latest woman/boy story on The boys at school treat her like shit, and the girls treat her even worse. She chats on ICQ with a very sympathetic woman from the newsgroup. They talk about everything; music, books, philosophy, and of course, sex. At first, they just trade stories that they've found on the newsgroup, and that they've written themselves. The girl writes lurid poems about her desire for young boys, and shares them with the woman, who praises them, and encourages her to share them with a different newsgroup, Alt.Sex.Pedo.LilithsDomain. On this newsgroup, there's much more than just stories. People post links to huge video files, too large to download with a normal 56k modem. She finds a file at a manageable size, by the name of "", and downloads it. By the time she finds her local High Priestess' email address on the final page of the magazine, she's orgasmed 4 times, and is more than ready to convert. She pulls on her best pair of panties, and creeps into her little brother's bedroom.

Maybe one of these women sticks around for about a year or so, fucks all kinds of acolytes, parties at the Temple gatherings, licks a few cunts at the orgies, and decides that she really digs this whole "Lilian" thing. Maybe all of them do.
At one of the Temple orgies, our Femped is laying on a soft sheet. A young boy rests his head on her chest, and she strokes his lithe body, as he runs his small fingers through her soft pubic hair. Beside her, lies a 30-something Priestess. They pass a joint back and forth, and talk about Lilith, her revolution, and how Patriarchy is sending the whole world to hell. Our girl talks about how she "wishes she could do something about it", and the Priestess tells her that she can do something, she can become a nun.
The Femped ruffles her boy's hair, saying that she likes fucking a bit too much to be a nun. The Priestess laughs, and explains the duties of a Lilian nun, one of which is seeking out new boys, fucking them, and bringing them into the Temple. The prospect of getting "fresh meat" excites the Femped, and she takes the boy's hand, leading it to her moistening pussy, while the Priestess explains the rest of a Lilian nun's duties.

The training to become a Lilian nun only lasts a month, 8 classes, on Saturdays and Sundays, going over the basics of the Lilian faith, recruiting of both boys and women, safety, and secrecy. There are supplementary classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that go into the deeper theology and mysteries of The Gospel of Lilith. Some of these classes are even led by monks, most of whom are in their 30's and 40's. Our Femped turned nun is enthralled by the Gospel, and has a voracious appetite for any material that explains or expands upon it. She visits the acolytes often, thoroughly enjoying her "friend of the Temple" discount. She yearns for an acolyte of her own, and envies the Priestesses who get to take these young, often inexperienced boys, and turn them into preteen sex gods. She often recruits boys with words instead of actions, allowing Lilith herself to seduce them, and preserving their precious innocence until she can get them into the High Priestess' office. She leaves her new convert there, to be deflowered by the most powerful woman in the Temple.

Her skill and patience is rewarded. 10 months into her career as a Lilian nun, she is walking with the High Priestess, to a special room of the local hospital. The room is full of newborn baby boys, crying for mothers who would never hold them. Mothers who had abandoned them to the state. Our Femped cradles each of them in turn, gazing into their bright eyes, which seem to plead with her, begging her to take them home, begging to be loved and cherished. One in particular strikes her fancy. She can't quite explain it, but she knows. This boy, he's the one. She turns to the High Priestess, who nods in agreement, and the three of them head back to the Temple.

Man, I forgot how much fun it is to write this stuff. I kind of wanted to end it differently, but I really need to get to work on this packing stuff. I've got, like, 12 hours (if I don't sleep) to finish packing (easy) clean out my apartment (hard) and be out of the country (meh, pretty easy, although I fucking despise the busses here). Luckily, I'm heading to a much better place (for me, at least). It's a bigger city, which means better variety when it comes to everything, possibly faster internet, and, here's the real prize, cheaper rent! Substantially cheaper, and you get more amenities for the same amount of cash. I might actually have a fucking washing machine again. Plus, the language is a hell of a lot easier to learn.

Goodbye strip, Hello north vegas!


  1. "Notes for a game in (Post) Development"
    Can you explain, please?

  2. The programming and most of the story and mission content is done, I'm just injecting porn into it before I put out a final release.

  3. Oh, I see. Can you please write for this pic ? I find the leg lock from behind incredibily hot and it fits perfectly well with the theme.

  4. or/and this one, if its not asking much, I would really appreaciate it, thanks.