Monday, October 27, 2014

Pamphlets and One Special

So, we'll see when the Starnet assholes get around to hooking up my internet, but in the interim, I guess I should probably post something for you guys to entertain yourselves with, now that I've found a good netcafe where I can.  For that one guy asking for an archive, or a download with all of my stuff, here's part of it.  I'll probably be getting the magazines for download pretty soon.  It probably is a good idea to spread some of this stuff around.  Things do disappear into the internet. 


This is the Position Pamphlet 
This is just a normal special.  I wrote it yesterday, so I figured I'd release it, too.
This is the Chapter 17 Pamphlet
This is the Acolyte Pamphlet


I'll be giving these "regular" releases, later, when I get private internet, and do retrospectives on them, as well, as those retrospectives really do help me to develop as a writer.  Hopefully you guys like these pamphlets, I know they're a bit more religious, and less sexual, than a lot of the other stuff I've done, but I feel like the Lilian faith needed expanding, a bit, and I really do enjoy writing about Theology.  I'll expand on that when I do the retrospectives. 

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