Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Position Pamphlet Retrospective

So, I finally finished the position pamphlet.  A few others, too, but I'll discuss this one first.  The position pamphlet was actually the first writing I did for this project.  I found the position set, done by 'Agata', I think, and I really dug it.  I had been playing around with the idea of putting more porn in my game for a while, and the position pamphlet just jumped out at me as something that could easily be a Daughters of Lilith production.

It's difficult to describe just how much work went into this.  The first thing that I had to figure out was the voice, and who was 'intended' to receive it.  I decided to make it from a High Priestess, to 'average femped'.  Writing in that style was the chief difficulty.  It had to be 'Cosmo sex tips', but with little boys, and I don't read a lot of Cosmo.  I'm more the Vogue type.
One thing that I sort of meant to do, but didn't end up doing, was giving the positions names.  The reason for not doing this was twofold.  First, there was really no space for it.  On a lot of these, I got pretty verbose, particularly in the oral sex ones.  Those might end up getting cut down a bit before I put these into the game, but maybe not.  I'm not sure yet.  The second reason, was simple.  I had no fucking clue what to call them, and by the time I realized that these positions are a very specific 48 positions, that are well known in Japanese culture, I had already made a large number of these.  The positions really should have names, but they don't.  Oh well.
Figuring out how I was going to arrange the pictures in the pamphlet was insane.  Here is a pastebin showing how I split them up.  My original plan was to put these in each of the magazines, but they ended up becoming their own pamphlet, instead.  I'm not sure when that changed.  I'm pretty happy with the way that I organized it.
Writing for each of these was really difficult.  It's easy to write about doggy style, but it's difficult to write about 4 or 5 variations on doggy style.  I think I did an okay job, although I may have focused a bit too much on feet, and gangbangs.
The intro and outro pages were a lot of fun to write.  The intro was thought up shortly after I found the set, but before I had actually started writing these.  It was in a chan thread, I think I posted an exhentai link, and said something like, "you will never leaf through this booklet with your oneechan, trying out each one, and putting little heart stickers over the ones that you really liked", maybe with like a child size pepe or wojack picture.  A few other people replied with "I know that feel" and ";-;", so when I started writing the intro, I decided to toss that bit in.  It really does paint a nice picture.  I try to focus as much on the emotional side of this as the sexual side.  With /ss/, I feel like the emotional component of the story is what really resonates with a lot of people.  Especially when it comes to the mom/son stuff.
The outro page actually came after I had written a lot of the more religious stuff, in the Chapter 17 pamphlet, which I'll be discussing and releasing later.  As such, it focuses much more heavily on the religious aspects of it all.  I'm not sure if the faith has gotten more extreme over time, or whether I've gotten more extreme.  Writing these really has been therapeutic, on some level.  I'm letting out a lot of theological ideas that have been running around in my head for a while.  Ideas that are less "does god exist", and more "is god worthy of our worship".   Again, I'll go into more detail about that later, with the Chapter 17 pamphlet. 

Anyways, that's about all I've got for the Position Pamphlet retrospective.  Hopefully this pamphlet came out interesting. 

This pamphlet is available for direct download:  

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