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Timid Boys Prewriting

God, it's difficult to write when some kid is playing fucking DOTA or LOL or whatever the fuck right next to you.  Anyway, I'm still at the netcafes, a slightly less shitty one, this time, which is why I'm able to upload some text.  still can't upload pics.  There's people here who watch porn, but it's... normal porn.  It's all guys here, so I doubt that it would be a huge issue, but it's still not a chance that I want to take right now, especially since I'm (hopefully) only about a week away from having private internet. 

Anyway, I'm writing a new pamphlet, called "Timid Boys".  It's essentially about picking up shy boys, and, slowly but surely, getting them closer to sex.  It's along the same lines as the "Hooker Exploration" special, but presented like the Acolyte Pamphlet, as a training manual for Nuns.  I've done all the prewriting for it already, which will be posted below. 


The Timid Boys Pamphlet is a 10-15 page pamphlet designed for nuns.  It is meant to help them to pick up and "turn" boys who aren't actually ready for sex.  This is a process, with many steps, but since this pamphlet is designed for nuns, the pamphlet will also go into some of the deeper reasoning behind why they do some of the things that they do.  Religious talk should make up a decent percentage of the pamphlet.  I've already covered a lot of this stuff already, both in hookerpay, and in recruitment.  I should be careful not to restate things. 

In the hookerpay special, I discussed a boy who was totally ready for sex, or at least, he initiated.  Here, the woman will be doing all the initiation, and the boy will be "carried" along, through the entire process.  I'm thinking that I'll cover a few different scenarios, and use them as examples.  The big problem is pictures.  I need to figure out what kind of pictures I need, so that I can look for them later. 

In the recruitment special, I essentially focused on discussing the Lilian faith with the "shy boys", and recruiting them that way.  I suggested that the Lilian woman bring the boys into the Temple to finish the recruitment.  Well, here, I think that I can expand on what to do, as if there was no Temple nearby.  It will go into the more complex grooming procedures, and explain why each step is necessary, from a perspective of someone who is at least somewhat learned in Lilian religious doctrine.  It is much more focused on the sex, and getting these boys addicted to sex, and less focused on getting them addicted to Lilith, herself. 

Essentially, it will start with an intro explaining what the pamphlet is about.  The intro will be "written" by some High Priestess, probably Jenni.  It will say that shy and timid boys are a boon for the Temple, but that they require special treatment, because they are generally not too interested in sex initially.  It will stress the idea that nuns should move very slowly with them, and also list off the heavenly rewards that await a nun who recruits boys.  The term "recruit" and "seduce" will not be used.  The terms used will be "liberate", "educate", "free", "enlighten", and "emancipate". 

The basic "strategy" goes like this:

First, the nun will find a boy, and engage him in discussion, about whatever he's into.  She'll be nice, and friendly, and try to gauge how sexually developed he is.  She mostly will do this by asking if he has a girlfriend, whether he's kissed her yet, and things like that.  The rest of the pamphlet will assume that his answers to these questions are all no.  Once she has him engaged in conversation, she'll try to get him back to her house.  This might take a few tries, a few meetings, to actually pull off.  Of course, they'll exchange numbers, to make this a little easier.  The nuns will be encouraged to look for boys with absent parents, and particularly boys with absent mothers.  At this point, there will be no talk of sex, and no lewd touching.  Hugging, however, is totally okay. 

When the nun has gotten the boy's number, she might set up a few little dates with him, just normal things, but with an emphasis on nature, and being alone with the boy.  If she can get wet while wearing white clothing, she will.  If she can show some skin in another way, like at the beach, or anything else, she will.  The point of this is to establish a relationship, and to get the boy a little more interested in her body.  A snuggle or a cuddle is also a goal for these "dates".

As soon as possible, the nun will try to get the boy into her house or apartment.  She'll be encouraged to keep her apartment clean and tidy, at the very least, it should be somewhat lit, and there shouldn't be wine bottles all over the place.  For these "night in" dates, the two of them can watch a movie, listen to music, or do anything else, that is nonsexual.  Of course, over time, the relationship will become extremely sexual, but for these first dates, they'll be totally christian about it all. 
The nun will find something that the boy's mother or guardian won't let him do, like a movie that he's not allowed to watch, a video game that he's not allowed to play, or music that he's not allowed to listen to.  She will, of course, let him break these rules, to help him to "break" from his mother, and also to make her seem more "fun". 
There should be a special emphasis here on sexual content.  The two of them won't be watching porn, but maybe a movie with a sex scene, or a nude scene would be used, or a song with sexual content.  If it's a movie, during the sex scene, the nun might comment on the scene, saying that it excites her, and asking if if excites the boy as well.  If possible, the two of them will be quite close to one another during this scene.  She may have the two of them watch an "art film", made by the Temple, of course, that features semi-sexual content between a boy and a woman.  Again, this wouldn't be porn, but it would be sexual, and it could easily include nudity.
The nun would be encouraged to gauge the boy's level of interest during these movies, and scenes, to figure out how into it he is.  She would also be encouraged to move slowly with these, and not to jump straight to the woman/boy "art films", until after a number of regular movies had been seen.  The art films should be treated as "something special" that she wants to share with him, something that she really doesn't show anyone else.  There may also be marijuana involved during the private screening of one of these "art films". 
The end goal of this phase would be to get the two of them very close, physically, and have the boy pop a boner, while watching the "art film".  The nun would "notice" this, and start the next phase of the seduction.  The art films, are, by far, the most important part of the seduction process.

At this point, the High Priestess will pop in for a monologue about how this totes isn't brainwashing, and how the evil Jehovan system brainwashes young boys anyway, so even if it was brainwashing, it would be good brainwashing, so just shut up and watch the art film, dammit!

The Art Film is very much a turning point in the relationship, or at least, it's supposed to be one.  After the art film, the relationship is supposed to be sexual.  Of course, "supposed to" is not "is", and fuckups do occur.  The next page(s) will cover what to do if he doesn't respond in the expected way.  It will emphasize gentleness, and have a "don't panic" sort of feeling to it.  Basically, if he hasn't run off screaming/sobbing, the nun is still very much in the game. 
If he has run off screaming/sobbing, the nun will be encouraged to call her High Priestess *immediately*, to figure out what the fuck to do next.  What the fuck to do next will entail moving her to a safehouse, and preparing her to leave the country, while attempting to contact/intercept the boy before he goes to the cops.  There will be an entire page on this topic.
The "still in the game" pages will go through a couple of common scenarios.  Those scenarios being; He doesn't want to watch the art film, in which case, the nun will stress how important it is to her, and how she *knows* he'll like it, maybe promising him something good after; He doesn't want to watch the sex scenes, in which case, she turns the movie off, apologizes, and tries again later; He pisses himself halfway through the art film, in which case, she cleans it up, washes and dries his clothes, gives him a towel to wear in the interim, and attempts to take a bath or shower with him, which of course, is part of the seduction process; He gets through the movie, but doesn't want to make out, in which case, she tries to just go back to holding him, and gives him a nice snuggle; He gets through the movie, wants to make out, but just won't get hard, in which case, she continues to make out with him, stripping completely, if possible, stripping them both, and snuggles naked with him, possibly showing him some harder porn, and notes his reactions, particularly when showing him gay porn.

After the Art Film, the nun is encouraged to dial it back a bit, particularly with the rule breaking.  Not too much, and not necessarily with everything, but she should establish her own rules, and they should overlap (in places) with the rules of the boy's mother/guardian.  The focus at this point is "Liliizing" him.  Teaching him about Lilith, encouraging environmentally positive behaviors, like recycling, and of course, pushing him into a more submissive state of mind. 
The outdoor dates start up again, focusing on nature walks, which of course, end in sexual activity.  Playing in streams is suggested, and the nun is dissuaded from wearing underwear, and encouraged to wear white or another light color, so that the boy is able to see her breasts and pussy through the material.  Skinny dipping in a moderately secluded location is encouraged, as is outdoor nudity, and "camping trips" that are little more than excuses for sexual activity.  Porno magazines and videos are viewed, and little by little, the sexual activity moves toward actual sex.  Maybe a (Lilian) female friend is introduced, and the two women will fool around with the boy, or each other.  Probably both. 

Taking the boy's virginity will get its own page, and that page will go through establishing a good setting, reserving enough time, making sure that the boy is ready, and keeping it dominant, while not going too crazy.  This stuff is pretty straightforward, basically, the work is already done, the only thing left for the nun to do at that point is pick a time and a place. 

The next pages will be about ensuring the nun's dominance in the relationship, introducing him to bondage, bringing him into the Temple, and getting him to abandon monogamous attitudes.  It will make it clear that the nun and boy aren't going to be "together forever", and explain how to "dump without dumping", by hooking the boy up with other lovers, and slowly making the nun a much less important person in his life. 

The outro will be by Jenni, most likely, and restate the importance of getting timid boys into the Temple.  It will stress that the guide is about suggestions, and not necessarily a straightforward rulebook, or a list of infallible instructions.  It will say that all boys are different, and all women are different, and all relationships are different, and that what works for one person, might fail miserably for another.  It will say that nuns are an extremely important component of the Temple, and that each boy brought in is a victory for Lilith's Revolution, and a defeat for the "Jehovan Oppressors".

So the structure, which is what I actually need, will go like this (maybe):
intro: Jenni does intro
cryingboy: Focus on the importance of taking things slowly
flasher: Dissuading nuns from just walking up and exposing themselves to a random boy
meeting: Focus on the initial meeting, how to "pick up" boy
initialdating: Focus on the initial dates
snuggle: Focus on getting closer (physically) to the boy
homedate: Focus on getting the boy home, and what to do in these dates
homeclean: Focus on keeping home moderately clean, inviting, and non-threatening
sleepover: Focus on getting a nonsexual sleepover with the boy
bathtime: Focus on an attempt to get the boy into the bath or shower
minornude: Focus on getting the boy more used to seeing some skin
makeout: Focus on the importance of kissing and becoming "girlfriend"
artfilm: Focus on the artfilm itself
nobrainwash: Jenni tells you that the film isn't brainwashing
artfilmprocedure: What to do during the art film
artfilmfuckups: What to do if things don't go according to plan during screening
afterartfilm: Focus on Liliizing the boy
sexualdating: Focus on dating after the art film
sharingthelove: Focus on involving another Lilian woman
bigkahuna: Focus on taking the boy's virginity
spies: Focus on secrecy
alwaysontop: Maintaining dominance after initial sex act
smintro: Introducing serious dominance play
allayinganguish: Dumping without dumping
outro: Jenni does outro

The art film will have its own page.  The art film will be in black and white, and the picture for it will be in black and white as well.  The art film example will be explained below:

The art film should be in a foreign language, probably french.  I'm thinking it'll be named something along the lines of "my little rosebud", but that might change, since it has to sound good in french.  It will be subtitled, but there won't be much dialogue.  The 2 main characters, are of course, an attractive woman, and a young boy.  There would be multiple versions for different pairings, like a black boy with a white woman, and the nun would pick the one that best matches her personal situation, with emphasis on matching the boys, not the woman.  The male antagonist would look like the boy, and represent his father. 

The film would take place in a state moving towards fascism.  It would start in color, with the boy and woman playing, and having a (nonsexual) good time.  It would be made clear that the two are not blood relatives.  It would slowly, gradually, start to shift into black and white, as the fascists take over. 
Not much would be shown of the fascist leader, or his specific ideology, and in fact, his speeches would be complete nonsense, just "patriotic" sounding words strung together, with no actual content, or even meaning.  He would come off sounding like a lunatic, but at the conclusion of his speech, the camera would show a number of wild eyed, psychotic looking men and women (far more men than women) applauding and looking awestruck.  Obviously, he would be gesticulating like Hitler or Mussolini throughout the entire speech.
This would begin the "scary" part of the movie, and the guide would suggest holding the boy (in some way) during this part.  There would be the basic sort of "Schindler's List" style scenes, marching stormtroopers, who are mostly only shown as shadows (for cinematic effect), broken windows, including the window of our heroine's flower shop, and the like.  Our two lovers would be shown cleaning up her shattered store, and the boy would ask something along the lines of "why are they doing this", and the woman would say something like, "because they're filled with hatred".  The guide would suggest a head kiss and small caress around this line.  More Schindler's List type scenes follow, culminating with a scene where the dictator personally orders, as in, watches the order being carried out, the closure of the heroine's flower shop, saying, (in perfect english) that all beautiful things are unmanly, and that they have no place in his world.  The stormtroopers will come in and fuck everything up.  Maybe something special to the couple will get smashed, like a vase that the boy made in art class or something.  Maybe one of the earlier scenes will have them making the vase together.  At any rate, it gets fucked up, along with everything else, and the flower shop gets closed down. 
This begins the "Dramatic/Sexual" part of the movie.  The boy receives his draft notice, and drama ensues.  He cries into her soft bosom, and at this point, the guide will suggest that if the nun isn't yet holding the boy, she should take him into her lap, and commence the caressing and squeezing.  Of course, she says that he shouldn't go, but he's all "I have to go tomorrow", and so, they have sex.  The scene is very tasteful, and not explicitly pornographic, but it does show her breasts, and probably her pussy hair as well.  There is definitely full frontal nudity for the woman, and most likely, some kind of inviting pose, like, she drops her nightgown, and opens her arms, for a hug, which he runs/jumps into.  They embrace, go to the bed, and make love.  It's a very sensual scene, that, while not showing much nude boy, shows plenty of nude woman, and plenty of kissing.  The guide will suggest more caressing, squeezing, and head kisses.  They fall asleep in each other's arms, and the scene ends.  The next scene has him sullenly dressing to report for duty, while the heroine watches from the bed, still nude, with her breasts visible.  She suggests that they run away, to a neighboring country, and describes it in glowing terms, as "a place where love and beauty are celebrated, a peaceful place, where we can finally be together, a place where they'll never find us".  He of course, agrees.
They escape, evading capture, in a few action scenes.  The woman protects the boy from any and all danger.  They finally get to their destination, in a moving scene, and of course, the color comes back.  The final scene is them joyfully making love in their new home.  This scene is slightly more explicit than the previous scene, and of course, in full color.  This is where the guide suggests that the sexual acts between the nun and boy start. 

At the conclusion of the movie, the guide suggests that the nun start kissing the boy deeply, avoiding talk if possible.  It suggests that she turn him around, so that he's straddling her.  The point of the art film is threefold.  First, it gets the boy horny, this is the main goal.  Second, it shows him *how* to have sex, through the example of the boy in the film.  Third, it reinforces the Lilian values that the nun has (or should have) been pushing on the boy.  If the boy's hands aren't already on the nun's breasts, she will place them there.  If the boy is hard, the nun's hands will gradually slide down to his crotch, and start caressing him there.  The nun might strip partially, and if possible, give the boy a handjob.  The overall goal here is to give the boy an orgasm, which will make the relationship unequivocally sexual.


Well, I'm glad that it actually managed to format correctly.  Things will change between now and when I finish this, of course, but I'm thinking that this will be the general idea.  These webcafes fucking suck, by the way. 

I'm thinking I'll stick with 'my little rosebud' for the Art Film's name.  It translates to 'Mon Petit Bouton'.

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