Monday, October 20, 2014

Updates From North Vegas

Goddamn, it's amazing the shit you can get done when your only internet access is through some shitty net cafe.  On the strip, you could get internet to your apartment in a week.  Here, it's been 2 weeks, and they're telling me to wait 2 more.  What a shitshow.

Anyway, I've written tons of new content since I've been here.  I finished the Acolyte Pamphlet, the Position Pamphlet, the Yule issue, both Sister's Special issues, and written an entire new pamphlet, 15 pics worth, on Lilian Heaven.  I'm calling it "The Chapter 17 Pamphlet", after the chapter that talks about Lilian Heaven in the Gospel of Lilith (That doesn't exist... really!)

Unfortunately, since I have to go to these damn internet cafes, I can't actually upload any of this stuff.  Even if the place wasn't always full of little kids playing World of Tanks for 6 hours at a time, the computers don't recognize flash drives, or externals.  North Vegas is a real motherfucker.

But the point is, I have been working, and I will be getting a lot of shit out the door all at once, when I get private internet.

Also, to answer one of the 7chan anon's questions, no, the Lilians are not sending their boys to war in order to get rid of them, they're just taking advantage of the existing war, to strengthen their party.  Of course, that is an interesting idea. 
When I was reading one of Nyar's works, the one about "Joni" and his obviously Appalachian buddies, one of the little "intermissions" talked about a secret weapon that the Femin used to beat the Humans.  I thought it would be real neato if the secret weapon was actually the boys themselves.  At 14, they get sent off to become "martyrs", and everything up to that point is simply mental preparation for that moment.  Sounds like something off The Outer Limits, huh?
To answer the other anon's questions, I'm planning on using those pictures you requested for a set of "video ads" that will be sprinkled throughout the magazines.  The descriptions are all written, but I'll need pictures for them, which I can't get, until I have private internet.

When I get private internet, rest assured, ya'll will be the first to know.

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