Sunday, November 9, 2014

Acolyte Ad Special Retrospective and Future Plots

I believe I wrote this one immediately after finishing up the Acolyte Pamphlet.  I figured that the Sister's Special focusing on older ladies would probably be a good place for it.  I was having some slight difficulty figuring out what to put in that special.  I had a bunch of sets, but I wasn't totally sure what to do with them.

I had (have) one set that I think I'll use for the other special, it features 2 women in the throes of passionate lovemaking.  It's milf yuri.  I really wasn't sure what to do with these sets at first, but now I think I know what I want to do with them.  It's a great set, the resolution sucks, but I've learned how to offset that, so it's nowhere near the problem that it used to be.  My thought with this set goes like this: The women are lovers, one of them is very Lilian, and visits the acolytes often.  Her lover is a 'soft Lilian', meaning, she agrees with the general ideas of the Lilian revolution, but she isn't particularly involved in the Lilian community.  Maybe she flips through the magazines from time to time, but she doesn't go to the Temple, she doesn't go to the orgies, and she doesn't go to the Acolytes.  She's a lesbian, for the most part, but her Lilian lover wants to bring her into the fold.  The narrator for this special will be the Lilian, obviously.  The pictures are of them making love, and there's a couple of directions that I can go with this special.  The first direction is to essentially do a regular yuri story, but that approach comes with 2 issues.  The first issue is that I've never written a yuri story, I don't watch yuri, or read it.  I have no idea how to write it.  It's not a totally dead idea, since trying new things is what makes you a better writer, and I've still got the pics to go off of.  The second direction is the one that I prefer, and will probably use.  It incorporates the yuri aspect, but gives it an /ss/ tilt.  The narrator essentially talks about what she's doing in the picture, but then tells her lover (and the reader) how they could be utilizing a boy in the situation.  This approach has 2 positive points.  First, it minimizes the amount of new (bad) writing that I have to do, and second, it essentially brings the boy (reader) into the action.  It also works on an 'in universe' way, since it serves as a guide for incorporating boys into lesbian trysts.  The picture, and the yuri love text is a framing device for the informational guide.  Plus, I know how to write guides, and the 'narrative/guide' idea is one that you guys seem to love.


Onto the Acolyte Ad.  This ad was essentially designed to act as an introduction to the Acolyte concept.  It goes through the different types of acolytes, and describes the different services that they perform.  It pumps them up like crazy, which, I suppose, is what an ad is for.  There's almost no characterization in these.  The set as a whole is basically just more story for the Lilians themselves, and the Acolytes in particular.

The first picture explains what the basic acolytes do, and pumps them up a bit.  It frames the acolyte program as being both for the boys, and the women.  I wanted to have this idea (in the Lilian consciousness) that these programs are probably the best thing for a boy.  The fact that they're very clearly prostitution rings, is secondary to the overall goals of the program.  The overall (stated) goal of the program is to teach the boys how to serve and submit, and become good Lilian men.  Obviously, this would help the less enthusiastic or hedonistic Lilians to accept the acolyte program.  It's a justification.  I think I'll actually use that in the milf yuri special, as well.  Have the soft lilian milf question the ethics of the program, and then have her lover explain it in glowing terms.  Maybe, maybe not, we'll see. 

The second picture goes over rental submissives, and pumps them up as being a sort of 'elite acolyte'.  It also establishes that the regular acolytes can take strapons, and be cuffed.  The most interesting part of the caption is the very last paragraph, where they basically say that a Lilian woman does not have carte blanche with the acolytes.  She can't do whatever she wants.  It seems a little obvious, but I decided to put it in there.  I feel like it humanizes the Lilians on some level, and makes the whole thing seem a little better.  It shows that the Priestesses are a very protective and maternal force in the Acolyte's life, and this idea is expanded upon in the special that I'll most likely be releasing next.  Lack of internet created a pretty big backlog with these.  Hopefully I'll use that 'grace time' to write more, and get back on a decent schedule with these.  Hopefully I won't spend the 'off time' f5ing on chans and playing SNES games on an emulator while listening to communist lectures and game reviews on Youtube.

The third picture is much more interesting than the others.  It talks about the rental dom program, which I haven't really expanded upon, and probably won't, beyond this particular picture.  Who knows, though?  It would be an interesting little pamphlet, telling the acolytes to essentially unlearn all the 'never hit a woman' stuff, and framing it in a religious context.  It certainly has potential.  Anyway, this (poorly formatted) page is mostly just an acknowledgement of the fact that the 'being dominated' fetish is extremely common among women.  The entire religion is set up to disallow these sorts of things, but that doesn't mean that they don't happen.  The acolyte program is supposed to be a way for the Lilian women to get their 'frustrations' and 'tensions' out, and taken care of.  The page tries to assure the reader that the acolytes are the best way to get these fantasies realized, in a way that doesn't sabotage their dominance at home.  I think it's an interesting way to tackle the 'issue'.

Not much to say about the fourth picture, it's basically me trying to condense the ideas that I explained (in 6 pages) in the Acolyte Pamphlet, into 1 page.  I do like the phrase 'facedown in a puddle of love juices', though.  The mental image is kind of cute.  The picture rocks, too.  I also made sure to toss in the bit about the group outcalls costing more, and also reiterated the 'no men allowed' rule.  I feel like the fact that they toss away their boys at puberty really makes them a much more complex group.  It also creates an image of a 13 year old boy, desperately plucking out his budding pubic hairs, in a feeble attempt to stave off the inevitable fate.  At some point, I might write a little bit about that.  Maybe not, though.  The deafening silence on that subject might be more useful to the overall question that I want to put into the mind of the reader.  Are the Lilians good?  Does their idea have merit?  Is raping little boys really a revolution?  Who can say, in the age of Aquarius?

God, I love that last line.  It was kind of fucked up when Wooderson said it in Dazed and Confused, and it's equally fucked up when the Lilians say it.  Especially since they're talking about 8-12 year olds.  This page also restates some of the things that I said in 3 pages near the end of the Acolyte Pamphlet.  The line 'ever wonder what these boys get up to when we're not around', was originally supposed to be longer, but I had to cut it for space.  I was going to describe some of it, but it's probably better to just keep it vague.  That is one of the things that I like about the whole 'caption' thing.  It forces me to condense some of my ideas and stories into a format that will fit alongside a picture, inside another, very specifically sized picture.  It keeps me from getting too verbose, and boring people. 

Getting too verbose and boring people is what the blog is for.


Overall, I liked the way that this one came out.  It's still a bit dry, but a lot of my stuff is.  Without describing specific sex acts, it's going to be dry, but then, getting too specific, makes it difficult to write decent story.  There's also the issue of restating the picture, which is very much what I want to avoid.  I feel like these are getting better, but I want to find a 'perfect' balance between story and sex, that complements the picture without restating it, and gives enough story to make the reader want to find out more.  I'm sure I'll finally get it right on my last caption, and then never do anything like this, ever again.  Anyway, I feel like this is decent, for an advertisement.  I could have made it more narrative, used a different set, and had one woman describing the different acolytes that she goes to, like with the 'Windroot' special.  I might do something like that, but maybe not.  I don't want to overdo it with the Acolytes, or write 4 stories about the exact same thing.  We'll see.  


  1. 'Are the Lilians good? Does their idea have merit? Is raping little boys really a revolution? Who can say, in the age of Aquarius?'

    As before your passion for thinking out the different details of this Lilian organization is really amazing and one of the reasons I keep coming back to see what you're up too. However your comment above reminded me that this is going to be part of a game and as stated before you ultimately consider the Lilians to be understandable villains, but villains nevertheless. Games usually have an end and the most popular end is for the villains to be defeated. Do you have a defeat for the Lilians that will not make the natural decency of most people cringe? Given the current state of international jurisprudence I don't want to think of how the worlds police, military, morality squads would react to an international criminal conspiracy like the Lilians. Since they're not bioengineered mutants safely packed away 'in a small valley in the american midwest' and do not have 'frighteningly advanced technology' the whole bunch will be sitting ducks for groups that consider beheading, torture, and even rape to be effective punishment regardless of the age or gender of the perps. Brrrr!

    Will there be a UN sponsored Nuremberg type trial with appropriate hangings and prison terms for the ringleaders? And what of the children who are probably by now not suitable for adoption and retraining? Will there be a Jim Jones moment where all the Lilians drink Kool-Aid together? Maybe like Lord of the Rings they are all swallowed up by the earth.

    I hate to be a downer, but this has been on my mind ever since you said the Lilians are the villains of the game. Perhaps one way out of this would be an O. Henry twist. As the Lilian's are about to be routed, crushed, exterminated by the forces of the world the heavens open up and an apocalyptic divine army comes down to take over. At first it seems like the Fundies were right. Jesus is at the head of the army of light but a closer look reveals he is a bit...aahhh younger than he should be! And next to him in the sky is a taller radiantly beautiful woman with her arm protectively over his shoulder. It is Lilith! Apparently Her little sex cult has finally given Her the power to defeat Jehovah, and His Son has decided to switch sides. It happens. Love and Lust in one neat package. All Hail the Age of Aquarius! Cue sexually explicit church music and a world withing in celebratory orgasmic joy! The End.

    1. Interesting questions. The thing about my game is, that I want it to be somewhat realistic. It takes place in a civil war, and in those situations, it's extremely difficult to say who the 'good guys' and 'bad guys' actually are. Both of the factions, really, could probably qualify as 'bad guys', along with the government, and the rebels. That's just how I write my stories, because that's how things were in Iraq. And Syria.

      The Lilians, (spoiler alert!) don't actually lose, in their ending. They kill off all of humanity, just like in your story. That's really what makes them villainous, since the player, being an /ss/ junkie, would probably agree, on some level, with their views. That gives me the opportunity to ask, as a writer, "Hey, just how *far* do you support the Lilians?"

      Even in the MeK ending, though, the Lilians don't explicitly lose. They just kind of get rolled into the new pseudo-islamic/pseudo-maoist/ultrafeminist/kleptocratic government, and are probably forced to pay taxes on their ridiculously profitable child sex venture. Even the local government officials say that they don't care about the Lilian ideas, they just want them to pay their damn taxes. There's no scene where they get destroyed, and the other faction, MeK, is presented as being corrupt to the point where they don't really give a shit what anyone's doing, as long as they're paying up. There's a scene where you're supposed to go to a clothing store and force the owner to either pay a new tax to you, or get rid of all the clothes, and start selling just niqabs (so all the women will be equal in appearance). You get a much better reward for taking the money and leaving the clothes.

      So, I guess in short, yes, the Lilians are villainous, but so is everyone else, including the government. The only good end in the game, is the one where you realize that there is absolutely nothing that you can do to help a country in a civil war, so you call your dad and have him buy you a plane ticket home. All the other endings either get you, the kids, or humanity as a whole, killed, fighting that civil war. It's presented somewhat comically, though, in-game. The whole game, in fact, is written as a black comedy, with lots of sexual elements. The issues presented are serious, but they're not presented in an overly graphic or disturbing way.

      Also, and I didn't do this on purpose, but I think Medea Circe in my story could probably qualify as the 'Whore of Babylon'. I just find that neat.