Sunday, November 9, 2014

Acolyte Ad Special

This is the Acolyte Ad special.  It was made for the Sister's Special Old issue of the magazine.  It is a short advertisement for the Acolyte program.  It explains what the acolyte program is, and what a woman can expect out of it. 


Acolyte Intro
Rental Subs
Rental Doms
Dual Incalls


acolytespec3 - At every Temple, there is a special program for boys aged 8 to 12 (or maybe a little older), that helps them to become better lovers, and serve Our Dear Goddess.  This program is called the Acolyte Program.  Basically, the boys take a class, which starts just after Lammas, and continues until just before Yule.  This class teaches them about the Gospel, instructs them on how to properly entertain and pleasure a woman, and prepares them for a life of devotion to the Lilian Revolution.  They are matched with a priestess, who takes the class along with them, and tutors them on a regular basis.  After the boy's graduation, his priestess will become like a kind of "manager" for him in the program.  The Acolyte Program is not only for the boys, however.  For a small tithe, you can pick from a "menu" of attractive and skilled acolytes, and schedule a private visit with your chosen boy.  The boys themselves are amazing lovers.  They are gentle and sensual when you want them to be, but can fuck you hard and rough upon request.  They're generally quite submissive, but aren't afraid to take the lead, either.  Their stamina is unmatched, and they're *very* eager to please.  These boys will make you feel like a goddess, no matter how "skilled" you are in bed. 

acolytespec2 - There are a few different kinds of acolytes.  There's the basic acolyte, of course; pious, enthusiastic, and skilled in lovemaking, but after 8 months, an acolyte can volunteer for additional training.  This training is in advanced BDSM practices, and enables him to work as a "rental submissive".  Rental submissives require a little extra tithe, and there *are* limitations on what you can do with them, but if you're looking to sharpen your skills as a dominant, there's no better way than to hire a rental submissive.  But they're not just for practice!  Rental submissives represent the ideal of what a Lilian boy should be, a perfect combination of lover and slave.  Remember, the newest rental submissive has as least a year of training as a basic acolyte under his belt, and the advanced BDSM training just makes him even more skilled.  All acolytes are trained in basic BDSM, of course, so you can certainly use a strapon on a regular acolyte, or even a pair of leather cuffs, but you can't tie him up with rope, and don't even think about using a riding crop or a cat o' nines on him.  Our priestesses are *very* protective of their acolytes, and you *can* be blacklisted if you start pushing the limits.  If it's slap and tickle that you're after, it's best just to stick with a rental submissive.

acolytespec4 - Heresy!  Blasphemy!  Pleasure?  The advanced BDSM course doesn't just train the acolytes in submission, they learn how to dominate as well.  They say that the best dominants have been submissives, and it's true for both him *and* you.  Have you ever had a hot fantasy, where a young boy, maybe a son, or a student, holds you down and has his way with you?  Maybe you're tied up, or chained, and he invites his friends over for a "sex party", with *you* as the favor!  Perhaps he just bends you over the kitchen counter, and gives you a good spanking?  We've all had fantasies like this, but it can be difficult to find a boy whose willing to play them out, and even more difficult to find one who's actually good at it.  We train our boys well, and hitting a woman, even in the bedroom, is almost impossible for the vast majority of them.  Of course, if they *were* interested in slapping a woman around, well that would probably be a problem, or at least, it would become a problem, later.  You wouldn't want a boy to get into the habit of beating women, even for sexual pleasure.  So how is it different with rental submissives?  They're trained for it!  The bulk of the initial acolyte training class consists of religious teaching, with sexual training being mostly "on the job", or after class, with the priestesses and nuns.  In short, these boys perform their dominant actions out of love for Lilith, and her daughters, as opposed to love of the acts themselves.  They have fun with it of course, but their priestesses make sure that they're not having *too much* fun. 

acolytespec - Fancy a fuck with friends?  Another volunteer program is called the "outcall program", and it's a must if you're throwing a party with your fellow Lilians.  The program is open to all acolytes, immediately after graduation, but generally, the priestess will make sure that her acolyte is ready for it before "tossing him to the wolves".  These boys are fun, outgoing, and extremely energetic, so you won't have to worry about finding him standing on the wall, or worse, facedown in a puddle of love-juices halfway past 10.  Keep in mind, though, that since this is a much more challenging assignment for him, the tithe is calculated as a flat rate for him, and then an additional tithe for each partigoer.  Also keep in mind, that men *should not* be invited to these parties.  Boys are okay, men are not. 

acolytespec5 - For those looking for a group experience, but in a more intimate setting, you can always pop into the Temple with one of your girlfriends, and order up 1, 2, or more acolytes.  You can even order multiple acolytes for yourself!  It's a different "menu", and you can't really mix and match, but that also means that the acolytes will like each other, and usually, *love* each other.  Ever wonder what these boys get up to when we're not around?  Whatever you're after, sexual or platonic, if it involves boys, the acolyte program can provide it, so call up, or head into your local Temple, and ask for their Acolyte Menu.  We may get older, but they stay the same age!

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