Thursday, November 13, 2014

Acolyte Graduation Special Retrospective and Future Plots

This one ended up getting written partially while I was doing AirBnb, when I first moved, and partially after I got my computer set up, but before I had internet.  I got the pictures and idea, though, right before I left Romania.  I think it was written after I had finished the Acolyte Pamphlet.  I decided that since the Acolyte Training Class ends in December, the Yule issue could easily be about the graduation.  I didn't have anything better, at least.  My other options were drinking sake out of crotches, and nuns in general.  Neither of those were particularly interesting, and this special allows me to 'humanize' the Lilian priestesses, a bit.  I might do the 'sake out of crotches' thing for another issue, though.  I feel like that could be entertaining.


Writing this was actually quite a process.  The first thing that I had to do was come up with decent questions, and then I wrote a few answers to those questions.  Those were basically just filler, though.  The questions and answers were designed to be as generic as possible, so that I could toss them in wherever.  The thing about this special is, it's discussing people from all over the world, so there's going to be cultural differences.  The iraqi one with the crossdressing boy, and the canadian one with the phones are examples of this.  After writing the canned answers, I wrote the priestess blurbs.  These are essentially just a little background info on who these people are.  Now, what I should have done, was written the blurbs first, and then written the canned answers, with those blurbs in mind.  The way I did it, I ended up having to change the wording of a few of the answers, and that's just extra work.  I think I actually wrote the 'phone sex' one specifically for that image. 

The graduation picture was one that I definitely enjoyed writing for.  I felt like the acolyte graduation would have to be sexual in some way, but I wasn't really sure how to do it.  I had discussed the acolyte graduation briefly in the strapon special, but I didn't go into any real detail.  I like the idea of the graduation being a very personal thing, and I really, really, like the idea of having 'pleasure the High Priestess' be the final test to become an acolyte.  It's a bit like those samurai or kung fu movies, where you have to defeat the sensei in order to be a true warrior.  I reused the 'brother in our sisterhood' line, because I love it.  The acolytes are sex workers, so I would imagine that they would probably be encouraged to feel some level of kinship with older, female, sex workers.  The graduation orgy would really serve 2 purposes, I think.  The first purpose is simply to enjoy the sex, and to have it be a type of ritual, where the priestesses basically use the acolyte, taking and taking from him, until he finally collapses from exhaustion.  Something like a role reversal, there.  The other purpose, though, is much more practical.  Those group outcalls, I imagine, would be extremely popular, and since they make so much money, there would be a desire to get more boys signed up for the program.  Having a 4 woman orgy, with the High Priestess and the acolyte priestess present, would give those 2 an idea of how ready the acolyte is for the group outcall program, and show them his weaknesses, so that they could be worked on.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how these came out.  I think that they do a good job of presenting some of the less sexual components of the Lilian relationship, while still including enough sexual content to be interesting on that level, as well.  Almost all of the pictures have both a sexual and nonsexual written component.  I probably could have focused on the sex a bit more than I did, but I feel like at some point, I should show that these people do have lives, and that they don't just fuck 24/7.  Makes it a bit more realistic, I think.


I'm starting to run out of backlog, so new stuff (yeah, it's all new to you, but you know what I mean) should be coming out pretty soon.  I'm working on the Timid Boy pamphlet, and the Milf Yuri special, currently.  Both of those are about halfway done.  The Timid Boy pamphlet will be a bit different from most of my other pamphlets.  Since it's focused on grooming, and grooming is not sex, something like half the pamphlet will probably consist of worksafe pictures.  They'll be /ss/, of course, but worksafe.  Hopefully that doesn't bother anyone.  Obviously, when I get to the parts about fucking, I'll be using more explicit pics.  I should be getting done with the immigration bullshit within the next week, so you guys can expect a better release schedule from then.  Also, somebody on 8chan got rused by my pics.  He thought that the Lilians were real.  Gives me a warm feeling.  

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