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Acolyte Graduation Special

This is the Acolyte Graduation Special.  It features a number of different acolyte/priestess combinations, from around the world, talking about their lives, in an 'interview' format.  Additionally, there is one page that discusses the Acolyte Graduation itself. 


Arab 1
Arab 2


arabs3 - Amira Hassani and Said Al Khattab
Amira and Said come from radically different backgrounds, Amira is a former harem dancer, while Said comes from a family of wealthy livestock traders.  Despite their differences, however, the two of them work amazingly well together.  They both love dancing, and between sessions, they can usually be found grinding against one another, lips locked, as they gyrate and shimmy to the latest Goa or Acid House beat. 
How do you like to masturbate?
My Goddess gives me her panties at the end of each day that I work, so I'll usually masturbate with those.  I'll sniff them, lick them, and wrap my cock in them, and start jerking off.  The scent and the silky texture turn me on so much, I can never stop after just one orgasm!
What kinds of things do you do with your Priestess?
We play video games, mostly.  She has an N64 and a Playstation, and tons of games for both.  We've usually got at least one Tournament going on with the other Priestesses and Acolytes, but when we're alone, we like to play Mario Kart, all the Zelda Games, Street Fighter (She's really good!), and Parappa the Rapper.  We play computer games too, but mostly just strategy games, like Starcraft and Command & Conquer, although we have to flip a coin over who gets to play as Brotherhood of NOD. 

asiaorsoutham - Hitomi Takanuchi and Toji Nakamura
Hitomi and Toji have actually known one another for some time, as Hitomi is a friend of Toji's mother.  When it came time to match priestesses and acolytes, they actually requested each other!  Despite her soft look, Hitomi is actually a quite skilled mechanic, and the two of them are often in the Temple's garage, working on motorcycles together. 
What's your favorite kind/part of sex?
My favorite has to be oral, both giving and receiving.  I get really relaxed when I lick pussy.  The warmth, the taste, and the scent all combine to make me feel wonderful!  I usually like to hold hands with my goddess, and then use the other hand to finger her while I lick.  When she's coming, she'll usually hold me tightly to her pussy for a few seconds.  That's my favorite part, because it's when I know that I've made her feel good.  Most of the time, my Goddess will return the favor, even though she doesn't really have to.  One of my favorite things to do is take one of her fingers into my mouth, and suck it the way that I want her to suck me.  It feels amazing, and it's a really great way to teach newer sisters how to give good fellatio.

canadians - Natalie Davis and Jacob Chang
I knew that Natalie and Jacob were perfect for one another when I was reviewing the rental records of our "Stroke For Me" cassette tapes.  Between them both, they had rented every single one!  As an added bonus, they even live in the same neighborhood, which is rare around here.  It was a no-brainer, and as expected, their shared love of erotic audio has made them an excellent team for phone sex. 
What's your favorite kind/part of sex?
It's a little weird, but I really, really, love phone sex!  I live in a really rural area, and a lot of our Temple members are spread out over the countryside.  We still get clients, of course, but not nearly as many as some of the other Temples.  What we do a lot of, though, is phone sex sessions.  Clients can request pictures or videos of me, and use them to masturbate while they talk to me.  I like that the most, because it's a lot of fun to talk about specific pictures, and it feels really good to know that they're getting off while looking at me!  Sometimes they send me pictures of themselves, and do the same.  Usually, they'll eventually come in for a face to face session, and that gives us even more to talk about during our phone sessions.  My favorite sessions are the ones where they tell me exactly what to do, and dominate me over the phone.  I really look forward to the phone calls, especially the long ones!

euro - Ulrike Hess and Hans Lauer
I knew Hans would make it onto one of these lists from the moment I felt his hot tongue and deft fingers on my pussy, at a Samhain orgy 2 years ago.  Since then, his skills have only improved.  I made sure to match him with a priestess who would know how best to control him, and bring him out of his shell.  A shy boy by nature, he needed a skilled and gregarious priestess.  Ulrike fit the bill quite well.
What's your favorite kind/part of sex?
I know its a little bit clich√©, but I really love being dominated, especially with a strapon.  My mom bought me a prostate massager for Yule one year, and I've been addicted to analplay ever since.  I've got a few boyfriends that I play with, but nothing beats a good strap on session with my Priestess.  Her soft tits pressed up against my back, her warm breath tickling my ears as she coos her encouragement, and the delicious feeling of being filled with her love, as she pushes the toy deeper and deeper inside me.  I just love it, and I'm really glad that the High Priestesses a letting us regular acolytes take strapons now.  I'm planning on taking the Rental Submissive classes in a few months, but it's nice to be able to take strapons from clients before that.

nigerians - Thawinde Chikelu and Alexander Stern 
Little Alex is a truly outstanding boy.  He found a copy of The Gospel online, and came to our Temple all by himself, intent on converting.  Later, he would bring his mother and sister into the Temple as well, and now, he is our top acolyte graduate.  His priestess, Thawinde Chikelu, is on the right, and is pictured here introducing her sisters to her new charge.  She acts as the main trader for her village, and by now, little Alex has pleasured almost every woman there. 
What made you want to become an acolyte?
I've always loved the gospel, and I've always wanted to serve Lilith.  I knew that sex was a big part of being an Acolyte, but I didn't just get into it for that.  I would always see the acolytes helping out with the different rituals at the Temple, and I thought they looked so cool and grown up, even though they were still just kids like me.  I would also see a lot of women at the orgies who didn't have sons or boyfriends.  I'd always make sure to spend some time with them, and make sure that they felt wanted and loved.  I knew that as an acolyte, I'd be able to help them a lot more, and even become friends with some of them.  It's a really nice feeling to know that you're helping someone to feel good, and it's a good feeling to know that you're doing what Our Goddess commands us to do.

northam - Erica Lee and Brandon Ivor
I was actually quite (pleasantly) surprised to see Brandon on the roster for this year's acolyte training class, and even more surprised when he ended up scoring so high on the tests.  Brandon was a handful in sunday school, and so I placed him with Erica, a very strict domme, expecting barely passing grades, and a very annoyed Erica.  What I got, instead, was an excellent team, and most likely, a new candidate for the rental submissive program.
What made you want to become an acolyte?
I won't lie, what first drew me to the program was the sex, lots of sex, with lots of different women.  I'm an only child of a single mother, and I always envied my friends when they would tell me stories about making love to their sisters, and the orgies that they would have with their mothers and stepmothers.  It seemed like I was missing out, so I asked to become an acolyte.  Now, though, I've learned that an acolyte's job isn't just to have sex, it's to serve Lilith, and that is a lifelong endeavor.  I'm still looking forward to the sex, of course, but now, thanks to the program, I've got a higher purpose, Lilian Revolution!

southwestusa - Rosario Lopes and Starwind Carson
Starwind has been with the Temple since he was born, and initially, I thought that his mother or sister would be taking him as their acolyte, but they both declined, feeling that he should "spread his wings" a bit.  Rosario has only been with us for a few years, but her devotion to Lilith is something that is rarely seen in someone her age.  She's also an *amazing* cook, and the two of them spend most of their time making delicious snacks for the rest of the Temple. 
What kinds of things do you do with your Priestess?
My Goddess and I both love to cook!  She's mexican, so normally, we'll cook in that style.  On sundays, we'll head into the Temple's kitchen, and make a bunch of Tamales.  I do the prep work, and she handles the boiling and sauteeing.  When everything's ready, we'll call some of the nuns over, and get them to help us fill and roll the Tamales.  Then, we'll set them to boil, while my Goddess and I thank the pretty nuns for their help!
How do you like to masturbate?
I have a twin brother, and we normally like to masturbate together.  Our mothers are born Lilians, so we've got every copy of Bounty of Lilith that's been made, since the 80's.  We'll pick one at random, and flip through it together, stroking through our shorts, and then when we find a picture that we really like, we'll pull our cocks out, and start stroking.  Sometimes I wonder whether we're getting off to the pictures, or to each other!

thailand - Roberta Cruz and Florin Garcia
Florin is one of the most pious young boys that I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  His hand was always the first up when I asked a question about the text, and his understanding of the deeper meanings hidden in Mother Sophia's later writings is nothing short of astounding.  Roberta is equally pious, but takes a much more literal interpretation of the text, particularly the calls for revolution.  She doesn't like to talk about her past, but we suspect that she has been fighting for a long time.  I think that having a cutie like Florin to hold and love, will help to make her a lover, as well as a fighter. 
What's your favorite part of The Gospel of Lilith?
Are you going to ask everyone this question?  I think, as acolytes, we're all going to have the same answer!  Chapter 17, where Our Goddess describes her domain, is, by far, my favorite part of the Gospel.  It's just such a relief to know that, even though I'll grow up, and become a man, and my role in the Temple will change, it's not really an end.  Death isn't even the end.  When I do die, one of Lilith's handmaidens will come down, and cradle me in her arms, as she takes me up to Lilith's domain.  I'll be reborn as I am now, reunited with my mother and lovers, and the eternal summer will begin.  This fortune awaits all acolytes, monks, and other lovers of Our Dear Goddess, and I, for one, am very much looking forward to it. 

arabs2 - Hoda Al Mansoor and Nabila Fahad
Nabila was blessed by Our Goddess, to be born in an Iraq that is willing to accept her as she wishes to be.  Before the revolution, she would be ostracized, or even attacked, but today, she enjoys the protection of not only the Temple, but also the state.  She and her priestess, Hoda, both love to make clothing, and scour the local markets for attractive and colorful fabrics to turn into beautiful fashions, which command quite a high price, and are treasured by ladies around the globe.
What's your favorite kind/part of sex?
I really like suckling and being held.  It's really nice to just lay in bed with my Goddess, wrapped up in a soft blanket, with her big arms cradling me, as I drink the sweet, warm, milk from her full breasts.  I love it when she runs her fingers through my hair, and I make sure to lick all over her nipples.  Even if she's not lactating, its still a lot of fun to latch in and play baby for a little while.  Sometimes, I'll reach down and play with her clit while I suck, and sometimes she'll stroke me or finger me.  It's a a really great way to start out a session, especially for newer sisters!

western2 - Valentina Ovidu and Eucalyptus Delgado ///
I'm pretty sure Euca and Valentina have been waiting for this day for years.  They met in sunday school, Valentina was a 16 year old nun, and Euca was her 6 year old student.  Euca's mother puts in long hours at the office, so he would wait for her at the Temple, usually in the TV room, snuggling with Valentina, and watching cartoons.  They swear up and down that his mother got the first crack at him, but I suspect that they've been having sex since those first few days, in sunday school.  At any rate, they work well together, and Euca's mother was thrilled to have her son looked after by a longtime family friend. 
How do you like to masturbate?
I'm not sure if this really counts, but I like to watch my moms have sex, and masturbate right next to them.  My birthmother loves it when I cum in her mouth, and she'll usually share it with my stepmother. 
What kinds of things do you do with your Priestess?
My Goddess is super into Japanamation.  We watch pretty much everything, but my favorites are, Sailor Moon, Cutie Honey, Ghost In the Shell, Galaxy Express 999, and Those Annoying Aliens.  One of our Nuns likes to sew, so she'll make us costumes of the characters.  My Goddess likes to dress up like Invader Lum from Those Annoying Aliens, and fuck me "in character".  We've also had little orgies where some of the other Nuns and Priestesses will dress up like the Sailor Scouts.  They even made a Rini costume for me!

graduation - The graduation ceremony is nothing like a normal High School graduation. First off, actually graduating isn't assured.  The beginning of the ceremony is actually the final test.  The acolyte must show his skill to the High Priestess of his Temple, and satisfy her, sexually.  Almost all of the boys are able to do it, but it isn't guaranteed, and it does take a great deal of skill.  After he passes this last test, the High Priestess will put him in a submission hold, and 3 priestesses, including his, will make their appearance.  His priestess will be wearing a strapon, and will roughly take her acolyte, focusing entirely on her own pleasure, while the other priestesses hold and comfort him.  When she's had her fill, the acolyte's priestess will pull out, and the 4 of them will take turns nursing the new acolyte, and welcoming him, as a brother, into their sisterhood.  His priestess vows to protect and guide him, as he vows to obey and please her.  When the Acolyte has drank from all of the priestesses, the celebratory orgy begins.  This is an opportunity for the acolyte to show his skills to the priestesses, and bond with them, as well.  The priestesses drain him completely, and cradle him in their arms when the exhaustion inevitably overtakes him.  It is a deeply spiritual act, which places the acolyte in loving submission to his mistresses, and sets the stage for his future submission, to all Lilian women.  

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