Sunday, November 2, 2014

Acolyte Pamphlet Retrospective

The Acolyte Pamphlet was the second one that I decided to write, I think.  At any rate, it'll be the second one that I discuss.

I've liked SutekiB's art from the first time I saw it.  Most of it is /ss/, with characters that are attractive, somewhat realistic, and full of, well, character!  I liked the 'clean lines' and 'minimal shading' style that he uses, and the plain white backgrounds make it very easy for me to insert a caption.  Of course, the openness of his linework makes it impossible to use the fill tool, but that's fine, given everything else.
The Acolyte Pamphlet was not particularly easy to write, since I had to take the specific pictures, go through them, and determine what sort of topic they would represent.  I think I actually did this on the blog, before I even started writing the philosophy pages. I'm still not sure what gets better results, simply writing, and finding pictures to suit the caption, or starting with the picture, and then writing about it. 
I think starting with the pictures works better, if only because that's what I've been doing most of the time, and when I write without the pictures, I find that I end up having to look for the 'perfect' picture, which often doesn't exist.  It was a struggle to find 'non lewd' /ss/ pictures, and even when I did, I had to wade through 45 pages of entry level trash, in order to find decent pictures.  There's also the issue of 'art style shock', when you end up having to use a bunch of different artists for a single pamphlet, and the different art styles don't really 'jive' together well.  You'll see what I mean when I release the 'Timid Boys' recruitment pamphlet, which I'm working on right now.

The Acolyte Pamphlet is ostensibly written for 8-12 year old boys, but in reality, it's being written for grown men (not women), and so, I use bigger words, that a young boy probably wouldn't understand.  This was done for two reasons.  The first reason is that I'm simply not that great of a writer.  It's difficult to restrain your lexicon to a level that 8-12 year olds would understand, while still creating an interesting and complex product.  I chose my real audience over creating a perfect representation of what 'the 'real' Lilians' would create.  The second reason is even more simple.  I don't want these things to be picked up and used by real fempeds.  I understand that I'm walking a pretty fine line here, creating femped propaganda, and I don't want to contribute to the actions of illicit groups, which do exist.  I want the Lilians to be understandable villains, that the reader can sympathize with, on some level, but I still want them to be villains. 
The main goal of the Acolyte Pamphlet, however, was to explain the Acolyte program, and of course, to inspire the reader to imagine himself in the place of an Acolyte.  I think I accomplished both of these goals, reasonably well.  There aren't really a whole lot of stories, but there wouldn't be, realistically. 

The overall idea is for the reader to go through the first half of the pamphlet, learning about the Lilians, to get himself into the mindset of a Lilian Acolyte, and then, in the later half, with the scenarios, he would imagine himself in each of these scenarios, and form fantasies around what is presented in the pamphlet.  So, after reading the dating scenario, he would imagine himself, as an acolyte, at the theatre with an older woman, being fondled by her, and feeling her up in the seats.  He would then imagine her taking him back to her hotel room, opening a bottle of red wine, and sipping on it, in a set of sexy, black, lingerie, while chatting about the show.  Then they have sex, and the fantasy ends with the acolyte/reader cumming.  I'm not sure whether that's the exact way that these writings are enjoyed, since nobody fucking says anything, ever, but that's how they were intended to be used. 


Hopefully this pamphlet intrigued and inspired you.

This pamphlet is available for direct download:

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