Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chapter 17 Pamphlet Retrospective

Shit, where do I start with this?  I guess I should probably start at the beginning.  I wrote the Chapter 17 pamphlet a couple of weeks ago, when I didn't have internet, and had just gotten my laptop up and running.  I had shit else to do, so I figured, why not write?  Of course, with no internet, I couldn't go and find any more sets.  I had one that I was meaning to use somewhere, it was nice and long, all one artist, with two characters.  I was originally planning on using it for (yet) another standard magazine 'narrative', but I'd had a lot of different theological ideas floating around in my head, and I wanted to expand the Lilian faith a bit, in a way that wouldn't just be an infodump.  I'd been reading a book called 24 Aspects of Mother Kali, and I liked that format.  I wanted to do a '10 Aspects of Lilith', so I took the set, and started trying to plot it out.  It was originally going to be a sort of, 'here's what you get to do with Lilith in her domain' type of thing, but I started writing, and I realized that I needed to provide a background on Lilith's Domain, before I could talk about what you can do there.  That very quickly got out of hand, in regards to character limit, and I just decided to change it to '10 Aspects of Lilith's Domain', instead, and I figured that it would serve a similar purpose.  You can learn a lot about a person by looking around their home. 

I wanted to expand out the Lilian faith idea, and I feel like I did a pretty decent job with that, given my limitations.  There were probably much better CG sets that I could have used, but at the time, I didn't have internet, and I needed a picture to write about, if only to keep my character count somewhat reasonable.  Honestly, though, I feel like it came out a little dry.  The sexual discussion is a bit lacking, and the theological discussion takes center stage.  There isn't a whole lot of 'image building' language, either.  At least, not sexual image building.  I think the biggest issue is that I just flat out, didn't really know how to make religion sexy.  Now, with the Lilian faith, it should be easy, the entire religion was created for a porn game, so sexualizing it is basically already done.  Of course, there's also only so many ways that you can say "they fuck in heaven", before you start to repeat yourself.  This definitely could have been done better, and I might just end up making a '10 Aspects of Lilith', and experiment with merging the sex and the religion in a way that is actually fappable.

What I might do, instead of another '10 aspects' sort of thing, is, have a narrative about a 'perfect Lilian monk', who lives a life of service to Lilith, and is rewarded by becoming her love-slave in heaven.  It would basically just be a narrative, but with a more religious slant to it.  The logistics of getting a set like that aren't particularly difficult, as long as I start the story with him in heaven.  I want to write more of this stuff (even though I've probably written quite enough), so I might consider that as a pamphlet for the future. 

If you haven't worked it out yet, this pamphlet makes it painfully obvious.  The Lilian faith is basically a mixture of Islam, Dianic Wicca, and either Maoism, or perhaps, GK Chesterton's version of Anarchism.  There are also elements of the Christian 'Kingdom of Heaven', and the (Pseudo)Gnostic idea of the Demiurge.  It is 'ditheistic', meaning, there are two deities, fighting each other, over control of the universe, and the hearts of the people.  These deities gain power by having people worship them, but they require different types of worship.  Jehovah needs prayer and meditation, while Lilith needs sex.  Those ideas largely come from pseudo-gnostic internet stuff, that is mixed together with some of the more occult-centric forms of Wicca.  Their absolute devotion to Lilith, vision of paradise, and reverence for her word, to the point where they disallow the addition of even chapter titles, come from Islam.  Much of the Goddess stuff and nature worship comes from Dianic Wicca.  Their ideas on building a 'perfect world' on earth, come from Liberation Theology views on the Kingdom of Heaven.  Many of the ideas and quotes on revolution are either inspired by, or are direct quotes from, Maoist writings, and the idea of 'overthrowing God' is an idea explored (and vilified) in GK Chesterton's novel, The Man Who Was Thursday.  I should probably note here, that I'm not actually a Lilian.  I enjoy writing this stuff, but I'm still very much a mainstream (if ridiculously kinky) Jehovan (not JW).  It is fun to write though, and if I thought that I could get away with rebelling against Jehovah, and joining up with a beautiful and loving Goddess, who would whisk me away to her sexy kingdom of kinky /ss/ parties, I might sing a different tune.  Might.

The pamphlet is supposed to be written for kids, but you guys probably know by now that I never actually write this stuff for kids.  I'm dedicated to realism here, but I'm not that dedicated.  Plus, writing for young children is an art, and a science, and I do not have the skillset for it.  Maybe someday, but not today.  I think this is actually the first real writing project I've ever done, and would you believe it, I'm already at about 75 pages, 12 point, single spaced.  It's pretty awesome what you can get done when you pace yourself.  Ya'll may not be impressed, but I'm reasonably proud of myself.  This shit's a fucking book at this point.

Overall, I enjoyed writing the Chapter 17 pamphlet, and I feel like it expands the story a lot, but I really wish that I had been better able to sexualize it all.  It was very much an experiment, and while I feel like it was a successful one, I would like to try it again, and see how I can frame the religious stuff differently.  We'll see how it goes.  In the meantime, hopefully you guys enjoyed the Chapter 17 pamphlet, or at least found it interesting on some level.

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  1. Bravo on your efforts! Lots of thinking went into this including the collage of religious beliefs and since it is to be read to a boy by a 'trusted' adult woman the results could be amazing. Is there anything in the Indian Tantric sexual traditions that might be useful in your little heh, porno take on religion? Obviously this is pure fantasy but my experience is that the more unwritten background you have, the more a story idea takes on reality. The very idea of a mature woman using religion to seduce/enslave a little boy is at once repelling and titillating. The breaking of the last taboo. What is behind that last barrier? And why was that wall built in the first place? Deep insights can come from surprising sources.

    "Give me the first six years of a child's life and you can have the rest"
    Jesuit Maxim
    "The hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world!"
    William Wallace
    "The best chains are the invisible ones. Around the heart, the mind...and the gonads."
    Doctor Medea Circe Kali

    1. Thanks, it was a lot of thinking, because i wanted to make the Lilian faith realistic, while still being somewhat interesting to read about. I haven't really looked into the Indian tantric tradition, the furthest I ever got into Hinduism was Kali, and of course, what they tell you in college World Religion class.
      I'll keep that in mind, about the unwritten background. I had tons of actual background on a Tumblr post, but it all got deleted. At some point, I might remake that post, with my newer ideas. I'm still not sure how much else there of this there is to write, but I do enjoy writing these. I doubt it'll ever be as long or as thorough as the Motherworld Bible, but I also didn't think I'd ever make it to 75 pages. Who knows?
      The religion aspect does change the dynamic a bit, and I think it's what sets my story out from the rest of the pack. You did it, of course, but I haven't seen too many other stories like that. The questions regarding the taboo aspects really are quite fascinating. I'll have to think about those.

      Anyway, I'm glad you liked it!