Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Timid Boys Initial Seduction

This is the Initial Seduction part of the Timid Boys Pamphlet.  It discusses how to meet and seduce a boy. 


Fashion Policing
Having Fun Isn't Hard


 walkingtoschool - Now that we know a couple of things that don't work, let's start learning some things that *do*.  Boys are nonsexual beings, when you first encounter them.  They may 'like pretty girls' on a basic, abstract, level, but there is no blatantly sexual attraction.  There is no lust.  For this reason, things that would drive a grown man mad, might just confuse (or scare) a young boy.  For example, you shouldn't dress as if you were going to a dance club.  He might find you 'pretty', but he could just as easily find you 'scary'.  That said, you *do* want him to find you attractive, so you should put *some* effort into your outfit.  We've found, though, that a simple 'peasant style' dress and a somewhat conservative, but also low cut blouse, work just fine.  Heels are unnecessary, as the connection between high heels and sex has probably not been formed in his mind, yet.  Riding Boots aren't necessarily a no-go, but a full Gothic getup probably is.  Keep in mind, these boys scare easily, and danger is nowhere near as exciting to them as it is for other boys.

libraryluv - So now that you're dressed to impress, what next?  Finding your boy, of course!  Now, for some of us, this will be quite easy, and we'll cover those scenarios later, but for now, let's assume that you have no easy access to a boy.  You'll have to go out looking.  Timid boys are usually found where books are found, plain and simple.  Libraries, bookstores, anywhere knowledge is stored, there will be a timid young boy, taking it all in.  When you find one, the easiest way to start a conversation, is to ask him what he's reading, and go from there.  The goal is for him to go with you somewhere, if possible.  If he's reading something, he's probably interested in it.  If he's reading a book on flowers, offer to take him to a local botanical garden.  If he's reading a book on movies, offer to take him to the theater.  At this point, you shouldn't be touching him too much.  Maybe a hand on the shoulder, or a ruffle of the hair is okay, but nothing beyond that.  At the very least, you should get his number, and make plans to see him again.

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